PA Special Election: The Latest Republican Wake-up Call


Nancy Pelosi
It is time for Republicans nationwide to wake up to the very real threat of a Speaker Pelosi House this fall.

USA – -( It is time for Republicans nationwide to wake up to the very real threat of a Speaker Pelosi House this fall.

This wake-up call is also for President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Neither they, nor any other Republican, should underestimate how disastrous it will be for their policies and for the country to have a left-wing Democratic majority in the House.

Under Speaker Pelosi, there would be two years of investigations, fights over spending (to reduce defense and increase liberal dependency programs), efforts to undo Trump’s deregulation achievements, and attempts to make new bureaucracies.

Even though the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District remains too close to call, the results are simply the latest in a series of special elections in which the Republicans have run well behind the 2016 presidential election results.

If the decline this fall is comparable to the drop in Pennsylvania, there will be a Democratic landslide.

However, none of this is inevitable.

There is plenty of time to analyze what is going on, develop a strategy, and wage the fall campaign on terms favorable to Republicans.

However, the first steps are the hardest and the least understood.

First, Republicans must evaluate what went wrong in Pennsylvania. This was an easily winnable district. Our candidate is not that much weaker than the Democrat (remember, the first refuge of political consultants is to blame candidates). The biggest surprise to me was that the tax cut message was not more effective. This was doubly surprising, because the Democrat was clearly for repealing the tax cuts, and it did not seem to cost him votes. Obviously, the first big question to ask is what would have won it decisively?

Second, Republicans must understand that if a wave is building, money loses its power to solve problems. The Republicans outspent the Democrats in Pennsylvania by a huge margin. It made the race close, but it did not win it outright. If we allow a Democratic wave to build this fall, it will defeat marginal Republicans no matter how much they spend.

I first saw how truly formidable a political wave can be in the 1964 election, and then again in 1974, 1980, 1994, 2006, and 2010.

Third, the only way to defeat a wave is by building a countervailing wave. Since the elite media is overwhelmingly anti-Republican and pro-Democrat, this is dramatically harder for Republicans to do. The Republican wave must be real. People must be able to sense that it is about something important which affects their lives. Republicans could combine the power of the presidency with the scheduling party of the majority to set up a series of fights for the summer which would define the fall election.

There is no evidence yet of the GOP having this kind of strategic capability, but without it, there is very likely going to be a Democratic wave that captures the House and minimizes gains in the Senate.

Fourth, the GOP must expand its base. The tax cuts give Republicans an enormous opportunity to reach out to minority small business owners and others to build a much broader party. Base mobilization in the end will not win if the base becomes too narrow.

Fifth, President Trump must take some serious responsibility for the recent election results. If he continues to alienate people (especially women), no amount of policy effort will offset the decline in Republican enthusiasm and voting.

Right now, there is time to think through recent elections and design a summer and fall effort that keeps the Republican majority in the House.

With each passing week, this will get harder.

Now is the time to wake up and insist on some midcourse corrections.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 16 thoughts on “PA Special Election: The Latest Republican Wake-up Call

    1. @ W. Bill the uncounted votes will sure help. From what I heard the voting machines could have fooled some people and some say the demorats are up to their old win the vote tricks. Machines are probably Soros owned. We could sure use this one.

    2. This just in: The Military vote has not been counted! Right now, the Pennsylvania special election is too close to call. 627 votes separate Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb. Approximately 500 provisional and military ballots are currently uncounted, with more trickling in every day that the mail runs. Those ballots could make up the difference in a recount, and close the .2 percent gap between Saccone and Lamb.

    3. If the GOP does fail us there will be hell to pay. Every conservative will have a target on their back and we will be headed straight toward globalism and gun confiscation. The GOP is deranged but the democraps are worse off with fund raising etc. This better be a wake up call to quit the infighting and get to work on things that important to their bosses. That is us.

    4. I’m sure glad no one is waiting for the race to be called! Still votes to count and rumors of voter fraud, we may well be into the midterms before this race is over.
      And didn’t the Donkeycrats say they would win by 6% or more? It’s not even .6 (that’s point 6)% right now without all the problems coming!
      I’m not saying the Republicans don’t need a slap in the face, but don’t count them out yet. And has anyone notice that Roy Moore’s accuser has vanished since the election? Somebody should be in jail over this one!

      1. @Mac, and that is another GOP failing: poor followup. The GOP just seem to take someone’s word for it that they lost, and then slink off. The democrat party do not fight fair, but they fight. The GOP just accepts the bitch slapping and rolls over. They should have an investigative team gathering evidence during the election, and tracking accusers after the election.

    5. I know all of us will second guess what happened, this is mine. Why cant the Republican party put up someone young and eloquent like the man on the democratic side. I want fresh blood, I do not want anyone who has been feeding at the trough for many years. I have told friends if the democrats would put up someone young, pro 2A, pro balanced budget, I might vote for them over an incumbent conservative (because there arent too many of those that support those same things). The democratic runner was all of those.

    6. The problem with the republican party is all the back stabbing RINOS in congress that don’t like the president and would rather see him fail.He wasn’t a member of the good old boys club when he was elected and he threatened to end the way that business is conducted in D.C.

      1. The RINOS all need to be EXPOSED for what they are so they can be VOTED OUT!!! The problem is, not all of them are known.

      2. @MB, We here are all welded together by our Constitutionally enumerated Civil Rights, and take note of how we squabble. Nor do I include the perpetually malcontent, low level, minimum wage, socialist propagandists that invade here occasionally. How can we expect big ego, low IQ, hard core unemployables in the GOP to get along with each other or Trump? Trump makes them all look bad.

    7. @GMB: That’s hitting the nail’s head squarely on. DJT has dissatisfied a large number of conservatives in his base. No money, no shows at the polls will be the end results. He’s doesn’t even know that he’s royally screw’d the 2A base and GOP.
      I see standing in the barroom doorway like Clint in ‘The Unforgiven’, he’s been handed his hat and he doesn’t even know it yet. Filled with rotten NRA eggs that started this crap.

      The line is John Wick-ish, “be seeing you (out of office) soon”.

      Why do “We the People” have to keep trying clean up these people’s messes after they’ve crapped all over us.

      1. @ Nottinghill

        “He’s doesn’t even know that he’s royally screw’d the 2A base and GOP.”

        Bingo ! without a back round in the Constitution/civics or a spine,he isn’t even aware he’s stepped in it or on it.

        He and the Republicrat party will shortly discover this fact,the hard way.

        “Take the guns first then worry about due process.” Donald J

    8. The Democrats did not “win” in Pennsyvania. The state’s Supreme Court chose their preferred candidate. I doubt the matter is entirely settled just yet. That said, Republicans have, indeed, been dancing on the third rail for a couple of weeks now. I am afraid that the party is shattering. How to stop this? Go back to being Republicans. Knock off the gun control nonsense, continue to empower small business, and it is way past time to AUDIT THE FED!

    9. If the Republicrat party doesn’t locate a viable conservative candidate to run in a primary against Mr.trump they are going to at the very least loose the presidency if not the house as well.

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