NSSF Supports President Trump’s School Safety Plan Initiative

President Trump
President Trump

NEWTOWN, Conn.-(Ammoland.com)- The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries, announces its support for President Donald Trump’s plan to help ensure children are kept safe and that firearms remain beyond the reach of prohibited individuals while respecting the rights of law-abiding firearms owners.

“We are encouraged by President Trump’s proposal that includes NSSF-backed legislation that would allow the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to work as intended by providing incentives for states and require federal agencies to upload all disqualifying criminal and mental health records for those involuntarily committed or adjudicated dangerously mentally ill,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “We support proposals that bolster school security and respect constitutional rights including the right to due process and the rights of young adults to purchase firearms for hunting, sports shooting and their own self-defense. We expect the commission announced today will return recommendations for meaningful reform.”

NSSF launched the FixNICS® campaign in 2013 and worked successfully to reform laws in 16 states, resulting in an increase in the number of disqualifying mental health records in NICS to nearly 5 million, from about 1.7 million, a 200 percent increase. NSSF previously endorsed S. 2135, the Fix NICS Act by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), which topped 62 cosponsors. NSSF also warned against infringements on Second Amendment Rights by instituting age-based gun bans, restricting sales of firearms to adults between the ages of 18-20.

Members of the firearms industry share the goal of all Americans in wanting to see violence in our society reduced and our communities and children made safer. The industry welcomes the opportunity to participate in the national conversation that will help us all achieve our shared goal. NSSF has long advocated for effective solutions to help prevent access to firearms by unauthorized individuals including criminals, children and the dangerously mentally ill who should not have access to firearms.

About NSSFNational Shooting Sports Foundation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 11,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, visit nssf.org.

  • 3 thoughts on “NSSF Supports President Trump’s School Safety Plan Initiative

    1. Funny how “restricting sales of firearms to adults between the ages of 18-20” has two exactly opposite possible meanings. Otherwise, though, it sounds like the NSSF is on a reasonable track, as long as definitions of mental unsuitability to own firearms are not liberally expanded to include things like religious faith, beliefs about gender, anti-globalism, skepticism about global warming, and reluctance regarding so many other ideologies that leftists want to force and foist upon us, as if rejection of those ideas disqualifies people from their place in the human community.

      1. i agree 1000% Bill with what you said.

        and i can only speak for ME, I WILL NEVER GO THERE.
        that’s NOT brag, that’s FACT.

        1. I don’t look forward to the day when they come to confiscate, because that may be the day that I die. Of course, though, they will first pass laws to make us all criminals if we don’t surrender just a little more, and then a little more, until the surrender is complete. As you say, death by a thousand cuts, or, as others have said, frog in slowly waming water. In my opinion, I understand but can’t quite agree when they (for all intents and purposes of the general population) outlawed automatic weapons, since citizens were commissioned by the Constitution to be the primary defenders of our nation. Meanwhile, though, when states outlaw any semi-automatic weapon because of its appearance, or outlaw magazines because of their capacity, or make it virtually impossible to bear arms either openly or concealed, I feel that the line is already crossed. I can hardly believed that the Supreme Court has not actively cleaned up messes like California, Illinois, New, York, New Jersey, Massachussetts, now Connecticut, and others that seem to also want to cut back on people’s rights. Public safety is of course important, but it also needs to be seen once and for all that disarming honest citizens so that they cannot defend against violence is exactly the wrong idea. Undermining the culture of faith, honesty, and personal responsibility, so that everyone can feel better about a supposed socially “fair” equality of corruption and virtue, is exactly the wrong idea. The lines are there already, I believe, but now the question becomes, how far will we allow intruders to invade our territory of just rights and liberties until the attempt to repel them with words no longer seems sufficient? Of course, we all hate the thought of needing to resort to anything more than words and persuasion, but the adversary still does not retreat. We hold them off, here and there, but even their numbers seem to increase and their determination seems to increase, even with such travesties as the ideas that Marxist Obama was a good president for our nation, and that someone like Corrupt Hillary should ever have her hand on the rudder. Yes, we certainly need to find some answers, or indeed we stand to die by a thousand cuts.

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