Reverend Billy Graham Lying in Honor ~ VIDEO

Billy Graham Casket
Billy Graham's Plain Wood Casket

USA – -( As I watched the solemn and dignified ceremonial procession of the plain wooden casket of Reverend Billy Graham, I couldn't help but think that it was a fitting tribute to a man who personified the love for the Lord, who introduced so many people to Jesus Christ, a man of deep faith but also of deep, deep humility.

He was a humble servant of God. He was an extraordinary man, whose ministry had touched millions of people from around the world.

One thing, among so many things that I admired about the Reverend, was his ability to reach out to all, with principle without accusation, with conviction without condemnation, with passion without denunciation, with hope and love and the desire to bring us all to God's healing touch.

The very few criticisms I read about him this week are eclipsed by a lifetime of crusading for good and God. He has been described as a bridge builder. He was that and more. He tore down the ropes of segregation and marched with Dr. King.

He brought scripture to Presidents and politicians of both parties and left the politics to Caesar. In the midst of crisis, Billy Graham brought comfort and God to our nation.

He was a good man who loved God. He was a bright star shining in the heavens, and now, he walks in the radiance of God's shining love.


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Yes, he was a great man. We can only hope that someone else steps up in his place.

Niall Robinson
Niall Robinson

You are truly, truly BLESSED now BILLY, you now stand in the presence of the GREAT I’AM, the LORD JESUS CHRIST himself. You brought me to the LORD and i too long to have such an HONER.