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There are ways to protect our students even in the states that prohibit guns on school grounds.

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-  Which states allow school staff to be armed? The answer changes day to day.

The recent murders in Florida left many of us wondering if we could do something to help protect our students. Many states allow armed staff in schools. Once the first school district in a state establishes such a program, then other districts often follow their lead. Other early adopters have moved forward and taken lessons from other states with long standing first responder programs. The states marked in green have at least one program approved by a school board or authorizing body.

When we look at the map, most of us could put a program in place. We could protect our schools and our students today.

Allowed Armed School Staff Map, As of 3/15/2018
Allowed Armed School Staff Map, As of 3/15/2018

The laws that govern firearms near schools are often a leftover feature of the war on drugs. For very good reasons we didn't want armed drug dealers standing at the front of our schools. Today, those same laws keep our children unprotected by disarming trained volunteers.

There are ways to protect our students even in the states that prohibit guns on school grounds. Some Florida sheriffs appointed selected school staff as auxiliary deputies. The same classification of law enforcement officer that handles traffic at the county fair and at funerals are repurposed. A sheriff deputized trained teachers to protect our schools. The lesson from that is simple. There is often a way once there is the will.

Ask your local school board what they are doing to protect our children. Maybe they need your help.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Which States Allow Armed School Staff ~ MAP

    1. Our school district in PA has armed school police. They are not part of the local PD, but school employees. The map is a little misleading, unless it means teachers arent’ allowed to carry.

    2. In NV it’s technically allowed, but in actual fact, it is banned.
      Principals have been told anyone who does allow it will be fired, regardless of what state law says.
      Since it’s left up to the “controlling authority” of the individual facilities (the principal), this is legal.

    3. Kansas allows local school districts to arm teachers. But none have do so because the insurancew companies threaten to cancel insurance if teachers are armed.
      I guess it is cheaper to pay death benefits than to cover armed teachers.
      Maybe the states should write protection against law suits into the law.

    4. Mr. Morse,
      I see armed school staff is banned in Florida. How do I find out how often school shootings occur in states that ban armed school staff?

      Thanks for your efforts
      Lynn G.

      1. I agree with you. I would like to see how many shootings have occurred in the states that allow teachers to carry. Also a comparison to the the states that don’t allow it. Sooner or later a teacher is going to stop a shooter in one of these schools that allow carry. Then what will the gun control crowd say?

    5. Texas is denoted as allowed. Yes, it is allowed, but only three school districts have implemented it. The reason: It is left up to the School District Superintendent and these “educators” are dumb as a rock when it comes to firearms and firearm safety. Many refuse to become enlightened for fear they will realize their no-guns position is dead wrong (pun intended). After all, a PhD, super educated administrator administrator can’t be wrong – right?

    6. Note that the drug dealers did not follow the law, and the prosecutors did not enforce it against them . . . only against innocents who made a mistake.

    7. Rob,
      It was my understanding that in WI only LEOs could be given permission by a school board to carry in school. Is that not true? Where did you get your information that WI allows armed school staff? I am working with my local school district in an effort to implement this.


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