Well Done! – Learning from the Debate on Murderers in School

FASTER Faculty - Administration Safety Training and Emergency Response
FASTER Faculty – Administration Safety Training and Emergency Response

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- We care about our children. That is why we take the debate on murderers in our schools so seriously. It is hard to get good information because the news media clearly has an agenda. Lots of people saw through the media spin. We looked past the click-bait headlines and focused on the truth.

School security isn’t an either-or proposition. It is a ‘yes, that is a good idea, and so is that one’ sort of solution. Here are several pieces of the answer.

Armed Staff

Sheriffs across the country said they will put armed staff in schools (and here and here). That is good, but it is only a start. One problem is those mass murderers are patient. We’ve seen that mass murderers either shot the uniformed officer first or waited until the officer left school. Studies showed us that it’s better to have undercover defenders in several locations across campus.

A Colorado school staffer receives individual instruction during FASTER training earlier this year. Photo by Complete Colorado
A Colorado school staffer receives individual instruction during FASTER training earlier this year. Photo by Complete Colorado


That takes training, and teachers want that training. The classes to train teachers as first responders fill up in minutes. One of the largest teacher training programs in the country has thousands of teachers on their waiting list but there isn’t enough money to train them all. I donated, but they need your donations too (and here).

Mental Health

Letting trained and licensed school staff go armed is the last line of defense. Lots of factors make our children safer and can prevent the problem before it brings a gun to school. It doesn’t grab the headlines, but treating the mentally ill is another step in the right direction (and here). As much as mental health treatment costs, it is cheaper to treat mental illness than to suffer the consequences of leaving it untreated.

Physical Security

There are lots of little steps that make our school buildings safer. The remedies are similar to what you’d do to protect your home. You secure your doors and windows before you instal a zillion dollar video system. (Grants are available.) Just like at home, your mere presence is a protective factor.

The sad news is that we ignored the problem of school violence for too long. We know that some students are struggling and in trouble. The Florida school murderer had police called to his home dozens of times.  The sensationalist media hasn’t helped, but maybe we’ve learned our lesson this time. I hope we’ll act sooner rather than waiting until the police come with guns to stop the next school shooting.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. To all those who clamor on about armed guards, let me point out your inferior thinking. during most of these events the armed guards(police) where on the scene while the perpetrator was committing the act. Why you may ask did they(police) fail to act? Fear, Poor Training, No Skin in the game, all are possible. But the option of allowing educated GROWN adults, willing to be trained in the use of firearms and to submit themselves to the system for licensing and having to keep up their training is somehow TOO radical for the High minded. Well in my opinion this is an excellent addition to school security. Too those who preach GUN free zones I put the question HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR OUR KIDS? Are you really concerned about them or just easing your mental health problem. I for one am sick of their thinking i.e. Wild West shootouts, kids breaking or overpowering there teachers and then shooting everyone. Note to those people: Get psychological help. As for me and mine we will stay armed as our constitution forbids the government from disarming U.S. Natural Born Citizens. GOD bless the U.S. and GOD help those in NEED, please. Amen!

    2. As a concerned parent I have e mailed my senators, Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio, and my representative, Lois Frankel and demanded armed guards in the schools
      While arming teachers is a good thought, teachers should teach
      Armed guards should have no interactions with the students and no other responsibilities except to patrol and guard

      1. All our schools need to become prisons is armed guards walking around openly. They alredy have locked doors and restricted access. Don’t believe me try not going through the proper procedure to pickup your children. You will meet the men in blue. Teachers should have the choice to defend themselves and others. If they are not qualified to be armed why are they allowed to teach?

        1. I agree with your sentiment, but that logic is flawed. Most teachers would not go armed because that’s not what they signed up for. It’s the same reason many people don’t become soldiers or cops, they just don’t have that particular motivation in them. That said I hope that many good teachers do go armed and that the training is stringent.

        2. @Sam W, Prison administrators don’t allow guards to be armed inside the prison. Apparently Sam knows nothing about prisons. And when was he last in a school? What factors about schools are similar to prisons? Could it be that Same had a less than enjoyable school experience? Or did someone give him a propaganda talking points sheet and a list of websites to visit?

      2. Consider that coach.security guard at the Florida school, Mr. Feis. He was, by current law, disarmed. His heart toward his charges was made evident by the FACT that he put his own body between the shooter and those children, layin down his own ilfe in a desparate and futlie attempt to save them.. and HE died in the process. What is needed is for men (and women, too, like the teacher in the first room entered by the shooter at Sandy Hook did, much like Mr. Feis) to have the legal ability to carry their own weapons at school, just lie they do everywhere else they go every day. THEN the Mr. Feis; of this nation, ready to do anything to protect their beloved students, will have the ONLY effecitive response to an active school shooter…. the ability to shoot back and neutralise such threats. Yes, teachers can, and must, teach… but don’t forget this one pesky factoid: they can’t do that when their students are dead. Or whe they are.

        The armed, most likely uniformed, guards, isolated as you suggest, would be intruders, and easy targets for any perp determined to rack up a high body count. Observe, learn their routine, where they hang out, go there when theyare there and neutralise the guards. Now you have a “secure” envirnoment in which to wreak your destruction. NO NO NO NO!!!!

        When any random teacher in any given place at any particular school MIGHT be armed, and is always WITH the kids, and has the heart to protect them, and the high intensity comprehensive training suchas FASTER provide, putative perps will have ample cause to reconsider, making an informed decision to leave the school fortresses in favour of a less risky venue. How often do you read of a massacre at a city park, with hundreds of kids all over the place? Rarely.. in fact, I cannot recall one, ever. WHY? Because people like me, most of my friends, that guy, those others over there, have it a habit to go about armed, everywhere we are. Because evil NEVER makes an appointment. And a “good” man will NOT stand silenly by in the face of evil and do nothing.

        The chances of an armed and prepared citizen hapening to be at any given location is high enough in most places that city parks are not targeted areas for such massacres. WHY is that thinking not also applied to our schools?

        Not only are the students deprived of the security we holler they need, but the individuals like Mr. Feis are denied their own right to personal self-defense. THIS is a constitutional violation… and musg be ended. I would never teach at any school unless I could lawfully also carry my own sidearm. Just like the coppers… I like to go home at night. Don’t take away MY Constitutional RIGHT to protect myself. And oh, by the bye, I take my RESPONSIBILITY to protect those round about me wherever I happen to be, very serously as well. YOU are safer at the park., theatre, store, coffee shop, becuase I am there too. But you will never know I am armed….. until/unless some evildoer invades and begins to do YOU harm. Same with kids in schools where their teachers MIGHT be armed. Not so in schools like this one, COlumbine, etc, where they can NOT be armed. Don’t lt Mr. Feis die in vain, along with the other teacher and 15 more students.

        1. Comment…It would not necessarly need to be a teacher . A custodian with a dust mop, some one in the teachers lounge with a cup of coffee. When I was in high school we had hall monitors (we had to get a hall pass) . but I see nothing wrong with a uniformed officer at every door. One of the SRO’s at the local high school was elected sheriff here . He garnered a lot of support from the kids going home and getting their parents to vote for him.

    3. The treatment of mental health care needs to be re-evaluated. I consider it a failure each time school shooters are on prescription drugs that are at best ineffective, at worst contributing factors in the shooting.
      The bigger picture is the number of suicidal students that take just their life.
      Are not these shooters suicidal as well?

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