Border Security, Will It Be Different this Time?


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Will we, once again, be treated to painful photos of uniformed American soldiers walking around carrying rifles & pistols which are obviously unloaded?

Ft Collins, CO –-( Will it be different this time?

Once again, federalized Army and Air Guard personnel are being deployed to our southern “border” to help detect and apprehend cross-border drug traffickers, illegal gun traffickers, and illegal immigrants.

It is dangerous work and a dangerous place to be!

Will we, once again, be treated to painful photos of uniformed American soldiers walking around in hostile areas, dangerously vulnerable, but in a disgraceful state of unreadiness, carrying rifles and pistols which are obviously unloaded, or not carrying guns at all (even unloaded ones)?

Will these soldiers be “lead,” once again by nervous, risk-averse “commanders” (top to bottom) who are piteously afraid and therefore don’t trust them (nor even themselves) with guns?

This kind of insanity was, unfortunately, no surprise during the BHO, nor even the GWB, Administrations. But, under DJT/Mattis. This was all supposed to change!

Our pathetic “unarmed forces,” our self-demeaning fearfulness, were to be a thing of the past!

Will we, once again, see that sheep don’t trust sheepdogs any more than they trust wolves?

When they see nothing has changed, Pancho Villa’s great grandsons will no doubt be thrilled with this, beyond idiotic, “unarmed force” response from still-sissified (and thus “gun-free”) America.

“We are not afraid to entrust American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market, is a nation that is afraid of its own people.” ~ John F Kennedy


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  • 12 thoughts on “Border Security, Will It Be Different this Time?

    1. I know how that feels with a gun and no ammo. During the Cuban Crisis we had to patrol a radar instillation because the Russians might try to blow it up. We had ammo to begin with until one soldier shot a patient from a V.A. hospital that was a run away. They took our ammo and we thought it was a crock to be there with no ammo. This situation is much worse than that because those little brown animals trying to get here might be armed and a National Guard soldier might get shot and killed. I call B.S. if they put these guys there and do not arm them. Send a whole charter bus full of politicians from D.C. there to do the N.G. part. Two birds with one stone.

    2. I worked the border area along AZ and NM with a team of fellow former military and law enforcement members in 2011. We served residents and ranches who were on the migratory trails of the cartels in particular, along the Tohono Resrvation border with the Ironwood public lands out of Tucson, and elsewhere. The guard was then involved, but all they did was provide some mobile detection support, some aircraft, and a few passive checkpoints. The truth, given the fake Obama border policies, that they did very little out along the actual crossings, the step-over fences where the bad guys walked through and then melted into the terrain. The FLIR equipment was really about it, for effectiveness. True story, folks.

      It then remains to be seen what this latest deployment will bring, but something tells me it will be more for appearance than effect. The politicians will hose it up, regardless of Trump’s intentions or sincerity. It will still come down to the Border Patrol and ICE, some local jurisdictions with the balls to do enforcement, and a few citizens who get it. That ain’t much in the face of the onslaught, and the cartels’ methods.

    3. Rules of Engagement – from what I can tell from TV and the newspapers, the National Guardsmen on the border aren’t supposed to do more than show the flag, they’re not tasked with doing anything to actually STOP the flow of illegals.

      As far as being armed goes . . . a colleague of mine was in the National Guard back in the days when they were called out to quell riots. He said they soon learned that if they wanted to have ammo, they’d bring their own. (According to him, they weren’t explicitly ordered NOT to bring ammo, they just weren’t issued any.) Although he told me there was one time command staff just about had a cow when the guardsmen were being released and it came to light that virtually all the troops had their own live ammo.

    4. American troop at home, on their bases, or overseas carrying empty weapons is indeed a disgrace and has been the policy for too many years. The public has not been advised of the ROE’s for troops dispatched to guard, protect, assist, just look pretty burning diesel, or whatever they have been told to do. What are the ROE for those troops? On the other hand suppose they were given permission, or mandated, to shoot any foreigner who crossed the border illegally? What a ball of shit that would result in! Really, whatever our logic or emotions dictate for behavior in that situation shooting unarmed civilians, even if they are breaking the law entering the US illegally is not going to be an acceptable action. And trying to arrest them, without weapons, would also be a joke and a disaster. And just suppose there was a wall which cost billions of dollars to build and a person climbed over it. Could we get away with shooting them? Not likely. So here is an alternative which would work. Make it a crime, and one that is enforced and punished, to hire a person who is not a citizen, no matter where they are from. And no welfare or public assistance for non-citizens. I think that would end illegal immigration. And if they are caught do not detain them. Take then directly, and I mean directly, to an airport, or bus terminal, load them up and take them back where they came from. Not free, but cheaper than a wall.

    5. If these soldiers don’t have live ammo for protection then the government is wasting time and money and putting these citizen soldiers in a dangerous position and easy targets.
      This becomes a big joke that could cost lives of soldiers and is not acceptable.

    6. If you read NO SECOND PLACE WINNER by Bill Jordan or the works of Col. Charles Askins, both Border Patrol back when border security involved daily gun battles sometimes several nightly gun battles on the border, the job of border security was really a high priority.

        1. I met the man a few times , back in the 60s at the NRA Convention in Chicago.
          Col. Askins is far from being politically correct. Bill Jordan, Charles Askins and Jeff Cooper were gun fighters as were people like Jack Weaver.
          Lots of shooters today but aside from SEALS, etc, few learn to fight with a gun even if they are great at gun handling.

    7. Questions: Will these Military troops be placed in the “no mans’ column which 0b0z0 had formed for his invaders from the South of the Border?
      What ever happened about the invaders who brought the cylinders into America and was taken/accepted by “federal people”?
      What is happening to the LAW BREAKING “governors” and other individuals that are ASSISTING ILLEGAL ALIEN FOREIGN NATIONAL CRIMINALS who are INVADING America ILLEGALLY!?

    8. While they may not have ammo in their magazine pouches they will have pouches full of river rock. I have been informed that this is an effective deterrent against armed gunmen. So, it’s all good.

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