82% Democrats Say Ban ALL Semi-Auto Firearms, 40% Want to Repeal 2A

82% Democrats Say Ban ALL Semi-Auto Firearms, 40% Want to Repeal 2A
82% Democrats Say Ban ALL Semi-Auto Firearms, 40% Want to Repeal 2A

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- This didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen in secret. In 2004 Democrats promised to “protect Americans' Second Amendment right to own firearms” as part of their party’s platform. In 2008 and 2012 the platform said: “We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans' Second Amendment right to own and use firearms.” In 2016 Democrats erased the Second Amendment from their platform saying they recognized “the rights of responsible gun owners”. Over the past few decades, the Democratic party moved more and more anti-gun.

Hillary Clinton (the defacto 2020 nominee for President and leader of her party) does not think there is a constitutional right to own any gun; and that Heller and McDonald should be overturned.

In essence, the Democrats are doubling down on a losing proposition.

  • Their 1st move to the left on guns cost them the South. (The left says it’s about race. In reality, it is about gun rights.)
  • The Clinton gun bans cost the Democrats 50+ seats in the Congress.
  • Hillary’s anti-gun position cost her the Presidency.

What I don’t get is how the left fails to recognize that this is a losing issue for them nationally. They fail to realize that you cannot force New York/California values on the rest of the country.

So the noisy half of the Democrat party want to eliminate your right to own a gun, any gun. Let me ask. What are you going to do to protect your rights?

The time to sit back is ended. Strangle this movement in its crib of you will lose your rights forever.

The fact is this is all about politics and power. The left realized that gun owners elected Trump. Rather than change their losing ways they are going full bore to destroy vocal gun owners and the NRA. To the left all 2nd Amendment groups are the NRA.

For the left being opposed to gun rights is nothing more than showing loyalty to the party elites. Rich white elitists are insulated totally from any real threats. The fact that 83% of all gun use is drug and gang related means any actions they take the will do nothing statistically to gun deaths. 50% of the counties in the U.S. had ZERO-gun deaths last year. In fact gun violence is an urban problem. 53% of ALL shooting are by young black men under 30. If you do the math 3% of the population does more than half the killing. To the anti-gun left only dead white kids are useful political props.

So what ARE you personally going to do? It’s NOT about gun violence it IS about expunging your rights for political gain. Stop and think about it then read the last two paragraphs of this article.

Remember you’re not alone, there are 120,000,000 gun owners in the U.S. WE are the majority. We only act when our rights are threatened. Most of the time politics are boring and a waste of our lives. We prefer our families and our jobs to politics. Now we have no choice. A little effort now means our children will share the same rights we hold dear.

So what can you do? Let your voice be heard, write your local newspaper. Call your congressperson and voice your support for gun owner’s rights. Don’t let the left bully you into submission. Let me explain one thing to you. They won’t stop here. 1st it is ARs than it is all semi-autos then hand guns and shotguns.

Find a pro-gun rights group you like and if you do NOTHING else donate $10 to the cause. Nothing less than the future of the Republic hangs in the balance.

About Don McDougallDon McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. Repealing the 2A would require a constitutional amendment, and amending the Constitution would be extremely hard.

      Second, the Supreme Court has already ruled that a total ban on private firearms is unconstitutional.

      The author is putting on his tin-foil hat.

      1. Hillary or the next anti-Bill of Rights President would or can appoint Justices. chuckie schumer will fast track conformation. A tyrant does not wait for a retirement, Justices who place the entire Constitution and its history above the UN would be retired with extreme prejudice. The FBI will investigate just like they investigated hillary, the Russians and President Trump.
        The Second Amendment words will remain but the Court will over turn HELLER and McDonald. and lower court cases that were against “good reason” or carry in public, or banning confiscation during declared emergencies or sale of ammunition would be declared to be reasonable “government interest.”
        All the words will be subject to definition that are flexible.
        The good news will be that everybody will be guaranteed a living wage, free medical care and education at summer camps in Siberia or some other garden spot.
        That pesky Declaration of Independence will be edited to remove certain ideas such as
        ” That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”
        This is what tye Second Amendment is about, there reasons such as crime, self-defense, hunting and sport are just by-products.

        1. Jim, and everyone else. How did we get to where we were in the last quarter of the 20th Century? We got there because we were asleep at the wheel. We were all content to mind our farms and shops, families and recreation. We couldn’t be bothered with what our legislators were doing pandering to those demanding government nursing from cradle to grave.

          The day of the return to complacency is inevitable. Yet, today, Trump is in the White House and Pence is poised to succeed him. Trump is a disrupter. Whether he does everything any one of us might want and in the order we prefer is beside the point. He is disrupting the status quo. It is time for us to pay attention and become activated. To develop the political skills we have allowed to atrophy.

          I foresee several years of US Supreme Court cases restoring the right to arms; one brick at a time. Be not delusional; the “wall” around the 2A will not be erected in a single ruling. It will come by slow and very deliberate construction. And, we must be patient to see this unfold in the way that SCOTUS will allow it to unfold. More importantly, we must be smart. We must find and fund cases such as Caetano v Massachusetts that cry-out for SCOTUS to grant cert and to rule strongly in favor of the 2A.

          Congress will refuse to act until it becomes overwhelmingly clear to each member that his political future turns on his support of the right to arms. Each Congressman is primarily concerned about raising the campaign contributions necessary to win the next election. What money can’t buy outright is votes. We, as citizens, must vote and we must persuade our neighbors to vote for gun rights.

          There is no right – neither natural or constitutional – that will survive without a strong majority INSISTING upon that right being respected. Lynching persisted from the era of Reconstruction up to the 1950s because good men would do NOTHING to stop it. Lynching ended only when good men would no longer tolerate the practice. The attacks on the 2A will persist so long as good men will do nothing to stop them.

          There is nothing more important that we can do now – in the next decade – than continue to support the practice of arming good men and women in the home and in the public square. When it becomes clear to voters in the Blue states that good men and women armed are no threat to public security then opposition will recede. When it becomes clear to legislators throughout all districts that far too many voters will vote to sustain their gun rights, then the attack will enter an armistice. It will resume again when gun-owners become complacent again.

      2. What most people fail to realize is that the very Split Second that any attempt to remove or otherwise physically alter the Second Amendment is exactly the SAME Split Second of WHEN the 2nd Amendment is going to open up full force. I believe that in some circles they call that Armageddon and what most people fail to realize is that both sides pro-gun and anti-gun will play badminton with the Second Amendment issue to keep the fight alive for an excused to siphon are billions of taxpayer dollars to fight both sides of that b******* battle.

        So what We, THE People, meaning true American citizens, need to do is start removing from Office ANY Cretin in ANY party or office, (City, County, State, or Federal) that even remotely ATTEMPTS to remove or alter ANY Constitutional power or authority. THAT OS WHERE, WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DROPPING TJE BALL FOR WELL OVER 50 YEARS! Which means rather than giving lip service to a website blog you also have to step up to the plate and put your words into action!

    2. Hasn’t anyone heard of the Dick Act of 1902 which says American citizens can own any weapon they feel necessary for their protection including military weapons. Why are they not bringing this up? It negates any argument about restrictions and bans.

      1. @jerry, I took a look at the Dick Act of 1903 and I did not see that. I did see that the National Guard could be federalized and federal funds would be used to arm and pay them, along the same lines as the regular army. Can you provide a specific reference?

    3. The dem’s are pulling out all the stops, including stirring up the school kids whose teachers are probably 80 to 90% liberals in order to sway the votes in the coming elections. We conservatives had better consolidate our efforts to get the vote out or we may be as surprised as the dem”s were in 2016.

      1. Why is it no one mentions the Dick Act of 1902 which says Americans can have any gun they feel necessary for their protection, including military weapons. This destroys any argument the antigun people have.

    4. Gun Control is a nice tight 5 shot grouping, and I practice to achieve that with both hands.

      My only hope is when I die that I won’t vote Democrat!

    5. Why do you bother working on something that will never happen. Also you might check with the leaders of the NR A

      And see what their opinion is. I think that if we were to limit rate of fire and magazine capacity , we might have a chance. Though I don t. Think that would pass either. Ps I was a Navy gunners mate 1953;1957.

      1. @Clarence, but you don’t have the power or authority to limit rate of fire or magazine capacity. Do you not realize that each of the amendments in the Bill of Rights is a limitation on government. When our Second Amendment Civil Rights are diminished, then the limitation on government is diminished, and government power is increased.

    6. Democrats = gun bans. It has been their goal since the late 1980s, Vote accordingly. Destroy them in the polls and make their talk of gun control TOXIC to them

    7. Go and get your local voter registration lists. See the ones voting democrat? Should you go out and shoot them? After all, your chances of killing a commie is pretty good and a 20% collateral damage rate is acceptable.

      1. Not funny. Not appropriate. Trolls being paid by G. Soros would suggest mass murder just to make citizens look crazy.
        Hopefully some district attorney or FBI agent will look you up and see if you are more than a troll in a basement in Moscow, Russia.

    8. I think the Hildabeast was defeated in large part because of her stance on abortion. On Demand for Convenience and paid for by the government (us). Catholics who voted for her should ask themselves: If the Pope or Jesus could vote in this election who would they vote for?

    9. @WB, I couldn’t find the link to your response to, @PG,
      “Author: Wild Bill
      @PG, How many troops in the field can you support? I bet that the answer is zero. Same with everyone else”

      but I wanted to respond in kind and let you know that I can support a fireteam of 7, head to toe. Semper Fidelis!

          1. 7 is your standard infantry Squad.

            one of the biggest problems we have in communicating on these types of issues and civilians getting in the way of military trained Personnel where civilians need to sit back keep quiet and pay attention.

        1. Food, water, not a problem, transportation? In a Grunt unit we take daily strides through the terrain, (20 mile / day minimums) but can transport 7 and all the gear, Comms could use upgrading, but even the best always needs upgrading, (Murphy’s Law), POL? Are you Air Force? I let each man deal with his own lube issues…

    10. Common sense is meaninless since its meaning depends on who you ask and where and when you as them. How do you ask matters too. You can’t call people on the telephone who don’t have a phone. A letter or newspaper only works if the people can read and understand the language used in print.

      In the United States “common sense” gun control was written down and agreed to by the majority of the people.

      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
      Well regulated was codified in the 17892 Militia Act when Congress described the arms and other equipment required by the regulation and the other details of the “militia.” The Militia Act was amendment several times over the next century to update technology to include modern arms and ammunition.

      That was recognized by the SCOTUS in 1939 in the MILLER case.

      We ignore the militia and the rights of the people at great national peril.

      1. what noone is addressing in the gun debate i feel is this.
        we the people have UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, meaning COMES FROM GOD, that PREDATE the Declaration Of Independence, and Constitution.
        even if they did repeal the 2nd amendment, still DOES NOT AFFECT OUR UNALIENABLE RIGHTS TO ARMS.
        remember the Revolution really kicked off WHEN THE BRITISH, MARCHED TO CONCORD AND LEXINGTON TO DISARM THE MILITIA.
        and we all know how that worked out.
        were now TODAY faced with REDCOATS ALL AROUND US.

    11. Where is the opportunity to be found in this insight? I see two.

      First, what is the largest class of gun-deaths? Suicide. What will your politicians do to address this – the LARGEST – target? What COULD they do? We have two distinct audiences here: gun-owners; and, advocates for sufferers of mental-illness. The politicians MUST go after EVERY type of gun; even the single-shot shotgun or target rifle. EVERY gun is equally suited for suicide; so, there is no rational alternative strategy. Fudds beware; your politician is going after YOUR gun. The path to gun prohibition is the anaconda strategy. Make it increasingly onerous to be a gun owner. Start with the scary “crazy” people. The only way to make this work is to stigmatize sufferers of mental illness. Fill the NICS database with the names of everyone who manifests any sign of mental illness. We can rely upon the Feds to keep Prohibited-Person lists confidential; we all agree on this denial of Constitutional rights don’t we?

      If every gun-owner, Fudds and the heirs to Grandpa’s arsenal alike, were to recognize the threat then we could mobilize our 100 million gun-owners effectively. If advocates for the mentally-ill were to recognize the urge to blanket-stigmatize all sufferers from mental-illness then we could mobilize a force of non-gun-owners to our cause.

      Second, poor and minority non-gun owners are sensitive to treatment by government that they regard as un-just. We need to make a compelling case for why gun-ownership by minority interests is critical to their self-defense against government. The Civil Rights Era is good history. Moreover, the incremental gun-control proposals characterized as “common-sense” won’t do anything to lift the scourge of gun-violence from their communities. The vast majority of gun homicides are black-on-black; or, minority-on-minority. “Universal” background checks won’t stop the flow of guns in the black-market. Nor will magazine-capacity or AWB laws change anything. Government has no more ability to control guns then it has to control drugs. If either problem is going to be solved it will be solved inside the affected communities themselves. Mothers who don’t want their sons murdered ought to be interested in locking-up the gun-toting felons-in-posession who will kill their sons.

      The recent Florida school shooting and the Las Vegas concert shooting ought to be a wake-up call for the poor and minority communities. Their elite leaders aren’t much interested in political solutions to the gun-homicide problem in their ‘hoods. The elites are using school and concert shootings to impose gun-controls that will ONLY burden law-abiding gun owners! None of these measures will soon change the availability of guns in America that fall into the hands of criminals or crazies.

      The elites’ strategy is a 100-year slow strangulation of the gun-culture of America. Reduce the ownership of guns to a million or so cops and private security guards protecting men-of-means. We needs to ask non-gun-owners: What could this long-term struggle do for you and your children in the next 10 – 20 years?

      Do you really see American gun-owners giving up their guns in the next decade or two? Do you imagine that guns won’t be smuggled or assembled in clandestine factories? While the elites are working on their long-term strategy are they neglecting the fundamental issues of mental-health and culture-of-violence that could have a more immediate and significant impact on suffering and death? Is gun-control a solution; or, is it more of a distraction from far more productive efforts?

      1. Mark,
        First I agree with you wholeheartedly.
        I did some quick math. Took the deaths per year divided by 328 million Americans to see the reason Congress has done nothing until a tragedy like Lakeland FL. and children shamed them after a trauma. I looked at the CDC list qualified and sorted the categories. More simply, ~14,500 gun deaths in 2016 come to .0000442%. Congress on a whole does not move until the value is worth their time. Watch cspan any day to see hours of dead time. During a ” not debate” no one is in the room. They get up to spew some feelings end with a encourage my colleagues to (fill in) ya or nay. Same every time. No real debate that we are allowed to witness. Still done behind closed doors. Way overdue for term limits and a major reduction in financing.
        Thanks for your input, well thought out.

    12. This guy must take lessons from Hannity or Trump, and they are the masters at Lying. Now both the right and the left Lie, but they at least try to make it sound reasonable. You Sir, are not a Sir, you are a very little person that tells Lies, and you only do it for The Buck. Now before u say a word, back up the 82% and the other lies you wrote. Free Your Mind. Be Party Blind.

      1. @Brown Dave It sure would be beneficial if someone would take your keyboard away when you start smoking the wacky tobaccy or popping the pills. You could spend more time freeing your mind or tiptoeing through the tulips. You must be a troll and just post your crap to piss people off. What you say in your first paragraph is just a bald faced lie.

    13. Jim, Guns rights are not a white thing. The right belongs to everyone. Go to a range in Orange County or Ventura an you’ll see a mixed bag of Asian and Hispanics filling the bays.

    14. Pennsylvania gun owners better learn FAST from Florida and Vermont selling out by Republicans on gun control.
      Week one of the Harrisburg proposed gun law hearings in Judiciary Committee have been a non-stop parade of Democrats calling for all sorts of Bans, permits , taxes , fees and restrictions that do NOTHING but Harass the law abiding.

      One Rep. , Mike Schlosberg , of Lehight county went so far to say ;
      ” There are NO absolute Rights in The Pennsylvania or American Constitution ” ……….. say what ?
      Replay of hearings at —- Pa. House GOP dot com.

      Bucks County DA pushes full NJ style semi – auto BAN :

    15. Don says “That politics are boring and we don’t want to take our time.” That is a true statement and if we think about it there are many other of life’s necessities that occupy our time and thought processes. Especially when a person is working and raising a family there is more than enough distractions, so the people we send to D.C. are expected to do our bidding for us. That is why our tax dollars pay them. Unfortunately, they do not work for us, they work for themselves in most cases. There are a few good ones up there but the bad outnumber the good.
      As previously said, our chances of remaining a free country is closing in on us. The next election could be a bell ringer for us or the communists. Go to the poles and vote the bad apples out and vote in Republicans that have not been tainted.

    16. I agree with most of the comments posted here, but those who advocate writing and calling your Congressperson and contacting your newspaper are fighting a battle which is already over…..and we lost. The Democrats control the Main Stream Media, the government through the “Deep State”, our primary, secondary, and higher educational systems. I have contacted, by any means possible, my House and Senate representatives, my State legislators, and my local newspaper regarding 2A rights. The results? Only one response which was a “canned” email acknowledging my request. These types of communications do not work and are just ignored. The tactics by we 2A supporters must be more aggressive, but we continue to be passive, non-offensive, polite ass-loaders. We are “asleep at the wheel” people! The Republicans have basically conceded the November elections to the Democrats. Why do you think Speaker Ryan will not run for re-election? He sees the “writing on the wall” and is getting out now with a dump truck full of money. I’ll stop now by saying that tactics better change……if not, get your ” guns and gear” together for confiscation!

      1. sounds like you might live in Washington state . I’ve tried that with our so called senators and got squat . murray and cantwell are for the Puget sound area only. these two excuses don’t give a tinkers damn about the rest of the state,why should they after all there is enough votes there to keep their sorry asses in congress !

    17. The main reason the United States is in the mess it’s in started with LBJ as president and his great society, he started the decline of the democrats with his ideas and laws plus the build up in Vietnam that split the country.
      Every democrat president since has damaged the country and made the mess bigger.

    18. Hitler and Stalin were both socialist until they came to power. Then they immediately showed they were facist dictators and their first move was to disarm the citizens. All under the guise of protecting the public. Sound familiar?

    19. All the politicians that want to ban firearms should go to a country that don’t have firearms like China or Cuba. They will then live in there fantasy world.

    20. We slept through the first 6 rounds of a title fight. They have us on the ropes. If there is a way for we the people to write laws for Congress we need to find that loophole. Congress has written laws to protect themselves, and we let them. The last example is the omnibus spending bill. They wrote in gun laws knowing that the president would have to sign the bill into law. There was not one person in that room that could have read the 2k pages before the vote. They do the same thing ever time. Wait until the last minute to “debate the bill” and allow amendments to be added as they go. Yet if you watch cspan you will see hours of nothing.
      Vote out the incumbents! These folks are working for themselves now. So many have been there for 20- to 40 years. Why?

      1. @Walter R, Yes, vote out the party hacks and rinos because this next election is to save the president. The socialist dnc wants to save the swamp and keeping a strangle hold on We the People, by impeaching the president.

        1. @Wild Bill You are so correct. And now all the repubs are quitting and running for their life . We may have a chance at having a clean house for a while. Again the primary is going to be so important . If memory serves there are at least 18 demo seats up for reelection, and now 23 repubs plus ryan not running for reelection.

          1. @OV, I don’t mind if they are women. But all that substituting emotion for research and thought is mighty scary.
            Boy howdy, it got cold down here after it got done raining. I bet it was even worse in your neck of the woods.

      2. Voting out the incumbents is like saying I won’t come in your mouth. You don’t wait to vote them out of office if they are committing crimes and are in violation of their oath of office. You use your state Constitutional Powers to remove the predators by way of Notice and a Demand against them which will end up being a Willful Neglect of Statutory Duty, (A HIGH CRIME!) Then you hand the (Copies) of the paperwork over to your grand jury foreman which then empowers them and allows them to investigate your allegations along with any other crimes discovered during the course of the grand jury investigation and indict as necessary.

        What you all have been dumbed down to believe is that it takes more than one person! Well, WTFU!

        You don’t let a murderer keep killing people if you have the means to stop them do you? ALL U.S. citizens have the responsibility and duty to use the powers of the state constitution for the removal of corrupt officials from office! USE THE POWERS YOU HAVE! DON’t wait to vote them out of office you only signal the opposition of your ignorance of your power available NOW!

    21. The Communist Party (formerly the Democrat Party) is slowly working toward the destruction of our Nation and Constitution through misinformation, a willing media and a corrupt educational (?) system that has become a governmental indoctrination machine. The attack on the Second Amendment and your gun-rights is just a part of this coordinated assault. When the Second Amendment falls, the remainder of the Constitution is close behind.
      This well-financed assault began the day after the Constitution was signed and has continued to this day.
      Point of information: Since the inception of the Department of Education, the US has fallen from #4 in education in the world to somewhere around #15. The removal of God/Prayer from the classroom and the removal of US History from the classroom is part of the “dumbing down” of America.

      1. Yes, and in Oklahoma we are looking at a surge in retired teachers filing for elected offices. Thanks to the teacher walkout they were at the capitol with enough voters to file by petition, in the correct time to file for office.

      1. @Lou, True, and wake up fast! The democrat party plans to take over the House, where the impeachment indictment comes from. The democrat party plans to take over the Senate, where the impeachment trial is held. And finally, democrat party plans to end the presidency of the man who is the last hope of a free America.

    22. Don’t get me started on Europe and their
      gun laws. Or Australia either . Neither of ,
      which I give a Dam about . They are not US !
      We the People have our own gun grabbers
      to fend off . Politics and Guns , Politics and
      Abortion , Politics and and well Politics and
      nothing go together ! So Politics Must be the ,
      Problem ! Get rid of Politics and the world ,
      Seams Just a little Brighter!

    23. “So what can you do? Let your voice be heard, write your local newspaper. Call your congressperson and voice your support for gun owner’s rights. ”

      Ummm, yes…. BUT….

      You don’t get the demographics involved. The white population is in decline. The white population is also the main membership of the NRA and the main demographic in favor of gun rights.

      Surveys show Asians, Hispanics and blacks do NOT support the 2nd amendment. And which are the fastest growing ethnic groups in the USA? Asians and Hispanics.

      So all the lobbying is moot. Either have children and get them to vote for the 2A, or you will lose eventually. The math is simple. Exponential population growth asymptotically dominates exponential decay.

      You will never convert Asians to viewing firearms positively. They come from countries where firearms are largely disallowed. A fraction of their population doesn’t think this way, but the majority does.

      1. @jim, you write, “The white population is in decline.” That is not true, but it is a racist statement if I ever heard one, and I am sure that you did not mean to be racist. And those broad generalizations about the other races are equally false and prejudiced.
        Why don’t you start over and write down what you really mean.

      2. I cant tell you HOW many Asians love guns here in Las Vegas. The amount of Asians and Hispanics buying guns would shock you, I dont know where you get your info from but in Las Vegas that is a huge part of the business here.

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