Sold Down a River Of False Safety & Security


Hero French Police Col. Arnaud Beltrame
Hero French Police Col. Arnaud Beltrame, was killed by Terrorist after he traded places with a female hostage.

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is the pretense of intelligent ignorance. The former is teachable; the latter is not.” ~ Criss Jami

This from a friend and student in Europe:

“Concerning the recent terrorist attack in France that took the life of a French Police officer.

If the French government could have concealed this event, it would have done so, so apologetic are they for Islamic terrorists.

We, the real Europeans, should not forget these dates:

  • 732 (Charles Martel – battle of Poitiers where the Muslims were stopped)
  • 1565 (Siege of Malta – where the Knights of Saint John stopped the Ottomans from further conquering Europe)
  • 1571 (Battle of Lepanto – where a Christian fleet (Venetians and Spanish, among others) beat the Ottomans
  • 1683 (Battle of Vienna – where the Ottomans lost the siege and were pushed back)

People are really scared here! Europeans are acquiring guns any way they can, although European governments want us all to be helpless, defenseless victims.

I pray that I can leave behind me a peaceful place for my children. But, I am not fooling myself.

We are being sold down the river, by our own governments!”

“Who expect any government agency, or corporate entity, to have an innate sense of morality will by severely disappointed.” ~ Marshall


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3 years ago

Yea joining the EU really made them safe. There is the current removal of guns in order to control the people and bring all the immigrants in that want to come to your country. That accomplishes the killings that were done by Hitler and other power grabbing communists. Send some of these jerk high schoolers over there for an eye opening and if they came back alive I am sure their position would be different.

Herb T
Herb T
3 years ago

Please don’t confuse me with the truth about gun control. Guns are bad because they kill people. Give up yours so when the bad guys come visiting, nobody except you gets killed. What politicians have proposed requiring minimum First Aid requirements for teachers, including treatment of gunshot wounds and use of tourniquets? What politicians have proposed a required First Aid trauma kit in every school classroom, including tourniquets and gun shot treatments? Even if you don’t want or can’t be an armed protector, you can be learned in First Aid that would prevent loss of life through immediate aid while… Read more »

3 years ago

Anyone who reads this better be voting conservative and pro 2A (and that means everything pro 2A). Vote, call and write. Be polite and respectful if you want to be heard.

3 years ago

Exactly what the libs and Dems want to do here. Divide, disarm and destroy. NOW they are using snowflakes and children to push their anti gun lies and falsehoods. Anybody stupid enough to believe these demonstrations,marches and walks are instant gatherings, and not organized and paid for by the left elitists are WRONG ! This is the NWO in action, they want the U.S. citizen disarmed at all costs. Do the gangs, hood rat thugs, rural murderers, rapists, child stalkers, etc. adhere to the gun laws in place or ANY the anti gunners are pushing ? ABSOLUTELY NOT !