Representative Massie Proposes Repeal of Gun-Free School Zone Act

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Representative Massie Proposes Repeal of Gun-Free School Zone Act

USA – -( Congressman Thomas Massie has proposed repealing the controversial federal ban on guns within a thousand feet of a school. From

Massie said the solution to school shootings is putting more than one-armed guard at school or allowing teachers to be armed, adding that “98 percent of mass public shootings happen in a gun free zone.”

“And we’ve labeled all of our schools as gun free zones. We need to take those labels off, and put our kids in that two percent category of being safe, instead of being in that 98 percent vulnerable category,” he said.

Massie said his bill, the Safe Students Act (H.R. 34), has the support of Columbine survivor Evan Todd.

Congressman Massie (R-KY) is right about an important fact. School shootings increased after federal gun bans were passed.

The 1990 Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA) was a ban on guns within a thousand feet of school. It effectively banned the carry of guns in most cities and towns.

The 1996 GFSZA act included a minor change that exempted people with concealed carry permits. The 1994 Gun Free School act gave incentives for schools to ban guns inside the schools.

What caused the increase in mass murder in schools? There are two likely possibilities . . .

  • The gun bans make the schools inviting targets. Potential mass murderers know that they can kill more people without armed opposition. The number they kill is important, because they want fame.
  • The second factor is the copycat effect. Fame gives societal misfits a pseudo-immortality in celebrity. Celebrity is valued about all other things in our popular culture.

Potential mass murderers who are unhinged, poorly integrated into society, and considering suicide, see an option to leave the life they hate while achieving celebrity status.

The media loved the restrictions. The establishment media use school shootings to push for more gun bans, restrictions on gun ownership and use. The media give coverage to school shootings all out of proportion to the number of people killed. The coverage gives future mass murderers incentive to kill large numbers of people and “break the record”.

Congressman Massie is working to bring to the debate a factor ignored by the elite media for decades. School shootings shot up after the federal gun bans were passed, not before they took effect.

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  • 22 thoughts on “Representative Massie Proposes Repeal of Gun-Free School Zone Act

    1. Now there is a good idea but it needs to go one step farther. They need to repeal all gun free zones and also make illegal for businesses to put false or illegal gun free zone signage. I see so many places now who put up these sign they buy and think they can get away with it. I have done some research and have found in most cases unless the sign had state or federal codes on them they are legal. Any that just show the gun symbol with a red circle and slash thru it really means nothing but they can refuse service to you. I am sick to death of these stupid business people who are doing nothing more than losing business from people like me who will not go into them and for not letting other be able to protect them selves. If I go into one of these place and get hurt in any way because I could not have a weapon to defend my self they would be sued till My name was on the door.

      1. You must realise three things:
        First: They do not care about your business, because for every 1 gun owner who does not spend money at that place, there will be twice as many liberal morons who WILL spend money there.
        Second: They have every legal right in any state to ban firearms from their premesis, and you can be charged with trespassing if you carry there.
        Third: That is exactly why you get a CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT!
        If nobody knows you are carrying a handgun, then nobody will be upset, and you may still end up saving a life…

    2. How did HR11654 “The Dick Act” ever get overridden? Can’t trust politicians as far as you can spit!!
      Just saying,
      Remain calm and return fire
      Grampa 38

    3. The bigger part of the problem is lack of morality, values & respect of other people. Start teaching values & responsibilities for your own actions & much of the problem will diminish. Self discipline is a learned condition. Work with those who have violent tendencies & keep them where they can’t do mass harm. The old movie line; a gun is a tool NO different than an axe or a shovel, it’s the man using it that makes it good or bad. Yeah, repeal gun free zone laws!

    4. Hmmm…. of course, the removal of ALL “gun-free zone” laws is ideal.

      However, since federal law already exempts handgun carry licensees (by carrying my concealed handgun onto school property, I am indeed breaking no federal law), perhaps our strongest efforts should be aimed at state laws. Currently, over half of all states [including even otherwise-gun-friendly states, like Oklahoma] have legislatively created “gun-free zones” that prohibit guns in schools – among other places. like courthouses and prisons – and those states do NOT exempt carry licensees. THERE is where our primary and immediate efforts should logically be focused, in order to achieve the greatest positive effect for all responsible gun owners.

      1. You are absolutely correct, Joe. I have believed from the outset, that ‘No Guns’ signs are just invitations to those who would commit a gun crime, that assures them that they will meet with no resistance in kind. There should not be any signs posted anywhere relative to guns except those that are ads for legitimate gun stores. We should never intentionally let the criminal know that he/she doesn’t have to worry about retaliation from defenders of their intended victim(s).

        With respect to state, city, county, local gun laws, none should be allowed to enact laws that are contrary to federal laws. Laws only apply to the law abiding, and criminals love them because they restrict the law abiding, which makes crime safer for offenders.

    5. Uncle joe bidens gun free zone has been the liberals lefts dream to help control firearms. The gun free zones became the killing zones of the left and to repeal this law is the best damned thing to be done. Hopefully when it is repealed we can put up signs that say , “this zone is armed” we protect our own.

    6. Hurrah! This law made as much sense as outlawing fire extinguishers and smoke alarms because they put you in danger of a fire. Instead you should seek a closet so you could “shelter-in-place”. This law was a good example of lunatics running the asylum!

    7. So far the only thing that makes sense.Will it get passed,hell no it’s to simple.If bills are not complicated an there is no drama they are lost.primaries coming get the ones that like drama out.Vote in someone that’s going to do something.You know who is trying an who is not.Let’s get the who’s Not out.

    8. It is IMPERATIVE that HR 34 be passed. Utah and other localities across America allow weapons to be on campuses and in schools. The handlers of these weapons are LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizens who have received training.
      It is time to eliminate these “target enriched environments” that are called schools and colleges. These “gun-free-zones” do nothing but call DOMESTIC and FOREIGN TERRORISTS to “come and complete your agenda here”. It is time to stop the NONSENSE that the DemocRATic communist/muslem party wants.

    9. It is the only valid solution. It will end school shootings. Guns in the right hands prevent tragedies. Liberals have an irrational fear of guns. I am a combat veteran I welcome it.

    10. For all the talk by Washington swamp critters about crafting “common sense” gun-related legislation, they’ll not accept this one because it goes against their agenda to disarm law-abiding Americans and make them ever more dependent on the state. I hope I’m wrong but given Trump’s capitulation to, and his adoption of, swamp critter talking points, I see little hope of success within the existing two party system.

      DemoCRAPs and RepubliCANTs are just two sides of the same dirty coin. The only way to win this societal war is to back and elect the too few TRUE Republican patriots, like Massie and Jordan and Meadows, and viable third party candidates committed to freedom and liberty. It will be a long fight but it’s the only alternative without violent rebellion and insurrection that will, once again, secure the blessings of liberty for Americans and our posterity.

      To remain committed to the long term success of this fight, we must remember that it took just 3% of the population at the time to win the first war for freedom against statist oppression. Given their entrenched nature, we might have to enlist 4% of the population this time but it can be done!

      Stay strong and dedicated brothers and sisters. Trump’s election was just the first volley in this second war for independence. Swamp critters are now on notice that true American patriots still exist. As they dig in and get support from Soros and Bloomberg and other Leftists, exterminating swamp critters at the ballot box will get harder and harder but it can be done… If you’re willing to fight to make it happen!

      1. Remember that “common sense” is ONLY common to those who actually have it! And there’s a foolproof way – with just a single question – to determine exactly and precisely who does – and who does not – have it. [Administer this simple test to every one you know!]

        When a wolf threatens a flock of sheep… is the farmer’s best option to de-fang his guard dog, and then lock that guard dog outside the sheep pen? Yes or no?

        Personally, I answered that question’s answer to be a resounding “no.” Actually, I consider supplying TWO healthy guard dogs INSIDE the sheep pen to be a much better – and much more sensible – option. But, then again, I’m sane.

    11. Mass murderers are failed nobodies doing it for fame.

      Deny the fame.

      He has no name.

      He has no face.

      He has no grievance.

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