Instagram vs CNN’s #FullSemiAutomatic AR-15

CNN goes #FullSemiAutomatic

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Today's topic: CNN's demonstration of a #FullSemiAutomatic AR-15



@cnn approved! #fullsemiauto #fullsemiautomatic

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  • 29 thoughts on “Instagram vs CNN’s #FullSemiAutomatic AR-15

    1. Rodger G:

      Re the “full semiautomatic”, so far as I can determine, it is as follows.

      A highly specialized, limited production long gun aka rifle, available only to media type Experts or might EGGSPURTS be a better description. Actually, those possessed of or by such arms hold them very close, generally being unwilling to allow examination thereof, you can determine for yourself why. In any event, the above mentioned rifles have been known to display a range of truly strange characteristics, also unexplained by those who possess examples thereof. There isn’t much more that I can add, so I will close here, with the hope that my efforts have clarified things for you, or failing clarification, perhaps brought a chuckle.

    2. would someone tell me just what the hell a full semi automatic is I’ve been around and shot all kinds of guns all my life and this is a critter I have never see nor heard of .

    3. The Communist News Network was punked,a satire website recently received a warning to stop publishing fake news from Facebook after the social network deemed its joke article about CNN purchasing an industrial news spinning machine too misleading for the reading public.

      The goofy article reads in part:

      In order to aid the news station in preparing stories for consumption, popular news media organization CNN purchased an industrial-sized washing machine to help its journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication.

      The custom-made device allows CNN reporters to load just the facts of a given issue, turn a dial to “spin cycle,” and within five minutes, receive a nearly unrecognizable version of the story that’s been spun to fit with the news station’s agenda.

      Turn about is fair play especially when it come to the purveyors of Fake news.

    4. Retired military my arse! Iv’e seen better control of a firearm from untrained rebels in Africa on the TV news.
      Who was this wanker? AKA chronic mastrurbator.
      If this is what the MSM think they can get away with, then they have no respect for the intelligence of the American public.
      Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn!

      1. Actually, they ARE pandering to the intelligence- or lack thereof- of the American public!
        If you do not own, or have never owned, an AR-series rifle, you are probably one of those
        who do not know the correct terminology, and are therefor foold into believing what you hear.
        Afet all, if it is on TV/Internet it MUST be real and correct!!!

        1. Badger Jack:

          I do not own an AR-15 type rifle, and have little interest therein. To each their own. As to the rest of your comment, I shot National Match Course type competition and long range, spelled 1000 yards with a Winchester made Garand Rifle for a number of years. Also used M-14/M1-A types,all of the above being semiautomatic rifles. Don’t shoot High Power Rifle competition anymore, to old and beat up, that being another story, likely of little interest to others. In conclusion,all the smoke and fury ongoing over and about the AR-15 type rifle in particular and semiautomatic rifles in general, Bump Stocks,and magazine capacity too is, in plain English, a load of crap. Do not be taken in by it.

      2. Comment…I remember seeing a video , I think they were somali rebels , Who let a chimp have a AK he handled it better than that guy. Funny part the chimp cleared all of them out of the area when he started shooting in full auto.

    5. The person depicted in a firing stance knows precious little about firing a rifle, or is up to what one wonders.

    6. I don’t know how much they paid the ‘general’ in the military, but it was about 20 times what he was worth!

    7. Gee I have been a Gunner for 53 years, and the NRA bought me into guns with attraction and education. I Love to hunt and shoot, and I have been blessed with time and money so I do so every week as long as it gets up to 30 degrees. I carry from the time I get up in a small shoulder bag, and later in a holster that fits what I am doing. The only thing I do Gun Free is shower and sleep, but I have a gun in Every Room and Every Auto or Motor Bike, oops I forgot to put one in my shead, course since I always have one on me I think I am ok. Now I do not carry in Any Government Building which seems strange, but that is how They Want It. I don’t need a bump stock as my MACs and such will bump fire, but I do not think Bump Stocks should have ever been allowed. I wonder what the ATF was smoking that day, or the day they said I could have a bunch of Pistol Arm Braces, but of course I never Should Them as that would make them a SBR.

      Thus my point, age 21 will not hurt a thing, course I had my Draft # 252 in 1969 for Vet Nam, yet what do I know.

      1. That’s about what I was thinking. This ‘man’ was called an ‘expert’ and he can’t even shoulder an AR15 correctly? I’m sure he knows how to hold an AR15, but his ‘opinion’ caused him to hold the gun like an 11 year old girl. And he’s trying to convey pulling the trigger slow, one pull at a time, is semi-auto where pulling the trigger faster, one pull at a time, is ‘FULL semi-auto. Telling the truth is practically impossible for Liberals, (aka democrats). They are very good at telling lies and make it sound like a truth.

    8. It appears that the MSM goes “fully semi-automatic” with their mouths and cameras before engaging the facts!
      I wonder what they think about a “bolt action automatic”?

      1. They will call it “BOLT ACTIONMATIC”… CNN is doing their usual, typical Media Dem/lib mouth piece reporting. It’s time this entire lying media/Dem onslaught of bullshit is reversed. Start digging, you KNOW they (Dems, stations, owners, reporters, etc.) have tons of skeletons in their closets.

    9. That was a supposed retired US Army Lt General that made the comment about full semiautomatic, and then followed it up with it being difficult to hit the target shooting like that. Either this man is not who he says he is or he has never fired a rifle after basic training. If he was anything other than an administrative “general” he would have been shot by his own men on the fieldf or his stupidity.

      This was a full on stage by the media. The piss poor stance and lack of shouldering when the reporter tried to shoot should have been corrected by the “general” at the very least. The RO on duty should have never let the reporter shoot when seeing stance, lack of shouldering, not to mention when he tried shooting the roof because of the over exaggerated “recoil” of the rifle. The “general” suffered from exaggerated recoil syndrome as well. Then the amount of misinformation and outright lies being told in this piece were astounding. Fake media indeed!

      1. He’s a disgrace to the uniform and the service. As a 15-year Army veteran I can attest that he’s likely another politician officer and NOT a war fighter. It doesn’t matter what your field is in the Army, every Soldier should at least know how to shoulder a rifle and basic nomenclature.

    10. It never fails to amaze me as to what total Morons the MSM is on matters firearm,I guess it bothers then not as to make fools of themselves,
      the MSM has gone “Fully Moron” !!!

      1. soon enough, we hope, they will be going fully More Off.

        Then we’ll be shut of the fools.And their movements. Put those movements in the Crapper where they belong.

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