Pro-Rights Bill To Protect EMS & Firemen Voted Down In Virginia House Of Delegates

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Pro-Rights Bill To Protect EMS & Firemen Voted Down In Virginia House Of Delegates

Virginia – -( Today the House of Delegates voted down SB 715, Senator Amanda Chase's bill that would have allowed EMS and fire personnel with CHPs to carry everywhere they go WHILE ON DUTY.

The brave men and women work in EMS and fire departments can get into some dangerous situations with violent criminals before the police arrive. Virginia Citizens Defense League strongly supported SB 715 and will grade the votes accordingly.

Democrat Marcus Simon and Republican Robert Orrock spoke against the bill.

Special thanks go to Senator Amanda Chase and Delegates Ben Cline and Todd Gilbert for their help in getting some important changes into SB 715 at VCDL's request (the original bill and an amendment version still had a few issues).

Those voting pro-rights to protect EMS and fire personnel:

Adams, L.R., Bell, Richard P., Bell, Robert B., Brewer, Byron, Campbell, Cline, Cole, Collins, Fariss, Freitas, Garrett, Gilbert, Habeeb, Head, Hodges, Ingram, Kilgore, Knight, Landes, LaRock, Marshall, McGuire, Miyares, Morefield, O'Quinn, Peace, Pillion, Poindexter, Ransone, Rush, Ware, Webert, Wilt, Wright

Those voting anti-rights:

Adams, D.M., Aird, Austin, Ayala, Bagby, Bell, John J., Bloxom, Bourne, Boysko, Bulova, Carr, Carroll Foy, Carter, Convirs-Fowler, Davis, Delaney, Edmunds, Filler-Corn, Fowler, Gooditis, Guzman, Hayes, Helsel, Heretick, Herring, Hope, Hugo, Hurst, James, Jones, J.C., Jones, S.C., Keam, Krizek, Leftwich, Levine, Lopez, McQuinn, Mullin, Murphy, Orrock, Plum, Price, Rasoul, Reid, Robinson, Rodman, Roem, Sickles, Simon, Stolle, Sullivan, Thomas, Torian, Toscano, Tran, Turpin, Tyler, VanValkenburg, Ward, Watts, Yancey, Mr. Speaker


Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Pro-Rights Bill To Protect EMS & Firemen Voted Down In Virginia House Of Delegates

    1. We are supposed to be all equal but there are many different classes of equal.
      * Billionaires
      * Politicians/CEO’s
      * Judges
      * Celebrities
      * Law enforcement
      * State & Federal workers
      * Illegal aliens
      * Small business owners
      * Joe Blow-Law abiding U.S. citizen
      Which group of equals do YOU fall into? How far down are YOU…….

    2. None of these groups should be given the right to carry unless ALL citizens are given the right to carry. There should be no distinction between these groups and citizens.

      1. @JS, We all have the right to carry, already. We do not need it given to us a second time. Our current right to carry is a Constitutionally enshrined and enumerated, prepolitical Civil Right. That Civil Right was considered so important by the founders of this nation, it came to mind, to list, second, only after speech, and before every other Civil Right. We need no other permission. We need to eliminate corruption.

      2. I don’t believe this extends any SPECIAL right to these public servants. It merely would allow them to enjoy the same right WE have wherever we go. What the bill would do is to allow them to ALSO carry on the job as many already do wherever else they go. Stupid rues now prohibit them carryong onn duty, which is stupid. How many here have ever read of some dirtbag calling a false report of a fire, only to have the fire amd medic guys arrive and get ambushed and shot at, even killed? WHY can’t they also carry as they go into crazy and dangerous places? Some countries in Europe have “no go zones” where cops, medica, fire protection folks, refuse to go, precisely BECAUSE too many have already been shot at clubbed, knifed, cars tipped, etc, when they go into the area and try to help.

        If the cabbie, parts delivery, soda truck guy, carpet cleaner, etc can carry on their routes, WHY can’t the First Responders, who often GO INTO far more danger because of the nature of their job, also carry?

        How aobut a statewide walkout of these folks until the legislature votes on it again properly? These guys put their lives on the line daily.

        1. Sure it does. The nature of their job has almost nothing to do with the level of danger in their specific work environment (i.e. dangerous places) – it’s the nature of dangerous people already there that are the threat. These same (dangerous) people order pizza, hail cabs, purchase online, etc., etc., yet Domino’s, UPS, and Uber are among the MANY companies that prohibit drivers’ possession of a firearm while on the job. Consider this: When’s the last time you saw railroad tracks pass through a high-priced, gated community? Did you know almost all US railroads prohibit employees from having weapons on company property (i.e. in their trucks or on/near the tracks)?

          If employers can prohibit the possession of firearms while on duty, WHY should public servants have a carve-out that isn’t available to the general public? WHY not pass a law that prohibits ANY employer from having such a policy? (The answer: Because it’s easier to muster the political will to do it for certain people, but not for everyone. Makes sense tactically, but is a strategic FAIL.)

          “First Responders” aren’t the guys/gals who answer the 911 call, they’re the ones who MAKE the 911 call. Do I think fire & EMS personnel should be able to carry if they feel the need? ABSOLUTELY! But what they do, and where they do it, does not make them any more worthy of self-protection than anyone else. To say otherwise is to put them into a SPECIAL category that, if you asked them, many will say they don’t agree with.

          These guys who put their lives on the line daily are there because they believe they can make a difference – and God bless them for it. But if failure to pass this law (for them and no others) causes concern for their safety, how about they simply re-think their career choice? When communities are no longer able to HIRE police, fire & EMS personnel because of the level of violence in certain areas, maybe then they’ll re-think their position on firearms (though I won’t hold my breath).

          Bottom line: Today most, though not all, firearms owners who are passionate about the “pro rights” mentioned in this article tend to lean toward the conservative. Most conservatives tend to stay away from the polls except on rare occasions when the outcome may specifically impact them (and even then: maybe). So when we carve out protections for another group of public servants, often local government employees, we simply create yet another group of people who become less worried about whether or not you or I come home at the end of their shift.

      3. @JS …You have excepted the communist fashist claim that the right to carry is a government granted privilege. Go to jail do not pass go do not collect $200. Listen to what Wild Bill, Vanns 40, Heed the call , and many more are telling you . Don’t except the premise that the liberal left communist are putting out. That’s debate 101 establish a false premise and expand on it.

    3. Why should EMS & fire personnel have any more protection than anyone else? Why should POLICE have any more protection than anyone else? I have friends and family that are part of all of those groups, and YES – they should be able to carry, but I believe my right to go home at the end of their shift is just legitimate.

      Every one of these LEOSA-like laws serve only one purpose: to divide the ranks of those who believe in the right to self protection, allowing the likes of Sheriff Israel to claim “only ones” status. (Nod to David Codrea)

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