New Jersey: Gun Owner Rally in Trenton on March 26 2018

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New Jersey: Gun Owner Rally in Trenton on March 26 2018
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Fairfax, VA – -( Garden State NRA members and gun owners are invited and encouraged to attend a morning rally in Trenton on March 26 2018.

After electing one of the most anti-gun governors in the history of the state, the Legislature has obliged Governor Phil Murphy by introducing dozens of anti-gun bills. Despite all the problems facing the state, anti-gun politicians are seizing this opportunity to make gun control one of their top agenda items. This historic assault on our Second Amendment rights demands that law-abiding gun owners make their voices heard in Trenton. Please encourage friends and family to attend and produce an impressive turnout so our elected officials take notice. You can RSVP for the event by clicking the below button.

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The rally, being jointly sponsored by NRA and our state association, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, will be held at the War Memorial from 9 a.m. until roughly 11:30 a.m. The War Memorial is located at 1 Memorial Drive, Trenton.

It is extremely important to remember to act with appropriate conduct at all times as it reflects on the entire firearms community. Please follow all rules including the notification from the Capitol Police that signs cannot have sticks on them.

Please plan to attend this important event and stand with your fellow gun owners in solidarity. Continue to follow these alerts for more information, including a list of speakers as the date for this event approaches.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

  • 10 thoughts on “New Jersey: Gun Owner Rally in Trenton on March 26 2018

    1. If you go to this rslly as I will please wear a sjirt andbyir or s suit plesde do not wrsr cammonor hunter safeyy orsngevetc we need to break steteotyped and come in sedan not sn suv or pickup. This is unfair but it us life.

      1. What ? Dude, you need a translator. Or bigger keys on your keyboard. Maybe you should stop the car while you are typing as well, eh?

      2. Good grief, you want attendees to do what, where and how? Have some coffee, and PROOF READ, or let someone else proof it, before you hit “send”. And if I were to attend I wouldn’t wear a suit. If I had a pickup that’s exactly what I’d drive, although I might leave the duck call at home and settle for a squirrel instead since they’ve got an abundance of those in the Legislature.

      3. @Bryan….That’s a good idea for most. Let them know that the silent majority is waking up, and that we won’t take it anymore. It’s time for Mainstream America to get up off the couch and push these Commies back into their box. We know what their real agenda is, and it has nothing to do with “the children”.

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