Modern Phenomenon Of Public Begging


Beggar Street Robber Stranger Danger
Modern Phenomenon Of Public Begging

Ft Collins, CO –-( “It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is, than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” ~ Carl Sagan


People openly begging, in public places, is yet another telltale sign of the progressive deterioration of our civilization.

When I was growing-up in the 1960s, public begging was something rarely seen in America. In fact, Americans took great pride in the fact that public begging was a unsavory activity, mostly confined to third-world countries, like Mexico.

Curiously, state-run lotteries used to fall into the same category. Americans were always too proud to stoop to such squalid, dishonorable ways of extracting money from citizens. Mexico had state-run lotteries, but you would never find them here.

All that just a distant memory now, as amoral, money-groveling leftist politicians piously insist that the end always justifies the means.

Back to the modern phenomenon of public begging:

I tell students that public beggars are mostly dishonest, and some are extremely dangerous. Your best interests are thus served by avoidance, particularly when you go armed. When that fails, aggressive verbal disengagement and rapid separation generally represent your best tactic.

In fact, we practice all this in class during roll-playing exercises.

Yet, some insist that an expression of charity (giving beggars money, food, etc) is appropriate, particularly for those of us who profess adherence to established religious beliefs.

Not so!

Giving beggars money, motivated by your own guilt, helps neither them, nor you! It is extortion, pure and simple, plus it exposes you to significant personal risk.

Begging is neither an honorable, nor sustainable, lifestyle! Beggars need to be shown how to make an honest, upright living.

Giving them money just keeps them where they are.

Giving free money to beggars, out of personal guilt, is indicative of a pernicious neurosis! When people receive money which they know and understand they did not earn, and don’t deserve, it degrades both the giver, and the receiver.

No good comes from it!

When you need to give-away money to beggars in order to “feel good,” I suggest you get some competent physiological counseling.

In the interim, “Disengage and Separate!”


Defense Training International, Inc

About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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David Blakeman

The thing that gets me is the one begging is smoking a cigarette. Hey if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to feed yourself. Another one is the fellow holding a sign saying that he is stranded and needs gas money, he has been on the same corner for over six months. I once asked a fellow holding a sign saying will work for food. I had some yard work I needed help with. When I asked him I was told to F**k Off he was making $400 a day standing there.

Scotty Gunn

As soon as it gets warm here, (rural town) the local Wally World will have one or two Hispanic families all out begging. Never saw this before. Thanks, Obama.


Here in California the Democrats feel so sorry for one and all that they have created laws both local and state wide that defend the beggar and prevent your proposal. For example, downtown Chico just recently renovated the center city park, creating a beautiful 30 foot wide fountain you can walk through in the summer, and a bandstand, bathrooms, seating and rather lush landscaping. This has become the central meeting place for about 100 homeless that have taken over the park during all daytime hours. They nestle with their carts, bikes and bike trailers, and use the space as their… Read more »

Ben Doerr

I was at a Motorcycle show recently in Wash. DC, there was a booth there collecting for the Homeless Veterans, My son (Marine) and I both gave generously, I’d suggest instead of giving money to questionable beggars you instead look up one of the many organizations that specifically help our past warriors.

Dave Brown

Let me see, I have been watching for 66 years now and I am sick of the Left and the Right. Yet I have voted for 48 years, and yes I had Draft # 252 for Vet Nam. Begging is what our Government does and we really should be watchiing them and actually making The USA Great Again. If Trump would man up and cut or drain, and that includes all the powerful Fed Employees and many a Union I would quit considering him a Chump.


disabled vet: All true but the fact is that the suicide rate for vets is horrendous. And in part it’s a failure of the VA. I know the questions to ask and when it was a vet I’ve given blankets to them. I’d love to talk to them but I’m not qualified so I did what I could.

VT Patriot

I visit my GF in Newport, RI during the summer. One corner is allowed for beggars near the famous mansions. These people come in from Fall River MA, drive down in fancy cars and hang out there all day with their signs and harass people on the street. I ignore them. One guy about, 40 yrs old grabbed my arm and told me I should have respect for and help out the vietnam veterans. This clown, with a Hispanic accent, wasn’t born until 10-15 years after the war was over. I’ am not allowed to carry in RI or I’d… Read more »

Marc Disabled Vet

I see a lot of these Guys claiming to be Vets .
I ask what unit their from, where they were stationed. etc.
From my perspective 60% lied . Stories didn’t hold up.
But the ones that seem credible I give no cash ! I save free
food coupons and give these to them instead. Most thank
me and retreat to the curb. Others get pissy ,those I find
later don’t need the help or just want cash for drugs or booze.


Having worked in DC for decades I agree with one exception, that saddened me to no end, and those are the vets who suffered from PTSD, were not treated by the VA and were not really “beggars” but homeless, wandering the streets.


I had a beggar in front of my business here in Nebraska. When I called the police I was informed that there was no way that he could be dealt with since no customers had complained to them, only to me. I then asked for the dispatcher’s name and reminded them that we had a city ordinance that prohibited loitering (most cities do) stating that I would be filing a complaint with the city council against the employee who refused to enforce the ordinance. The police were there within 5 minutes and told the beggar not to come back. Hmmmm………….


Always look at their shoes, if they are wearing better ones than you, ask them for some money today!
The element of surprise, amazing! Living and working in Chicago, hot spot for the pan handlers. It has been documented that many of the them have form groups and pool their money at the end of a day, then they evenly divide their daily take. Some of these folks are making over 60K USD tax free. Give to the organizations who really help the needy. Stop enabling these groups.


I saw a guy claiming to be a homeless Viet Nam veteran working an intersection at a major business street and the interstate access road. He was wearing a Tee shirt and shorts with the requisite Viet Nam veterans cap. The one thing that stuck out though was his clean socks and new shoes. Every day he had on clean socks.


In California we have so many beggars. They are all over the place as are the homeless encampments. They have threatened my wife on many occasions and their presence is unwelcome. I can’t wait to get out of this horrible state.

Wild Bill

@Ben, No rich people and shared poverty, misery, and hunger are the finest attributes of socialism, well except for the elite, ruling class, of course. A good socialist would give all that he had to the beggars to support the collective. Are you sure that you are meeting your socialist obligations?

Ben Magee

@ Wild Bill I don’t know what part of my comment made you think I was a socialist? I am a libertarian disabled vet and just because I was born in California and have thus far lived here (40 years) minus military service. It has not always been a complete wacadoodle place but now it is so far left that it would be better for California to fall off into the ocean. Maybe we could send all of the liberals here and they can be homeless together with their elite masters. Anyhow I’m wrapping up business in this state and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Ben Magee, I did not say that you volunteered to be a socialist. The socialist state of California has thrust socialism upon you. Therefore you have obligations. When you wrap up your business and move, we would welcome you to Texas.


Wild Bill, my apologies for misunderstanding your comment. I agree fully. They have thrust their view on us and expect us to toe the socialists line. It is sickening.


I have noticed the safety issues with “beggars” which can be sometimes set ups for aggressive behavior. On the other hand, I’ve noticed some really are in need and have fallen on hard times, some of whom are lacking in cognitive and/or basic living skills, and yes, drugs can sometimes be a factor. There is truth in what you say but it’s not always black and white. I have always tried to work with the indigent to manifest as much self-determination and reliance as possible. The most challenging aspect for me is discernment. The Matthew 25: 36-40 passage isn’t about… Read more »


25 years ago a TV Station in S.F. followed a professional beggar home one day. He drove a Lexus and lived in a nice house. He admitted on camera to earning over 60K/yr just sitting there in rags for 6hrs a day with a placard asking for money. People thought that they were helping him, but were instead just enabling him. Donate to organizations who actually help the people in need. Salvation Army, Purple Heart, Helping Hands, etc.

Chris Mallory
Chris Mallory

Begging is more honorable than being a government employee.

Jerry S.

As a retired National Park Service Employee (23 yrs.), I find your statement insulting. I worked very hard, both physically and mentally in my job as did the crew I led. We took pride in our park, our service to the nation, and in the uniform we wore everyday. I wouldn’t expect an apology from you, but don’t label us all together, it only shows your ignorance.

Mark D

Agreed, though there are exceptions, government personnel (state and federal) are honest, hard working citizens.

Sam W.

When I complained about beggars the police said by local laws the property owner is the only one they will respond to, so here at least there are places that won’t run them off. We should change laws to make public safety more attainable.