Demeanor of March for Our Lives ‘Student Leaders’ Could be Movement’s Achilles’ Heel

#MarxForOurLives ? Not all “student survivors” are on board with the totalitarian impulses of those getting the lion’s share of media attention, as this tweet from Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv makes clear.

USA – -( The well-funded and manipulative “March for Our Lives” agenda may seem unnerving, especially after Saturday’s coordinated events were given priority coverage by an activist media slavering every bit as much for citizen disarmament as the moist rabid participants. Many are spooked, as evidenced by the capitulation of President Trump and many “A-rated” Republicans on several “gun control” giveaways. Many of those have been given the green light by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association, both of which are backers of the so-called “bump stock” ban, “Fix NICS “ expansion, and prior restraint disabilities, from so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” to mental health blanket dragnets.

Gun owners who pay attention to such things will note any movement toward national reciprocity or hearing protection advancement is dead in the water and unlikely to gain traction prior to the midterms, if ever. They’ll also note that the budget “deal” did not rescind Chuck Schumer’s appropriations ban on rights restoration, and that March for Our Lives sponsor Planned Parenthood will still get half a billion dollars whether citizens want their tax dollars going to it or not.

It does raise an eyebrow when accusations of “blood on the hands” are leveled.

While hundreds of thousands attended (in many cases bussed in) “rallies” nationwide (and in Europe!), hundreds of millions did not. Aside from Democrat-dominated urban areas, most of “Red State” America went about its business Saturday. To the displeasure of some noting it, a lot of those went shooting.

As conservative writer David Horowitz has noted,”Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

That ruling elites find disarmed people easier to “manage” ought to be a self-evident truth, but curiously, those who rail against “the One Percent” and police abuses are among the loudest voices demanding a monopoly of violence. You’d think they’d understand that there is no more truly egalitarian power-sharing arrangement than having an armed populace. Those exploiting useful idiots understand that perfectly.

They also understand that fever-pitch emotion is the “best remedy” against inconvenient truths taking root – like schools being “gun free zones,” authorities ignoring clear warning signs and “first responders” making sure they stayed out of harm’s way until it was too late. Get such an ignorant mob stirred up and they’ll never let little things like due process or presumption of innocence get in the way of a satisfying hanging, especially if the “guilty party” can be portrayed as a hateful monster like a “blood on his hands” gun owner. The thing is, those portrayed that way – and those who know them – know such accusations are lies, which opens the door to questioning the character and the motives of those spreading them.

In this case, the “student leaders” being feted and exalted are neither believable — nor even sympathetic or likeable — to any but a deluded following. They actually come off as unlikable, hell, as detestable to many.

There’s something about a rude child presuming that he knows what he’s talking about that adults who know better find inexcusably intolerable. Obnoxious, foul-mouthed fascist-in-the-making David Hogg is enjoying his new “rock star” status while he presumes to disparage and dictate to adults he is wholly unqualified to judge. The malevolent child mistakes himself for a person of importance and unique insight, rather than a tool, and that’s especially grating on those who see him for what he is, as the armbands and the raised fist salute make evident.

Via Matt Bracken

The same goes for Emma Gonzales, the daughter of a refugee from Castro’s Cuba. Her father fled a citizen disarmament-imposing tyranny. Now she’s intent on imposing the “¿Armas para que?” arrogance of a ruthless ruling elite and subverting the freedoms of a country that took him in. That should be seen by many as contemptible ingratitude – provided those who know inform those who don’t.

It’s pretty obvious that the gun-grabbing feeding frenzy we see going on is as much based on a cult of personalities as it is on anything else, and that these immature personalities intent on controlling the rest of us have little interest in controlling themselves when they start to believe the adulation. And while an ad hominem argument generally represents a logical fallacy when it comes to issues, it becomes valid to use when people revered by fools make the focus about themselves.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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So I’m not the only one who has thought the Gestapo, have been grooming school shooters.


Here are some articles related to this subject; enjoy the read. Nothing but the Facts. 1.) 2ND AMENDMENTARTICLESBIG BROTHERGUN CONTROLHISTORYPOLITICSUS NEWS Gun Control Dictator Style – Tyrants Who Banned Firearms Before Slaughtering the People BRADLEE DEAN — JANUARY 8, 2013 • “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” – Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938 How ironic that those who are calling for gun control are those who want the guns, so they can have the control.… Read more »

Robert Pollard

Incredible! Thanks for the post. I was wondering if there was a good source with some historical perspective that can be used as a weapon against the anti-gun morons!



you forgot to mention freedom of the press, they only had news papers to read, they didnt have radio and television, so using their logic, freedom of the press only protects news papers


and furthermore, our founders had the same weapons as the army they were fighting


This is really interesting

E. Bryan Hoover

Hitler Youth and Media Mal-Practice.

E. Bryan Hoover


No leaders, just pawns on a rather large game board. Unknowingly being manipulated.

Eric Hodera

March for me!!!!!!!
For I am your Furor
Follow me!!!!
Follow my great grandpa and me!!!!!!
The youth are in charge as we will spy on you adults
It is we who will control you
You will follow us or you will be EXTERMINATED LIKE THOSE BEFORE YOU

Clifford Mechels

IF Hogg had opened up his fist in picture, Seig Heil would have been an appropriate caption. Feudian slip on his part?

Jim Macklin

Clenched fist is communist. Open palm is NAZI. All are unAmerican when done as such.
The American gesture is index finger raised to say “We’re #1.” With middle finger raised raised it says something more personal.


Over 1300 teen have died this years in auto accidents where they were texting at time of the accident. This does not include others killed in those crashes.Think they would be willing to take on Apple and give march to give up their phones? Of course not, there are not enough therapist in the world to treat them.

Slow Joe Crow

It has become clear that David Hogg is the kind of wannabe tyrant the second amendment was written to thwart.

Wild Bill

@SJC, You ain’t too slow, Joe!


What a good little Communist David Hogg is. He’s on his way to being on the cover of Time Magazine with Chia Chavarria, Fidel Castro, and Schmuck Schumer.


From NR:

David Hogg: Oracle, or Useful Idiot?

Does that wrist of his look like a GPS Ankle Bracelet?


I just saw this. Instagram has deleted it of course but I got it elsewhere: ” Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes Slams March for Our Lives Protests Rolling Stone Rolling Stone 8 hours ago Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes, a survivor of a mass-shooting incident, called the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “disgusting vile abusers of the dead” for participating in the March for Our Lives protest. Hughes penned his tirade in the caption of an Instagram post that mocked gun control and the efforts for stricter gun laws. “Obviously … The best thing to do… Read more »