Heartland Institute Releases : 10 Principles of Firearms as Part of Patriots Toolbox

Patriots Toolbox
Patriots Toolbox

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The White House has announced a plan to reduce gun violence at schools.

The plan includes measures that would spend federal money to train school staffers to carry concealed weapons, tighten mental health systems, and improve background checks for gun purchases. The latter provision, known as “Fix NICS,” is a bill sponsored by Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas).

Conservatives, meanwhile, are focused on protecting the Second Amendment, and want any proposed solution to actually solve the problem at hand.

The Heartland Institute recently posted a helpful chapter from Patriot’s Toolbox: 10 Principles of Firearms.

This excerpt is part of the book, Patriots Toolbox , and is offered as a guide to public policy for patriot-activists in the Tea Party movement as well as for candidates for public office, incumbent office holders, civic and business leaders, and journalists assigned to cover the movement. It consists of eight chapters, seven of them previously published by The Heartland Institute as booklets in a series called Legislative Principles and one written specifically for this book. Together, they provide a comprehensive collection of practical, evidence-based principles in the major fields of legislation. Additional research and commentary can be found on The Heartland Institute’s Web site.

Patriots Toolbox : Chapter 6 Ten Principles of Firearms

The Heartland Institute

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Wild Bill
Wild Bill
3 years ago

” 2. Bans on “assault weapons” are incoherent and self-defeating.” This is only half correct. It should read: 2. Bans on “assault weapons” are incoherent and self-defeating, and neither Congress nor state governments have power or authority to ban any firearm.