A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gun Control

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gun Control
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gun Control

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The Socialists and their donors decided to push gun control and firearms confiscation. That didn’t turn out quite the way they planned. Our culture is changing faster than our politics and our politicians can follow. Public perception is changing more rapidly than polls can record opinions and faster than the media can spin their agenda.

There was a lot of spin. Leftists groups put on a very large public relations presentation. MoveOn and Bloomberg helped pay for it. About 10 percent of the marchers in DC were actually were under 18 years old. Most of those teens were bussed in from Democrat controlled cities. In contrast, 70 percent of the marchers were women recycled from the Women’s march against Trump. Their average age was 49 years old. 89 percent reported voting for Hillary. Firearms were a secondary issue after their disdain for Trump.

What was sold as a youth movement against violence was really a plastic surgery facelift for old leftists causes. Of course, you didn’t hear that from the mainstream news.

We heard quite a change in tone from the gun prohibitionists. Gone was the veil of “sensible gun-safety regulation”.  Marchers held signs saying “Fuck the NRA” while politicians called the NRA a terrorists organization, (though a unique terrorist organization since crime falls when the NRA convention comes to town.)

Heil David Hogg
Heil David Hogg

There was something strange that didn’t happen, and it was conspicuous by its absence. The FBI failed in many of our recent mass murders, yet I couldn’t find a single sign at the march telling the FBI to do its job. Today, the big-state gun prohibitionists are calling to abolish the Second Amendment. They want to ban firearms and take them, “Yes, I’ll take them from your cold dead hands.” Big government fascists don’t need to be kind anymore. Not with billionaire bucks funding their media events. They want only the government to have guns, a government that they control.

The rest of us drew very different conclusions after these last mass murders. We noticed the string of government failures.

The Air Force failed before the murders in a Southland, Texas church. They failed to report a domestic abuser, a man jailed for assault and battery. The USAF didn’t report him to the federal background check system even though he should have been a prohibited person and unable to buy a firearm. Their failure contributed to the avoidable deaths of 26 men, women, and children.

We saw the police and FBI fail again in Parkland, Florida. They ignored repeated reports of criminal activity. Law enforcement officers and schools officials are required to report crimes they see. Instead, they turned their back and refused to turn in the young man who became a violent murder. Political correctness was more important than people’s lives. Political correctness lead to the deaths of another 17 people. These officials turned their back on all of us..just as the school resource officers turned their back on Parkland students once the shooting started. Broward County, you voted for that.

The rest of us got engaged rather than walk away. We changed our minds and we changed our behavior. We protect ourselves regardless of what our thought leaders say. We supported the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation..a lot. Donations to the NRA tripled. I have unconfirmed reports that NRA membership jumped up by about 25 percent, though some of those memberships may be from former members who let their membership lapse. I can confirm that 18 to 21 year olds joined the Second Amendment Foundation at 10 times their usual rate. Even CNN reported on the increased support for the NRA. Let that fact sink in for a minute.

You and I didn’t stop there. We saw that gun free churches can be a killing ground. We chose to defend churches. Church safety teams were often started or reinforced after parrisioners pointedly asked church leaders what they were doing to protect the flock. Churches sent their members to receive safety training.

We saw that schools can be easy targets for madmen. We asked our school boards to protect our children. We didn’t ask for another government program and budget appropriation. Instead, we asked the government to get out of our way. In some cases, it wasn’t as much of a request as a statement of fact.

Teachers unions said that teachers don’t want to be armed at school. Teachers actions said quite the opposite. Teachers flocked to take firearms and self-defense training where it was offered. The results to those training opportunities were literally overwhelming. A Michigan firearms instructor opened up part of his class for teachers. He offered free firearms safety instruction and some self-defense training. More than 300 teachers came into his shop and signed up in person. His classes are booked for months. An Ohio sheriff offered a similar course of instruction. His class is usually 30 to 50 students. The sheriff received hundreds of requests.

We saw similar results across the US. Interested teachers came from states that already allow armed staff in schools. We also saw strong interest from teachers in states that expressly deny arming school staff.

Classes in 10 states where armed staff are allowed or with programs already in place

Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Butler County Ohio, Licking County Ohio, Oregon, blue mountain school district Pennsylvania, Cranberry Pennsylvania, North Whitehall Township Pennsylvania, Orem Utah, Saint George Utah, Sandy Utah,

Classes in 6 states where armed staff are prohibited

Florida, Crystal Lake Illinois, Godfrey Illinois, Nebraska, Perry Township New Jersey, Rio Grande New Jersey, South Carolina, Wyoming

This is unusual. We are working around the law to protect ourselves when our laws make self-defense difficult. Some of these states prohibit armed school staff. Honest sheriffs know that they can’t have as many armed resource officers as they want on campus. Some sheriffs appointed select school staff as special, reserve, or auxiliary deputies so the staff could legally carry arms at school. Unlike the Sheriff in Broward County Florida, these sheriffs were determined to do what they could so our children were protected.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 17 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gun Control

    1. Since the U.S. Supreme Court a decade ago in it’s DC v Heller ruling that a total gun ban or a handgun ban (but not “reasonable restrictions”), even the most extreme supporters of gun control have practically given up on actually pushing a total, 100% ban on private firearms.

      It must also be noted that there never has been a serious effort to repeal the Second Amendment. Why? It requires supermajorities in Congress or a convention supported by 2/3 of the states and final approval by 3/4 of the states to amend the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, you would have overwhelming opposition from the general public.

      But I guess you have people who still fear a total gun ban or a 2A repeal even though both are very unlikely in today’s political climate (also see above). They still put on their tin-foil hats.

    2. I find it quite clear. We can not give up the guns as a coup is in progress trying to destroy America and usher in world government. The very reason we have the Second is being pressured heavily. The liberal progressive democrat communist party has told us so, and they no longer hide it. Change, moving forward, etc…… the deep state, the criminal cabals that run our government, the FBI, the DOJ, etc………….look at the Clintons history….all the Obama era stuff. It’s insane, and they want us to disarm, just as all totalitarian governments do, prior to killing millions. HIstory shows over two hundred million killed by their own governments in the last century….and they want our guns?

      Do they think we are that stupid? Education is the motor force of revolution, said Bill Ayers….as kids eat tide pods, suck condoms thru their face…..etc……. no kid is going to change the Second Amendment. Too many well informed adults, one behind every blade of grass from what I can tell.

    3. Why isn’t there a serious effort to repeal the 2nd with another constitutional amendment? First it is very difficult to amend the U.S. Constitution (supermajorities in Congress and among the states). Finally, popular opinion would be strongly against it.

      1. In practice, nobody is seriously going to push for a total ban on private firearms or a repeal of the Second Amendment. First of all, the Supreme Court already declared a total gun ban unconstitutional in the DC v Heller ruling back in 2008 (although the Heller ruling made reference to so-called “reasonable restrictions”). Regarding repealing the 2A: it is extremely difficult to pass a constitutional amendment and it would be extremely unpopular just talking about a 2A repeal.

    4. The numbers do not justify this response. The real number of school shooting since 1996 is 6 with 150 deaths. Using the info from the CDC, and gov. 150 divided by the US citizens 328 million not including the illegal aliens is .000000457%. That’s since 1996. Death caused by texting and driving 2016 15k =.0000457%
      Maybe that’s why our gov. Decided not to work on the problem. Just saying, losing Constitutional rights, should not be this easy. It’s time to ask the really hard questions.

    5. WOW. I had to look up the Larry King statement. We so need to grassroots educate people. He thinks ” Dread Scott ” is when the 2nd Amendment came about. We know that the more the lies are repeated the sooner people believe they are facts. During a gathering of “march for life” group in downtown Stuart, Fl, I stood silently with a sign I had made. It had the red circle over the words “Violent Teens”. This was on March 24th. I didn’t speak or respond to anyone who got in my face. If they got too close I pulled up a white dust mask that said “Your Breath”. Lots of teens but more adults. The adults from the anti-gun groups were the crazy ones. Not responding to them made so many scream and get red-faced. Many of the downtown shoppers laughed at them. Even the police. BTW-I had been given permission to stand on the sidewalk with my sign. I loved it. Gathering set up by some high school kids. We have three high schools in Martin County, Fl. Not many showed up because it was a Saturday after all. Sadly I didn’t make the news.

    6. OK this is The USA, so what is wrong with this so called information? First The 2nd ain’t going anyplace, yet it could be amended as that has happened before. Second, how in the heck would our Government come for and find all of our weapons? Third, it ain’t gonna happen as long as we stay Free. Thus forget about all the complaining about the complainers which is simply the right or the left gang complaining about the other gang. They seldom actually fight, but they complain about each other all the darn time. How about Free Your Mind, Be Party Blind. Oh, also remember both the right and left do this stuff as they want us on their side. Trust me They Will and Have Said Anything to Get A Buck.

      1. @DB, How? Lidar bearing drones will scan a whole ranch in a half an hour. So don’t bother with burring anything that you wish to hide. DHS demands ammunition sales records, and feds come to your house. Use of food as a weapon (e.g. Turn in a firearm for extra daily MRE) And that is just off the top of my head.

        1. When the government comes for your weapons, that is definitely NOT a time to be burying them! Good luck defending or trying to regain your freedom AFTER you have let it be entirely taken away!

    7. Even allowing a flash suppressor or a pretty screw for your gun to be banned is a long term losing practice. If they can ban a part of your gun at a time, don’t think they won’t take every part you need for your gun to function. Like the President pushing to ban bump stocks and anything that makes a gun shoot faster. Well, let’s change the setting on that tricked out trigger to help fire with less pull on the trigger. Well if you do that couldn’t they say it will fire faster because you only have to pull it a fraction of what you used to have to do? What I’m saying is, they can say the sling will help the gun shoot faster because your gun doesn’t pull so far off target when you shoot with the extra support. Ending up with “faster” follow up shots.
      Everyone needs to quit looking at small bans as ok. Any ban, and I mean any, could get the ball rolling to ban all our guns or the parts we need to shoot them. Come on people, any kind of rule against our guns is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

    8. God Gave Me Life ,
      Colt Gave Me a Way to Protect Myself,
      Not a Government that Can’t !
      Crossbows , Crosshairs & 7.62 x 51
      Judge ,Jury or Coroner !
      My Life, My Stuff , My Decision !

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