Say Goodbye to Dick’s Sporting Goods

Goodbye, Dick's. And good riddance.
Goodbye, Dick's. And good riddance.

Ohio- -( It appears that Dick's is living up to its name.

Buckeye Firearms Association is deeply disappointed that Dick's Sporting Goods has chosen to punish law-abiding gun owners by restricting sales of legal firearms based on the bad actions of a mentally ill individual in Florida who committed the Parkland school murders.

While Dick's CEO Edward Stack says this is about helping to solve the problem, we believe it is about caving to political pressure. Dick's sold a shotgun to the Parkland killer in 2017, and while that particular firearm was not used in the Florida tragedy, we believe Dick's has made a cynical financial calculation that infringing Second Amendment rights will do less damage to their bottom line than protests and bad press.

From the New York Times:

“When we saw what happened in Parkland, we were so disturbed and upset,” Mr. Stack said in an interview Tuesday evening. “We love these kids and their rallying cry, ‘enough is enough.' It got to us.”

He added, “We're going to take a stand and step up and tell people our view and, hopefully, bring people along into the conversation.”

Mr. Stack said he hoped that conversation would include politicians. As part of its stance, Dick's is calling on elected officials to enact what it called “common sense gun reform” by passing laws to raise the minimum age to purchase guns to 21, to ban assault-type weapons and so-called bump stocks, and to conduct broader universal background checks that include mental-health information and previous interactions with law enforcement.

This is not the first time Dick's has made changes in response to a school massacre. In 2012, after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that killed 26 people, Dick's removed assault-style rifles from its main retail stores. But a few months later, the company began carrying the firearms at its outdoor and hunting retail chain, Field & Stream.

This time, Mr. Stack said, the changes will be permanent.

Well, Mr. Stack, if these changes are permanent, then there's something else that will be permanent. We will never again set foot in Dick's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, or Golf Galaxy, all of which you own. We will not buy ANY guns or ANY other products from you, in your stores or online, ever again.

You've chosen to punish the innocent masses for the crimes of the guilty few instead of supporting real change and real solutions that could make a difference.

Goodbye, Dick's. And good riddance.

Buckeye Firearms Association encourages Ohio's 4 million gun owners to stop shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, and Golf Galaxy.

Take your business elsewhere to support businesses that respect ALL of our Constitutional rights.

Tell your family and friends to do the same. Post it on your social media accounts. Shred your coupons and rewards cards. Unsubscribe from Dick's emails.

This isn't the first time Dick's has betrayed its customers. But it should be the last time we reward them for this cowardly behavior.


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  • 94 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Dick’s Sporting Goods

    1. Hum??? OK… A drunk driver, driving a BMW, hits and kills a human being…… BAN ALL BMW’s !!! Yea…that’s the answer ! That will solve the problem ! Damn EVIL BMW’s….come to think of it, Ban ALL German Cars !! Yea, that’s a better answer ! Evil German Cars….
      LIBTARDS hate it when WE put it in terms they can’t argue against… This one, all ways, gets the Libtard fired up…
      ” it isn’t the CARS FAULT…that’s just stupid “….
      Really…that’s stupid ?…but yet you LIBTARDS use this scenario for GUNS everyday…the Ole EVIL Gun…
      OK guys n gals…go out and spread the word about EVIL DRUNK CARS. Go out and PISS OFF A LIBTARD..they cant deny nor defend this one…and Boy, do they get mad !! I’ve seen ” ADULT ” HISSY FITS and tears..HA HA HA !

    2. I love guns, all guns. Some of you talk about missing values are the problems. I agree but by calling Brad names, what the hell values do you have. He’s allowed an opinion eventhough he may be wrong.

    3. dicks never did have much of what I wanted nor a very wide gun selection. .First Bank card also held N.R.A. responsible for florida school shooting..35 police home visits in 5 yrs. multiple student complaints. .thrown out of 5 schools.. what about the gun dealer that sold the gun 2 him.. principal?? teachers?? they all knew. .and just sat and waited for something to happen.. President Trump bull —- to blame him.. the local,s R 2 BLAME..

      1. The locals must share a lot of the blame. As you and the news have stated, they knew he was a threat but did nothing. Now it’s all about guns and how IT’S the problem. When I went to High School, there were fights but just fisticuffs on campus. People had shotguns and rifles on racks in pickup trucks during different hunting seasons. It was not an issue. So what has changed? More violence in video games, glorification of violence, explicit sex, and cursing in “music”, movies, and TV. Most would have had severe FCC repercussions, fines, shutdowns, and licence losses during that time.
        People say it’s old fashion, outdated, so what has changed for people (especially young millennials) to have such disregard for human life??? Really ponder this before blaming it on guns.
        I have heard that almost every household in Switzerland has at least a rifle in their home, yet you don’t hear about such gun violence there. Hummmmm????????
        So what has changed here?

        1. Definitions
          STAT Switzerland
          Total crimes per 1000 42.23 Ranked 20th. 2% more than United States
          Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 45.7 Ranked 4th.
          Violent crime > Intentional homicide rate 1.25 Ranked 39th.
          Violent crime > Murder rate 52 Ranked 68th.
          55 more rows
          Switzerland and United States compared: Crime stats – Switzerland vs …

          Do you really know what your talking about……

          1. Comment …According to gov stats–
            Homicides latest statistics
            685 =medical errors
            698=by another persons hand (no weapon reported)

            JUST OUT…Fat Boy Michile Moore contacts Florida wanting to do documentaries.

        2. @Tphillips, Another Florida killing spree by a teenager. He was invited to a sleepover at a friend’s house, so he stabbed his friends to death. He said the Koran gave him courage.

    4. I sent them an email telling them that I will no longer be spending anymore money with them. I hope that everybody else will do the same.

    5. Well its happened, 20-year-old sues Dick’s, Walmart for refusing to sell him gun

      An Oregon man filed suits Monday claiming Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart discriminated against the 20-year-old when they refused to sell him a rifle.

      Dick’s and Walmart restricted gun sales to adults 21 and older in the wake of the Florida high school massacre. The 19-year-old accused in the school slaying bought the AR-15 used in the attack legally.

      Oregon law allows residents to buy shotguns or rifles starting at age 18.

    6. I Say don’t boycott, protest ! If they where worried about bad press that the anti-gun crowd could have posed to their business, then we as supporters of Constitutional Rights should be in front of their stores with big signs screaming at anyone going in their stores and give them bad press!

      Darn most of us have jobs and don’t have time to do that and if we don’t work then there wont be money for all the anti-gunners entitlements!!!!!

    7. Comment…Some of us have accused AmmoLand of censorship . You do realize they have every right to do what ever they want, because the First amendment was written in the days of the quill pen. Therefore it does not apply to anything developed after that time period ! SOUND familiar ?

    8. Dear Dicks sporting goods,

      When I go to brick and mortar stores and try something on for size, fit, etc I will buy there evening knowing I can get online cheaper but i appreciate the ability to have hands on before a purchase. BUT now that you have used my money from purchases to further the anti gun cause you will understand that I show you the same respect. I will bring my kids in to size, fit their soccer shorts, their Basket Ball shorts, their hockey skates and once I know the brand and size you will understand that I will extend to you the same lack of respect you ahowed me, the American gun owner! I will then leave your store and our order! You have no use for me anymore other than a fitting room and I want you to know that when you file for bankruptcy, you abandoned the constitution and I will now use you and accelerate your demise! Have a nice day

    9. I don’t go to Dick’s. Their spin off store Balls, sucks,too. I don’t even want to mention the one around the corner.

    10. So are you guys saying you have no purpose for Dicks’s anymore…????

      Puleeeze – let’s don’t go THAT far…..

      1. I guess in your area it’s the only place to shop. But not where I live there are other places to spend my money. I believe they have a right to do what they feels is right. But at the same time so do I. And I chose to spend my hard earned money elsewhere.!

      2. Why not?! I’ve had no use for them in all the years they’ve been doing business. I’m in my 50’s, an avid gun and outdoor enthusiast, and there’s one 2 miles from my house… never seen the inside. I’ve browsed them on line HUNDREDS of times over the years while doing comparative shopping, and not once were they the better buy. NOT ONCE!

    11. Won’t be shopping there again… I don’t shop anywhere that doesn’t support my rights.
      My money will be spent elsewhere, their competition.

    12. Did they really sell that many AR’s? Anything Dick’s sells can be bought off the web and the selection is larger. Guns sent to your local gun store for the paperwork/background checks at a small fee will still be cheaper than Dick’s.

    13. Haven’t set foot in one of their stores since the last time they pulled this. Unfortunately, there are too many that will forget about it tomorrow and head on in next time they put ammo on sale.

      1. Same here, but no, I will not forget. Just like the NFL and all of the professional athletes who have forgotten how to act like adults. No, I will not forget.

    14. BRAND NEW STORE in my little town in North Texas…..been itchin’ to go in there and see it……

      ……naaahhh…..”ain’t gonna happen”….EVER.

    15. I stopped shopping at Dicks many years ago. I was never to impressed with them anyway so it was no big deal. I didn’t realize that Field and Stream was owned by the parent company, so I’ll ad them to the list. I don’t play golf. This has to be great news for Cabela’s and Bass Pro, Cabela’s having just gone through a buy out which I hope has saved them from bankruptcy. They are the go to store for shooting and guns anyway and this BS from Dicks should help them.

    16. Remember or listen to the song “Eve of destruction”. I believe it came out in 1961. Like Mark the DV vet I spent my 19th and 20th birthdays in Vietnam. During training, we could only buy 3.2 beer on base. I always had part of that song running in my mind, “Old enough to kill but not for voting”. I couldn’t buy a beer while on my 30 days leave before I shipped out. So what now? Do 18-20-year-olds become felons if they already own a rifle? Bump stock ban? How do know that the Vegas shooter used Bump stocks? Take their word for it? Thev’e gave us so little info. The day after 9-11 they knew everything but Vegas? We are still being fed BS. So instead of our Constitution, it’s the press and emotions that make the laws we SHOULD follow? I don’t care how much time and money we need to spend fighting all this in the courts. I am doing my part. Support the organizations that fight for our rights. My oath didn’t end when I was discharged.

      1. ‘NYtimes” has a video ,”in motel,& Valet area surveillance”; NOT real clear face pics,but ‘the gambler /shooter /?? ?” ,looks close to the few still pics released..OPINION? (lots of videos of lots of things ; ‘official’,they tagged this 1

      2. #was here, in re: Vegas inquiry of Joseph Pistorio… I did work with DAV..Vietnam Vets,&iraq…IF ANYBODY should have the ANSWERS to THEIR questions ,they SHOULD..THE VET Cemetary ,w/o KNOWING is NOT acceptable..ill go FIND the damn Link..(& yes,”###k Dicks”! I CALLED,& talked to mr stacks SECRETARY (&she was NOT having a good day,& HE DOES NOT care WHAT we DO)…

    17. logically, if any of this nonsense and new laws and rules worked, they very first simple law that “murder is illegal” wouldve already prevented all of these type of problems..and every murder…

      All of the rest of this is just lemmings who have no problem ignoring our constitution, politicians being politicians looking for votes, and this one big corporation making a bean counted decision of losing sales of some evil black rifles for a few minutes of good PR to drive sales to NPR listening soccer moms. I hope it completely blows up in dicks sporting goods face. I find it pretty funny that they think they will make up the difference selling yoga pants, sneakers, and golf clubs. I promise that I will hold up my end as a pro gun consumer that my family and I will never spend another nickel at their store, or their field and stream stores… They mine as well have decided to stop selling firearms all together because no real sportsman will ever shop there anymore imo (even if you play golf, canoe, or do yoga). Cabelas will get 100% of my business from now on because they actually respect our rights and support law abiding citizens and everyone who enjoys the outdoors including shooting sports and hunting.

      I might go back when I see the 75% off “going out of business” signs outside DSG to pick up some socks.

        1. Well Rick, you must be a man of few words. But I must admit, I do fully understand your feelings toward Pricks Sporting Goods Store.

    18. lets just ban everything that kills, lets do cars and, airplanes to. bad things happen with anything. don’t punish the good people for it. i love my guns and i don’t even hunt. i only shoot paper but because i am a gun lover ,I AM BAD.. Go after the person not the tool they used. Dick’s is only looking at the money, they are wimping out. SHAME ON YOU.

    19. Maybe Mr. Stack is banking on the “Snowflake golfers” to keep him in business (Golf Galaxy). Every golf course and driving range needs to build “safe rooms” and hand out ear plugs so they don’t hear any uncomfortable words.

      1. Some golfers like the 2A and firearms. Not sure why you need to insult a different group of people to advertise your displeasure with this retailer. Why not point out mini-van driving, orange-slicing, soccer moms that don’t like guns ? Newsflash, some of them are probably packing concealed and their friends don’t even know.

      1. Walmart is much more than an outdoor store. They don’t carry a full line of firearms anyway. Even if they just decided to stick with only goods that their true competitors sell and quit selling firearms and supplies, they would still be a very profitable business.

        1. I already started to. I do not shop at Walmart or Dick‘s good riddance! Also I am contacting my brothers and sisters. Let them know what’s going on.I am pretty sure I will have the support.

        2. WalMart is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world.
          They made the same move regarding the age of buying ammo.
          They go in and out of selling firearms.

          Why don’t people complain?
          Because of being lazy hypocrites.
          You don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to shop somewhere else.

          1. Most people don’t even know that they can usually get far better prices at gunbot or ammoseek and have it delivered to your door.

      1. good to see… that tells me that anti 2nd amendment folks will lose a nice chunk of their investments come time for the quarterly sales results to be seen by the shareholders.

    20. The anti’s will not make up the lost sales for Dicks stupid actions. They were expanding the Field and Stream line but most of those customers are now gone. Just look at what happened to Target when they came out as pro men using women bathrooms. Dicks should just call in the bankruptcy attorneys now and get it over with.

    21. I was receiving several emails a day from Dicks. Unsubscribed to them leaving a comment about bad management. Deleted their app from my phone and have no plans on going to their store. Another brick and mortar store awaiting closure.

    22. here is the gun control plan its simple lets ban modern sporting rifles. ok all the weak minded go for that go for that . next it will be high capacity magazines ok all the weak minded fall for that. the next shooting will be with a pump shotgun ok then they will want to ban pump shotguns so the weak minded fall for that. next shooting it will be with a nut job having 6 revolvers thats 36 rds so lets ban revolvers. theres no end to it . not till they ban them all which isnt going to happen. theres 350 million guns in the USA thats what they KNOW about its probably twice that . do you think when they call up and ask if you got guns in your house there so dumb they say yes? if they baned guns today there would be shootings for the next 100 years ammo lasts a long time and has a long shelf life. heres the solution in the 1970s they were having airplane high jackings and they stopped them how? walk through metal detectors and armed guards every school should have walk through metal detectors and armed guards to stop the threat before it gets in, schools are a soft target psychos know this and there will keep being school shootings. its not if its when. untill you harden the target. the cost for a garrett walk through metal detector is $4,280 bucks they sell them on amazon so if they dont install them in schools with armed guards its the schools and politicians fault not the guns. as for raising the age limit for purchase the next shooter will be 22 do you raise the limit again?.

      1. Comment…Assign the TSA to school security– OOP’S can’t do that that would just increase sexual assault on minors .

    23. I’ll never set another foot in a Dick’s and so far I’ve got a dozen of friends and family members that have pledged to do the same.

      Keep this network going and pretty soon they’ll only have a libtard customer base which will not sustain them as a company.

      Reap what you sow!

      1. When K-Mart stopped selling guns due to their gutless liberal gun control cave-in, ALL of my shopping at K-Mart ended as did all of my family members. Where is K-mart now ????????? GONE ! The new “Limp Dicks” goes hand in hand with the libs/Dems/antigunners.

    24. Get a grip! This is the smartest thing that Dick’s could have done! You do realize that you are on the wrong side. I support gun ownership… for the right type of guns. I support the second amendment… when taken in the context with which it was written. You need to realize that enough is enough and something needs to be done. If you are a mentally healthy adult living within the law, you will have nothing to fear. Your guns (at least most types) would be safe. Stop letting people be murdered just because you care more about your stupid guns than you do for human lives.

      1. Brad,

        Let’s not forget that the incident would have never happened had the government not failed on numerous occasions. Certainly you are familiar with the numerous homicide-bomber attacks in cafe’s all over Israel some years back, yes? The point is that a homicidal maniac will use whatever means necessary to cause destruction.

        1. @jim, Bad is obviously a low level propagandist. I will not converse with him for several reasons: first, his “we have to do something” hair on fire response is not logical. Second, he presumes to know that our guns (at least most types) would be safe.” in the future, and that is not logical. And I have saved the best for last, he thinks: “… I support gun ownership… for the right type of guns.” is consistent with supporting the Second Amendment.

      2. What next Brad? Are you going to be telling me I have to buy the right type of car? Use the right type of heating system for my house? If you don’t like my opinion will you try to suppress it because I shouldn’t be able to say certain things because you know, if you take the 1st amendment in the context it was written I shouldn’t be allowed to say just anything right????

        YOU are the problem this country has right now. Stop believing guns are the reason. Grow a set and own up to the fact that the values this country was built on have been chucked in the trash.

      3. Brad, do you want to know how I know you are both stupid and ignorant? But that is ok, this is America and you are free to be both. What you are not free to do is to impose your stupidity and ignorance on the rest of the population.

        Beware the Dreaded “Tactical Assault Axe Handle!”
        Brad, if Ignorance is bliss, you must be ecstatic. “Right type of guns?” Why would “Most Types” of guns be safe? You must think that you are such an expert, please state your credentials.
        As a Vietnam Brown Water Navy Combat Veteran, serving my 1st Tour of Duty at age 19, after being raised an Army Brat, I am very familiar with many weapons, but obviously do not have your great intellect knowing “Most Types,” and which are safe. My point is “Put Up or Shut Up!”

        1. @VBWV…Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that is where the modern version of the “Tomahawk” was developed , for the same purpose .

        2. I’m curious, was your tactical assault axe a tomahawk with a wooden handle? If so, have you seen one recently?

      5. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.

        And of.course you think the scum one calls “government” can have the small arms that they AND you, would deny American citizens. Correct ?

        You flaming libs.are deserving of a short rope and a tall tree.

      6. No gun ever got up on its own and killed anyone. It is just a tool. People kill people. No gun ever killed anyone. Brad, you are naive.

      7. You are being dishonest and misleading. Everything you said is contradicting and is not how a true supporter speaks or thinks, therefore, you DO NOT support the 2nd A as you claim. You’re trying to disguise yourself as a true supporter to sway opinion. We can spot a liberal gun grabber a mile away. Give you an inch of our hard earned 2nd A rights?….Not a chance!

      8. Brad…You don’t support gun ownership; if you did you wouldn’t be an anti-gunner. Unlike you, I don’t profess to know the context under which the second amendment to the Constitution was drafted, but I believe that the authors had the foresight that eventually there would be legislative attempts to disallow gun ownership, and they realized that a Constitutional article would be necessary to prevent enactment of laws designed to accomplish that end.

        I do agree that any action taken to save a human life is better than nothing, but I don’t believe that more restrictive gun laws will make it safer for anyone except those who wish to kill others with a firearm. Gun owners DO NOT care more for guns than they do for human lives. But we do care for guns to the extent that we know that someday one might be required to preserve our own life. We cannot prevent a shooting by telling the assaillant ” it’s illegal to have that gun! ” Chriminals don’t give a damn about laws, except those that make their criminal acts safer for them.


    25. Sorry, but you are wrong. I’ll shop Dick’s way more often than in the past and so will others which will make you boycott pail in comparison. Either get on the bus or get under it. It’s coming and you can’t stop it.

          1. Two different agencies involved here, the spelling police and the grammar police have ganged up on one single incident and are now arguing over who is most correct. This glass of pinot noir has never tasted so good.

      1. If you play golf all dressed up in overpriced “snowflake” polo shirts, overpriced caps, overpriced golf shoes, and overpriced equipment, then Dicks is the place for you. I have a Dicks 5 minutes from me. The parking lot is always bare, which says it all.

        1. @ old vet If you put in Jack and left out Mahogg add what is left and I think you would have Dick’s best customer.

      2. This comment is for Jack Myhoggoff. 1st off, I really pray you’re not the weirdo that you’re comment suggests and the pervert that your chosen pseudonym implies. 2nd, put your money where your mouth is and truly and consistently go spend even MORE of your money at Dicks “R” Us. And don’t just spend a little more, make sure you spend a lot more, and often, in order to justify your words and impact you’re trying to impress upon us here. Make it meaningful; go big or shut the fuck up, right? Then, post all your receipts on line to PROVE to us that your not just another Libtard blowing smoke out your ass, making dramatic claims you never intend to backup (like your likeminded, liberal idiot cohorts who threatened to leave the country, if Trump won the election, who are still here, but won’t freaking leave… AS PROMISED). I will be laughing my ass of, but with respect, if you even came close to truly keeping your word, no matter how lame. And, finally, the only bus of people who could possibly believe that we (true) Americans will ever give up our 2nd A rights are those on the little short yellow buses or the Magic Buses… buses you will Never find me on… so, “F” your invitation for me to board your “special” bus. No, thank you! Why don’t you wake up to reality, and quit speaking your nonsense for others. I don’t think there’s anyone else as thick as you and who wants to go spend MORE of their money at Crazy Dick’s, just to keep them from suffering a well deserved boycott. YOU’RE ONE OF A KIND, and loony as a toon. And, try to stay away from all hogs, OK. Jesus…get some help. And, quit advertising it, too, seriously!

    26. I agree. There are 100 million gun owners in america. We need to exercise our political power and stop purchasing any items from these companies that seek to blame innocent gun owners for the failure of government or individuals to properly use weapons of any kind.
      Maybe we should ban all teachers because one just shot off a gun in school or maybe no more cars because deranged individuals use it as a weapon or even airplanes considering we lost 3000+ human lives on 9/11.
      It’s about time that we started marching and raising our voices over idiot liberals who want to take our rights away.
      Maybe they need to be reminded that its those 18 to 21 year old CITIZENS AND LEGAL RESIDENTS WHO GO TO WAR AND DIE to protect their right to complain. Most of those Volunteers are conservatives or middle of the roaders. If this cou try had to depend on liberals to defend our country and our rights then there would be no USA as it stands. We would be like other countries where if you open your mouth you might fine yourself dead or rotting in a prison for your beliefs.
      I would love to see them get what they deserve but Unfortunately that would mean we all would have no freedom.

      1. @sam
        17 my friend. Spent my 18th in the Republic
        of South Vietnam 1973 enlisted in the usmc
        right after my 17th birthday.

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