RCMP Fail to Track Violent or Sexual Offenders | Monitor Licensed Gun Owners Instead

RCMP Fail to Track Violent or Sexual Offenders | Monitor Licensed Gun Owners Instead
RCMP Fail to Track Violent or Sexual Offenders | Monitor Licensed Gun Owners Instead

Canada-(Ammoland.com)- What do you call the group the RCMP considers a bigger threat to public safety than convicted sex offenders, pedophiles and violent criminals?

Canada’s 2.1 million licensed firearm owners.

Firearm researcher Dennis Young uncovered a disturbing trend with the RCMP. The Mounties cannot tell us the most basic information about violent criminals or convicted sexual predators –– but every licenced gun owner in Canada is monitored daily.

The following, dated June 13, 2016, is from the RCMP’s Manon Fortin [[email protected]], in response to Dennis Young’s Access to Information Request for CPIC Statistics:

“[P]lease note that, in Canada, after a firearms licence is approved, continuous eligibility screening is conducted over the term of the licence. Accordingly, all current holders of firearms licences are recorded in the Canadian Firearms Information System (CFIS). CFIS automatically checks with the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) every day to determine whether a licence holder has been the subject of an incident report in CPIC.”

While the RCMP investigates every single licenced, law-abiding gun owner in Canada daily as part of their Continuous Licence Eligibility Screening Program, our national police force can’t tell us anything about how often, or even if, they check up on convicted rapists, pedophiles or violent criminals.

It’s not that the RCMP doesn’t possess the information. They do.

Dennis Young discovered the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) can deliver the following information (and more) to police officers instantly:

Whether the person

  • Is wanted for a criminal offence
  • Is a known violent offender
  • Is a known sex offender
  • Has a criminal record and the full details of that criminal record if it exists
  • is prohibited from owning firearms
  • has a firearms licence, along with a complete record of all firearms registered in their name.

They don’t bother to track known violent criminals and sexual predators because –– well –– apparently licenced, law-abiding citizens who possess firearms are more dangerous.

It gets worse.

Not only does the RCMP fail to track rapists, pedophiles and violent criminals, the RCMP also has no idea what happened as a result of firearms traced after they were recovered from violent criminals or crime scenes.

Despite a minimum full-time staff of four conducting 10,077 firearm traces since 2012, the RCMP’s Canadian National Firearms Tracing Centre (CNFTC) cannot tell us how many firearms they traced successfully, nor can they tell us how many registered or unregistered firearms they traced.

Of the 8,865 firearms the RCMP’s Tracing Centre determined came from the United States, the RCMP cannot tell us how many of those firearms were never legally imported into Canada, and therefore were smuggled into the country instead.

  • The RCMP does not know how many firearms were traced to licensed firearm owners.
  • The RCMP cannot tell us how many of the firearms they traced were reported stolen and subsequently returned to their rightful, legal owners.
  • The RCMP cannot tell us how many crimes they solved as a result of their firearms traces.
  • The RCMP cannot tell us how many people were charged with a criminal offence as a result of a firearms trace.
  • The RCMP has no idea how many individuals are under court-ordered firearms prohibition orders or how many firearms were seized from prohibited persons as a result of the enforcement of those prohibition orders.

In other words, the RCMP has no clue about the most basic statistical information required to show if firearm registration is beneficial to the enforcement of Canadian law.

They can, however, tell you about the actions of 2.1 million licenced, law-abiding Canadian firearm owners for every day of the year. They spend over $50 million per year doing so.

Doesn’t that inspire confidence in our national police force?

Worse, the RCMP’s firearm tracing statistics prove someone is lying when the RCMP and government officials claim the “majority of guns” used in crime are “domestically sourced.” Since 2012, the RCMP traced 10,077 firearms and concluded 8,865 of those were smuggled into Canada illegally.


Recently, Toronto Mayor John Tory stated that over 50% of the guns used in crime originated in Canada. We believe the Mayor is either grossly misinformed or is simply lying to perpetuate a political agenda.

DID YOU KNOW? Both the former Police Chief of Halifax and former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair have stated that any firearm that was unable to be traced was automatically added to the column of “Guns originating in Canada?” The piles of lies told about firearms and firearms owners continues unabated.

About CSSA:Canadian Shooting Sports Association

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities.

For more information, visit the website at www.cdnshootingsports.org.

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@wildbill, crazy as this sounds, I sometimes think the UK is trying to heal old wounds and recover old territory via Canadian Parliament lunacy. It’s all in my head I’m sure, but when I look at Justina T. and the Parliaments of either country it starts to make sense. I’m probably drinking to much coffee.

Wild Bill

@Rok, Well, Brithish policy used to be “Make the World England”, but the current corrupt politicians that control Canada may not agree to it.

American Patriot

Who cares about a foreign S***Hole country such as Canada? They can all be completely unarmed for all I care, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is what this Country does…I’m American not a pu$$y a$$ Canadian.

Alice Lundgren

You’re a lousy excuse for a human being, let alone an American. You attitude is as vulgar as your mouth.

Webfoot Logger

Cannot or Will Not?


The individuals that write and pass gun laws in Canada are for the most hopolophobes and KNOW nothing about firearms. Most all of them have never fired a firearm let alone owned one. They are dishonest and only care about getting re-elected. When a gun related incident occurs in Canada the politicans dance in the blood of the victims and use the incident to further their political careers. They pass laws that gives them the appearance of doing something, anything. to prevent THAT FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN. We all know of course that murder with a firearm is already illegal,… Read more »


Seems like the RCMP are even more incompetent than the FBI. Incompetency starts at the top and filters down, sounds like they need to get rid of their PM first, and work down thru the hierarchy of the RCMP to the officers, I am sure they will find a few of those, but my guess is the higher you go, the more lazy, stupid and corrupt they get. Canada, nice people ruled by silly laws written by traitors. Hope they fix it soon.


Gee! It sounds and looks like the RCMP has graduated to be the “nwo” and “sharia” law enforcers. WOW! I had thought that Canada was as “FREE” as America. I GUESS I AM WRONG!

Wild Bill

@Laddyboy, Nope, like InkyMP (member of parliament) told us, “Canadians have no rights.” Canadians are mere subjects of the Canadian government, serfs, thralls, and fodder for war.


Not subjects of the Canadian Government – subjects of “the crown” – Lizzy the incontinent old cow!