Give VA Secretary David Shulkin the Boot


David Shulkin
President Trump, your corrupt VA secretary, David Shulkin, is hostile to you, to the truth and to the taxpayers. He needs to hear those famous words from you: You're fired.”

USA – -( Will the VA scandal never end?

While the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary lives high on the hog and his lying chief of staff resigns in disgrace while escaping any punishment, legions of vets every day in this country are denied the medical care they earned.

President Trump was supposed to drain the swamp. But at the historically fraud-ridden and profligate VA, the alligators continue feasting on the public dime.

Trump's VA secretary, David Shulkin, is an Obama holdover. His main agenda is to block any real reforms for veterans, which includes expanding their ability to obtain care from private doctors and hospitals. His daughter, Jennifer, is a Harvard law student and loudmouth Huffington Post contributor who used her Twitter account recently to defend her dad against “right-winged, pro-privatization Trump appointees.

Two weeks ago, Shulkin launched a purge of what he calls “subversive” employees that he accuses of trying to undermine him. It's the same tactic Obama VA officials used to silence whistle-blowers who exposed secret waiting lists to nowhere that cost untold thousands of patients across at least seven states their lives.

This latest witch hunt for dissenters comes in the wake of a scathing inspector general's report last month on Shulkin's 10-day junket to Europe last summer. The VA secretary spent a grand total of three and a half days on supposed business meetings in Copenhagen and London.

For the rest of the time, Shulkin directed a VA underling to act as his personal travel agent — on your dime — to plan sightseeing for him and his wife, including:

  • Touring Amalienborg Palace for the changing of the guard and visiting Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle and Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark.
  • Boating and dining in Copenhagen and dining in Malmo, Sweden.
  • Trekking to the Churchill War Rooms, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Thames River, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe, the London Eye and Windsor Castle.

The inspector general discovered that Shulkin also improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets from a British socialite. To evade ethics guidelines, Shulkin claimed the socialite was his wife's “friend,” but the socialite couldn't even remember Shulkin's wife's name when questioned by investigators.
Nice family vacay if you can get it — and you can get it subsidized, if your underlings lie.

Shulkin's chief of staff, Vivieca Wright Simpson, admitted doctoring an email in order to get Shulkin's wife's airfare paid for by the public. Wright Simpson misled an ethics officer into believing that Shulkin was receiving an award at a dinner and that his wife therefore qualified as an “invitational traveler.” It was a big fat fabrication. Shulkin received no award. His wife was not eligible for the travel reimbursements for her whopping $4,000 plane tickets.

Nevertheless, Wright Simpson — a career bureaucrat who started at the VA in 1998 and ascended during the Obama administration — was allowed to retire with full benefits. No punishment.

Shulkin remains unrepentant and baselessly blamed a computer “hack” for his top aide's email shenanigans. The IG found no evidence of his backside-covering claim. The ghost of Anthony Weiner lives.

And just wait, another shoe of corruption is about to drop. According to The Daily Beast, another IG report involving Shulkin's “use of his security detail to run personal errands” may be released in the next week. Shulkin's response? Underlings are reporting that he is in the throes of “paranoia,” ordering an “armed guard” to stand watch outside his office and banning employees he suspects of “disloyalty.”

The VA's culture of fear and reprisals against whistleblowers is endemic. Accountability is rarer than a Siamese unicorn. Fiscally responsible vets seeking coverage for emergency room bills are punished for not seeing VA doctors enough. The administrators responsible for blowing a billion-dollar hole in the budget of the Aurora, Colorado, VA boondoggle have escaped any consequences.

The last thing this corrupted bureaucracy needs is a Captain Queeg-meets-Leona Helmsley at the helm.

As Colorado GOP Rep. Mike Coffman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee wrote in a letter to the White House last week: “Mr. President, you promised the American people that you would end the culture of corruption and bureaucratic incompetence that for far too long has defined the leadership of the VA. Unfortunately, Secretary Shulkin, by his conduct, lacks the moral authority to achieve your goals of a transparent, accountable VA.”

President Trump, your corrupt VA secretary is hostile to you, to the truth and to the taxpayers. He needs to hear those famous words from you: You're fired.”


Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

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  • 12 thoughts on “Give VA Secretary David Shulkin the Boot

    1. People do not understand. If u are surprised at the corruption in OUR government, then wake up. They all are or will be corrupt!

    2. It’s not this guy’s fault that his Department is so messed up. “No one told me about those problems”…he was quoted as saying.. !!!! YGBSM . !!

    3. Any Veteran 50% (or above) disabled is entitled to receive VA care.
      During one of my discharge exams from the VA (at a major VA hospital) the specialty clinic doctor said “You DO know that it is my job to keep people out of the system, don’t you?”
      Have to admit that I didn’t. I just thought I was there to evaluate my service connected disability level for that particular thing.
      Unfortunately, as we see with virtually any governmental program these days, there is little accountability. I’d guess that the majority of VA employees really care about people. However, there are few consequences for the folks who are just putting in time awaiting their pension. Little fear of being fired for non-performance, or lying.

      Once in the VA system, I was encouraged to utilize their services (so they continue to get funding). I had an issue with a knee that a civilian doctor had urged me to get a knee replacement. So, I went to the Ortho clinic at my local VA to get a second opinion and perhaps get the surgery. They waited 30 days (the max) to get me an appointment then gave me an appointment 60 days later (also the max), so 90 days later I got to my Ortho appt. I arrived for some x-rays at 6am for a 930 appt. I was promptly seen…by an intern who took my x-rays…no supervisor in sight. I checked in at 815 for the 930 appt.

      At a little after noon, I went to inquire about the delay. The receptionist went to inquire of the nurse, who was about 40′ away. The Ortho nurse said “the doctor is double booked. It will be at least an hour, probably more.” Now, I was there for my knee, NOT for hearing…so I was very surprised when the receptionist came back and said: “It will only be a couple of minutes, please have a seat.” I told her that I didn’t appreciate being lied to, and I was done with the Ortho clinic.

      Know what my on-line record reads? “Patient cancelled the appointment.” Now, when I go to my civilian healthcare provider, if they keep me waiting over 15 min, somebody is checking on me, or apologizing. The VA-nope…please have a seat, after 2.5hrs waiting and another hour + to go.

      To be fair, the GP I’ve seen at the local VA is excellent. Just to remain in the system, one has to go to the VA once a year, or they are thrown out of the system…another anomaly.

      One possible way to fix the VA would be to give the disabled Vet “Tricare Prime Remote” insurance (same as an active duty service person who is stationed away from military medical care) which allows them to go to local medical care, or go to a govt facility and the govt picks up the tab. No paperwork hassles like the “Choice” program, and the patient participates. The VA could then concentrate on what it does best…things like research and disability services like prosthesis’.

      1. @ Bob
        I’m with you , Put somebody in charge who’s been
        in service and understands the crap we’ve been getting.
        Military taking charge and care of ex-military makes sense.

      2. I met Pete a couple of times before he invented his charity here in the Twin Cities. Sgt in the National Guard with something like one tour. He leveraged his charity into the Fox job. He spoke to an Academy breakfast group that I’m a part of.

        I agree that a Vet should have the job. Not sure Pete could run an organization as big as the VA.

        Don’t take that as a slam on Pete Hegseth. I concur he’s a passionate Veteran’s right advocate. I’m just not convinced that he has the background, or experience to turn around a run away organization like the VA. I think he’s a great spokesman, and a good human being. Also a fellow Vet that is doing great things. I just happen to believe that we need someone with more experience in both leadership and management than Pete.

    4. Another high level bureaucrat working against the President and We the People? Trump can not allow these betrayers to maneuver in his AO.

      1. @Wild Bill: Absolutely right Bill. There are Obama “holdovers” still in positions of authority in every agency of government….the “swamp” also called the “deep state” ! These people openly hinder Trump’s agenda every day. He has not replaced these holdovers for some reason. FBI, DOJ, ATF, and VA are examples of hindrance. His own AG IS totally worthless and still protects the Clintons.

    5. Let’s not forget their new computer system that cost millions, that cannot communicate with any other federal computer system. As an American, I’m disgusted with how our vets are treated.

      1. The VAMC computer is not even connected to the rest of the VA’s computer system. I found this out when applying to up my disability. DAV rep told me that I was listed as married when the VA hospital showed me as divorced. Both were notified at the same time in writing by certified mail. I didn’t notice that I was still collecting spouse money due to receiving an increase for another part of my disability. had to fight them from taking 9K from me. After proving my case they decided that they would only take my $2350.00 increase that I just got while fighting them.

    6. The list of incompetence, corruption and outright crimes at the VA is epic
      I worked at one as a medical doctor
      The laziness of the staff is awful as no one is ever fired for anything
      Almost none of the staff are vets
      Just off the top of my head I can recall Allison Hickey the VA director who gave her favorite underling a $300,000 moving bonus when the underling didn’t move
      I remember John Skelley the director of the Manila VA who “directed” it from the United States
      He was found to have a 38% error rate in processing disability forms
      He then ran the Salt Lake City VA where he Lost 1,000 unemployment forms so the vets involved lost their benefits due to his mismanagement
      I remember the program was it in Maine? Where the vets were allowed to go to private doctors to help with the backlog and appointments at the VA
      The VA just decided not to pay any of the claim forms from the private doctors
      So of course the program was a failure as the doctor stopped accepting the patients
      The List goes on and on and on
      Entire system should be shut down and the patients put into the private practice

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