Demystify Making Sausage on “The Sporting Chef” on Sportsman Channel  

Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Ammoland.Com) – This week on The Sporting Chef on Sportsman Channel, Chef Scott Leysath shows viewers how to make sausage with any kind of game. Joining Leysath is Susie Jimenez, Brad Fenton, Stacy Harris, Cee Dub, Tommy Gomes and Buddy T. Tune in to The Sporting Chefexclusively on Sportsman Channel onSundays at 12:30 PM ET with additional airtimes of Mondays at 5:30 AM., Thursdays at 3:30 AM. and Fridays at 12:00 PM. ET.

“We usually grind the tougher cuts of venison into burgers, but I like using that meat to make my own sausage – and you can easily do it at home. There are a variety of kits available, check out Hi Mountain Seasonings for options,” said Leysath. He continues the demonstration by grinding two-parts lean game to one-part pork shoulder for his sausage using his Weston grinder.

Joining him this week are: Susie Jimenez who makes a chorizo to stuff her gorditas, which means “little fat ones; Stacy Harris is cooking something delicious with venison; Brad Fenton makes waterfowl schnitzel; Tommy from Cataline Offshore Products shows how to put the right sear on fish; Cee Dub makes cheesecake in a dutch oven, and Buddy thinks he created a new dish…but he didn’t.

The Sporting Cheffeatures a talented cast of chefs and outdoor experts who share decades of experience in the woods, on the water and in the kitchen. To learn more about what’s on the grill this season, visit,

The Sporting Chef, hosted by Scott Leysath, leans on Leysath’s 25-year career as a fish and game chef, along with some of the outdoor industry’s most-talented and innovative experts on the topics of fish and game preparation, outdoor cooking, camping, harvested game handling and storage. The show offers outdoor programming in a fast-paced magazine format covering a variety of topics from stuffing quail with rabbit-rattlesnake sausage to local game feeds to finding out whether farmed salmon is a good thing for our bodies or the environment.

Learn more about The Sporting Chef at http://TheSportingChef.comand sign up for The Sporting Chef newsletter. Also, subscribe to Sporting Chef YouTube for tons of tips and tricks at; visit on Facebook at and Instagram at

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I don’t think so.

Arnie Blye

Is this the Stacy Harris from Nashville who writes Stacy’s Music Row Report?