California Bill Would Enact “Staggering” New Firearms Parts Regulations

Ar15 Lower Parts
Ar15 Lower Parts

SACRAMENTO, CA-( Firearms Policy Coalition today announced that it had acquired new “mock-up” language for California Assembly Bill 2382 (AB 2382), currently a bill authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D – Carson) to expand the definition of “firearm” and “receiver,” that would enact a radical and far-reaching new regulatory scheme by treating non-firearm parts, components, and even some raw materials in a virtually-identical manner as Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63 and Senator Kevin de Leon’s SB 1235 (2016) did with ammunition. FPC called the broad reach and implications of the disturbing amendments “staggering.”

“The State of California’s non-stop barrage of attacks on gun owners and our rights appears to have no end in sight,” said FPC Legislative Advocate and Spokesperson Craig DeLuz. “It is deeply troubling that our state government sees law-abiding residents as the enemy. One thing is for certain, if the Legislature and the Department of Justice continue to pass and enforce more and more oppressive laws, they will get the exact opposite of what they say they want.”

that would include barrels, ammunition feeding devices (including magazines for semi-automatic firearms and “speed loaders” for revolvers), “unfinished receivers,” molded or shaped polymer frames or receivers, metallic castings, metallic forgings, receiver “flats” such as Kalashnikov style weapon systems, Browning-style receiver side plates, Kalashnikov style receiver “channels”, finished upper receivers for AR-15 and AR-10 style firearms, unfinished handgun frames, finished slides that are used to enclose handgun barrels, and trigger pack or fire control groups for Heckler and Koch or FN FAL style firearms.

Purchasing regulated gun parts would generally require face-to-face transactions and background checks, subject these items to new age restrictions, mandate DOJ licenses for dealers to sell “firearm precursor parts” and new storage and handling requirements for sellers. As with ammunition, online purchases and importation from other states would generally be prohibited.

To help combat this outrageous bill FPC has established Take Action Grassroots Tools at, where gun owners can learn more about and weigh in on the bill by electronically sending a letter to legislators. AB 2382 is currently scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, April 17th.

FPC noted that their legislative team is already working on over three dozen bills in the Golden State alone this year. With the likely changes to AB 2382, they have dubbed this year’s firearms-related legislative package “Gunpocalypse 2”.

“Eventually, law-abiding people will be forced into making hard choices to escape the oppression, including non-compliance, or leaving and taking their tax dollars and businesses with them. Sadly, the California government really does hate civil rights and its own people,” concluded DeLuz.

About the Firearms Policy CoalitionFirearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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Why does Hollywood still get to use guns in movies?


because they can get special permits that the common folk can’t afford.

Jim Macklin

What is a firearm? Firearms are actual weapons, designed to fire real cartridges, that we have modified to fire blank cartridges. Firearms use blank cartridges which produce muzzle flash and “bang.” Our firearms are manufactured by such companies as Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt, Heckler & Koch (H&K), etc. Firearms are regulated by the State of California, Department of Justice and by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. To rent firearms, you must have the Entertainment Firearms Permit issued by the California Department of Justice or a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Details available at or search for… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Movies and TV are multi billion dollar industries that generate tax revenue from the business and salaries.
So The California penal code has an exemption for all the California laws except murder.

Jim Macklin

Two reasons
1. TV and movies have an exemption for theatrical uses., and
2. They always support the California story by using firearms for criminal purposes, even when the actor wearing the badge is the shooter. TV cops rarely have justification when they actually shoot someone.
Guns are “bad” don’t you know the story line. Can’t have the sheep see too many lives saved.


It think the Commies have Won

The other Jim

@Allie Kat yes, heard about CA and Real ID Act. Even the illegals will get on planes before security minded lawful citizens who opted for the regular driver license instead of Real ID License (which requires scanning in your birth certificate and social security card) will be allowed on planes. 143 million hacked due to Equifax failures; 22 million current and former federal employee personnel files hacked at US Office of Personnel Management; it’s only a matter of time before TSA and/or one or more of the 50 State DMV’s are hacked (under the Real ID Act all of the… Read more »

RetMSgt in Pa.

After this they’ll classify pieces of steel or aluminum that might possibly be machined, stamped or forged into a firearm part.

After that they’ll classify iron ore or bauxite, which can be smelted into steel or aluminum, as a potential firearms part.

Sarah Marshall

Yes that’s what they did in Canada, now our raw metal is highly regulated… It is absurd.

Fight it with all you have USA, we need your help here too…

Douglas Kuykendall

You know the old saying (you are what you eat)you reap what you sow) I could go on,but the people in kalifornia get what they vote for.They only way to straighten it out, is for the federal government to declare Marshall Law take them over,then start over.

Wild Bill

@DK, the illegal aliens are skewing California elections. So… maybe… the people of California are getting what the illegal aliens voted for!

Douglas Kuykendall

You may have a point.That is why voter ID is needed

Allie Kat

Too late. Even the illegals now get government-issued IDs in CA now, and with the way CA is implementing the REAL-ID Act, their IDs will look exactly the same as any other citizens.


IT IS JUST THIS SIMPLE. This is what liberals do. Not all democrats are left wing liberals BUT all left wing liberals, socialists and U.S. Communists are………democrats.

Robert Thomas

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure….


One of my favorite quotes from Aliens.


what was the last great thing CA politicians did FOR the PEOPLE of CA? VOTE THEM ALL OUT EVERY ELECTION! As long as people don’t get bothered with anything the politicos do, they are NOT interested.


BTW I left CA in 1989. Same reasons.

Jay Dee

Presuming this excresence passes, make use of it. There’s a cotter pin in the AR-15 bolt carrier group. Start making citizen arrests of anyone who possesses an unregistered cotter pin; judges, law enforcement, teachers, gun control advocates. Make them live up to their laws. Agitate for age limits & registration for smart phones; it’s for the children.

Titus Greenwood

Yes…Assault “cotter pins” must be illegal. Assault “cotter pins” are the main culprit in Muslim Terror incidents. I mean, like, everyone like knows this, like don’t they?


This just goes to show that if you compromise with the Anti-Rights communists just once, it will NEVER end. They will keep demanding more and more and more and more and more…until you have NOTHING left and are ruled by the Iron Fist of Stalinist communists.


Now, if only the NRA, no make that if Wayne LaPierre would get that through his heads.
Any compromise is simple a death of a million cuts!


Are you sure there is anyone in commiefornia govt. that can figure out where all these parts an springs go. Have they missed anything? I doubt it if they even know that they did.


Saying “BANG” could be considered a class 1 felony reproduction gun sound.


President Trump. Please extend your wall to the West side of the Colorado Rive.

Jim Long

Just buy parts and accessories out of state.


Just give California back to Mexico, who would care?

Klaus Nietzschmann

Move to Arizona, the #1 gun friendly state in the US (except Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff), as I did. Look at Prescott and north up to I-40.
Escapee from LA.

Philip Contad

Adolph Hitler was able to sway the masses of Germany into carrying out his atrocities by giving them a common cause to release their hatred against anything or anyone responsible for the conditions they endured following their defeat in WW1. It would so seem the government of California occupies itself primarily with constant propaganda blaming its problems of violence on the 2nd amendment. It’s problems of domestic unrest on intolerance. Sanctuary cities exist to allow the increase of their Democratic voting base to astronomical proportions. The citizens of California appear to be sheep being lead to the slaughterhouse. They seem… Read more »

The other Jim

After July 1, 2018 appears you have to register/apply to California Department of Justice and pay a fee for a serial number on an 80% build. Xavier will probably create a task force to later round up the people on the registration list for one reason or another.

Terry H

California will be the first state a foreign country will invade. Oh wait, Mexico already has. I mean a country other than Mexico. They have limited the ability of their citizens to fight back and half their population (illegal immigrants) have already proven they’re willing to run off to another country. The snowflakes would just retreat to their safe place and suck their thumbs. Hopefully next earthquake will take it into the ocean.


It occurs to me that California’s laws, existing and proposed, constitute an encroachment on the power of the Federal Government to “organize” and “arm” the militia. Recall that the original text of Article 1 of the Constitution empowered Congress to “organize”, “arm” and “call forth” the militia. What was meant by the “power” of Congress to “arm” the militia hadn’t been very well thought-out until the first militia acts. At this point, Congress considered the proposition of funding the acquisition and distribution of muskets for all, or some, militiamen; i.e., to “arm” the militia might have meant to authorize Congress… Read more »

Wild Bill

@MarkPA, That is a pretty good argument, a little long, but really good. The states are forbidden to ban or even regulate firearms because that would interfere with Congress’ Article 1 duty to “organize”, “arm” and “call forth” the militia.” That’s damn good!


Quite honestly you bring about several valid concerns of national security and capacity of the citizens to be able to rise up against threats foreign and of course domestic.. The latter becoming more a reality than an eventuality then ever.. However, our armed forces do luckily use some .22lr for training (last i knew ) and 12 gauges for when things get a bit more how we say “personal”. They are also equipped with moderate amounts of other *irregular* ammo. However and this is important to note, many people who weild an ar15 have several and a stash of good… Read more »

Jim Macklin

The MSR or Militia Standard Rifle and ammunition is exactly what is protected according to the SCOTUS in 1939 MILLER.
It seems that the left is most interested in banning actual militia arms. They don’t seem to care much about the Saturday Night Special which got its name as a racial thing. N town Saturday Night. But the left doesn’t care about crime or even accidents because they don’t want teachers armed or people actually trained.
They seem to seek mass murder so they can “never let the crisis” go to waste.

John Van Sickle

MSR actually stands for “Modern Sporting Rifle”. It was coined in opposition to the Left’s referring to the AR platform as an “Assault Rifle”. For the same reason, most LE departments refer to them as “patrol rifles” now.


Dude you nailed it in the head el salvador and honduras is invading as i write this….nov1 2018 a day no one expected a meteor scare to ….wow all i got is a lower for a ar and 2 pipes i bang together to shoot a 410 so im fucked no water no food , doomed here in san diego


People get the government they deserve


Incorrect, they get the government they vote for.


Wow just wow. This is complete insane nonsense. We are in the process of moving from this aweful state. I have lived hear all my life aside from my military service. I will not be sad to go. The California I grew up in is far different today. No more gun stores, no more shooting ranges, no more freedom. Everywhere you turn there is a new tax or a new laws. I’m done. I can’t wait to be an American again!!


Until the voters in California wake up and elect new leaders nothing will change.


It’s true! People need to get off their butts and vote! The liberal mental retardation can’t possibly infect so many that it is hopeless. Either way it is time to abandon California to the liberal looney bin. Maybe they can all move here and leave the rest of us alone.

joe martin

California is a lost cause. Write it off and work to ensure the rights of the rest of the states that still have respect for the nation and the Constitution.


Concur. The Dems and Mexico can decide any vote in CA. Reps have little say. The wall should be round CA, not Mexico. CA’s politics is what is predicted for all of the USA as the demographic trend points to more liberal and less conservative voters. We live in a new world…get used to it. NRA needs to restructure itself for the continual war on guns and American freedom from here on out. When you add all the pockets of Dem support it will overwhelm the shrinking rural, white, conservative, religious, abortion hating, gun loving Rep supporters. The moral majority… Read more »


That’s right, right California (and all of the pro-2A citizens) off. Turn you back. Ignore us. Just like the NRA is. Then you don’t have to worry about California’s crazy anti-gun laws. They will just stay harmlessly in California. When you and the NRA pull your head out of your bottom, you will realize that California is a “test-bed” for anti-gun legislation. Once it stands up to legal challenges, other states like Oregon, Washington, etc. will put better, more iron-clad anti-gun laws in place (they are already starting that). So you and the NRA need to HELP YOUR FELLOW PRO-2A… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Total “gun control” requires banning the Internet distribution of pictures and plans for firearms, gun powders including books on chemistry, metallurgy, and computer CNC programming. Also all machine tooling whether waterjet, CNC tooling or anvil and hammer, drill press or lathe in automotive shops will require 24/7 video surveillance by “Big Brother” so that some of the hundreds of hot rod shops don’t do like the bicycle shops in Belgium did in WWII undr the NAZI occupation and begin to turn out submachine guns. Of course California will have to stop being a sanctuary state since smugglers will just smuggle… Read more »

Missouri Born

The people of California have allowed the elected officials to make many anti gun laws reducing the freedoms of the United States constitution they may enjoy.
If the second amendment lovers don’t band together and elect gun friendly representatives to run the state then it’s no one’s fault but their own to lose those freedoms.
No one else will do it for you.


Do they want my steak knives to, if someone comes to my house and robs me and rapes my wife ,I should just shout BANG and maybe they will run away, by the time the police get there ,it’s over with.


So glad i got out of CA and came back east last year.


Congrats on he move. I am in the planning phase right now. Next step is to visit my prospective new home. It is so strange to hear all the nay sayers who think it is so great in California. They are so blind. It is great to hear that it is a wise move for a change. It will be nice to have my red vote count for something for a change.

Leaving CA

It’s time for me to move on. As a native Californian I have decided to leave this sad state. I’m now in the process of moving my business and myself to another free state, thus depriving California of any future tax dollars from me or my employees that this state just pisses away on their way moral and financial bankruptcy.


I commend you on leaving. However, do not be too gleeful – for every real citizen who leaves California, 5 illegal aliens will replace them. California is lost, my friend.


Come to Texas, leave the nonsense of liberal loony tune government behind, just avoid the 4 big cities Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and of course Austin all have liberal mayors and voters. The rest of Texas is safe.


Fort Worth is really purple at this point if you talk to the people who live here. If you throw a rock, you have a 50/50 chance of hitting a blm/lib/transplant or a real Texan.

Noah Longriver

Bad news.. That is how it started in California. Big cities went liberal first, and then the rest of the state fell. Except for the extreme North. But their turn is coming. What’s worse is that the schools and colleges are churning out these brainless drones by the thousands.

Jim Keller

To put it straight, there are a lot of Conservatives in Calif. They reside in the central valleys (used to be California’s “breadbasket”, growing vegetables, fruit and nuts). To get even, the Libs in Sacramento decided to shut off the aqueduct to them, drying up those lush, green fields to spite them. Drive up or down on U.S. 5 through there and you’l cry seeing withered fields. The only signs of activity you’ll see is a lone tractor just kicking up dust where there should be corn, beans, etc. Within Southern Calif., besides L.A. itself, reside a lot of Conservatives,… Read more »