Time to Get Over the Russophobia


Vladimir Putin in Belgrade
Vladimir Putin : Time to Get Over the Russophobia

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Unless there is a late surge for Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin, who is running second with 7 percent, Vladimir Putin will be re-elected president of Russia for another six years on March 18.

Then we must decide whether to continue on course into a second Cold War, or engage Russia, as every president sought to do in Cold War I.

For our present conflict, Vladimir Putin is not alone at fault. His actions have often been reactions to America's unilateral moves.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, we brought all of the Warsaw Pact members and three former republics of the USSR into our military alliance, NATO, to corral Russia. How friendly was that?

Putin responded with his military buildup in the Baltic.

Biding His Time Putin
Biding His Time Putin

George W. Bush abrogated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty that Richard Nixon had negotiated, Putin responded with a buildup of the offensive missiles he put on display last week.

The U.S. helped to instigate the Maidan Square coup that dumped over the elected pro-Russian government in Ukraine. To prevent the loss of his Sebastopol naval base on the Black Sea, Putin countered by annexing the Crimean Peninsula. After peaceful protests in Syria were put down by Bashar Assad, we sent arms to Syrian rebels to overthrow the Damascus regime. Seeing his last naval base in the Med, Tartus, imperiled, Putin came to Assad's aid and helped him win the civil war. The Boris Yeltsin years are over.

Russia is acting again as a great power. And she sees us as a nation that slapped away her hand, extended in friendship in the 1990s, and then humiliated her by planting NATO on her front porch.

Yet, what is also clear is that Putin hoped and believed that, with the election of Trump, Russia might be able to restore respectful if not friendly relations with the United States.

Clearly, Putin wanted that, as did Trump.

Yet, with the Beltway hysteria over hacking of the DNC and John Podesta emails, and the Russophobia raging in this capital, we appear to be paralyzed when it comes to engaging with Russia.

The U.S. political system, said Putin this week, “has been eating itself up.” Is his depiction that wide of the mark? What is the matter with us?

  • Three years after Nikita Khrushchev sent tanks into Budapest to drown the Hungarian revolution in blood, Eisenhower was hosting him on a 10-day visit to the USA.
  • Two years after the Berlin Wall went up, and eight months after Khrushchev installed missiles in Cuba, Kennedy reached out to the Soviet dictator in his widely praised American University speech.
  • Lyndon Johnson met with Russian President Alexei Kosygin in Glassboro, New Jersey, just weeks after we almost clashed over Moscow's threat to intervene in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967.
  • Six months after Leonid Brezhnev sent tank armies to crush the Prague Spring in August 1968, an inaugurated Nixon was seeking detente.

In those years, no matter who was in the White House or Kremlin, the U.S. establishment favored engagement with Moscow. It was the right that was skeptical or hostile.

Again, what is the matter with this generation?

True, Vladimir Putin is an autocrat seeking a fourth term, like FDR.

But what Russian leader, save Yeltsin, has not been an autocrat? And Russians today enjoy freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, travel, politics, and the press that the generations before 1989 never knew.

China, not Russia, has the more repressive single-party Communist state.

Indeed, which of these U.S. allies shows greater tolerance than Putin's Russia? The Philippines of Rodrigo Duterte, the Egypt of Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the Turkey of President Erdogan, or the Saudi Arabia of Prince Mohammad bin Salman?

Russia is nowhere near the strategic or global threat the Soviet Union presented. As Putin conceded this week, with the breakup of the USSR, his nation “lost 23.8 percent of its national territory, 48.5 percent of its population, 41 percent of its gross domestic product and 44.6 percent of its military capacity.”

How would Civil War Unionists have reacted if the South had won independence and then, to secure the Confederacy against a new invasion, Dixie entered into an alliance with Great Britain, gave the Royal Navy bases in New Orleans and Charleston, and allowed battalions of British troops to deploy in Virginia?

Japan negotiates with Putin's Russia over the southern Kuril Islands lost at the end of World War II. Bibi Netanyahu has met many times with Putin, though he is an ally of Assad, whom Bibi would like to see ousted, and has a naval and air base not far from Israel's border.

We Americans have far more fish to fry with Russia than Bibi.

Strategic arms control. De-escalation in the Baltic, Ukraine and the Black Sea. Ending the war in Syria. North Korea. Space. Afghanistan. The Arctic. The war on terror.

Yet all we seem to hear from our elite is endless whining that Putin has not been sanctioned enough for desecrating “our democracy.

Get over it.

Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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Putin listen and laughs at the demrats that constantly pick at Russia. I am not saying that Putin is a saint of any kind but it sure would seem to make more sense if Trump could talk to him without being accused. Actually, it was Obumer that should be accused due to his live mike screw up. To keep bashing a super power doesn’t seem like a healthy thing to do unless you are totally clueless.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill

@Tcat, Yes, this is no time to stop investigating. The entire Russia thing has lead back to hiLIARy and the Barry Soetoro administration. We can’t get an indictment, if the investigation stops. As to Pat B, nobody cares what a party hack thinks.

Big Bill
Big Bill

Pat “Bolshevik” Buchanan is the one who should be investigated for being a Kremlin agent. Buchanan is nothing but a shamless apologist for KGB Putin who still loves Stalin and the Soviet system which murdered over 100 million people (including 7 -10 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin from 1932-33). And to think that Pat was looked at as a leader of American conservatism at one time – what a turncoat.

Clive Edwards
Clive Edwards

Actually. it’s you Yanks (and your Israeli and Saudi puppet masters) who are the nastiest murderers in the world today. Compared to Yanks (and Brits) Putin and the Russians are the most civilized people on the planet. Hitler, Stalin and Mao would have been proud to lead such a nation of killers and thieves.


Clive feel free to immigrate to any of the shithole nations you so revere.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill

@Clive, “Nastiest murders in the world today.” What an insult! We are the best that a nasty murderous world has ever produced. We can kill bigger and broader than you can even imagine. We have munitions and delivery systems that we have not even unveiled, yet. Unlike Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, we give people a fair chance, to stop doing whatever freedom destroying thing they are doing before we kill them and break their stuff. Also unlike H,S,&M, we do not disarm, round up, and then execute people. And unlike those you mention, we rebuild their countries after we are… Read more »


@ W. Bill good reply to Clove. He writes like he is a subject of australia but thinks it is a lot of fun to rattle patriot’s cages. They just float in and out without making any sense.

Another thing, it sure would be a good day if we saw clintoon and Barry in orange jump suits with those bracelets on their wrists behind them.