Father Shoots two Invaders, 1 Killed, 1 Wounded, Son Wounded

Father Shoots two Invaders, 1 Killed, 1 Wounded, Son Wounded
Father Shoots two Invaders, 1 Killed, 1 Wounded, Son Wounded

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- Early Saturday morning, at 4:51 a.m., in Raleigh, NC, a suspected home invasion was met with gunfire by the homeowner. In the gunfight, one home invader was killed, another seriously wounded, and the homeowner’s son, 11, was seriously wounded.  From abc11.com:

According to Raleigh police, the homeowner fired at two intruders during an armed robbery.

The shooting happened in the 4200 block of Brintons Cottage Street around 4:51 a.m.

Deandre Carney, 19, died from his injuries.

Willie Richardson, 22, was also injured in the shooting.

He is still in the hospital with gunshot wounds but is charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, first-degree burglary, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

The homeowner’s 11-year-old son was also injured and is in the hospital with serious injuries.

Gunfights are dangerous affairs. You may control your shots, but you do not control the shots of your opponent(s). In this case, the responding defender prevailed. He killed one opponent and seriously wounding the other. He was not wounded. The cost was high. His eleven-year-old son was wounded.

Defensive firearms instructors recommend that gunfights be avoided if at all possible.  Avoidance is the best strategy. Sun Tsu’s remark about war applies to personal combat. “It is best to win without fighting”. Most defensive uses of firearms are against assailants armed with other weapons. Even when the aggressor has a gun, most criminals back off rather than risk a gunfight. Sometimes, a defender has no real choice. Sometimes the fight comes to you. Sometimes the cost of avoidance is too high.

We do not know what the cost would have been if the father of the eleven-year-old boy had not fought. It might have been higher. He or a member of his family might have been killed. Once human predators have been successful, they tend to return.

Deandre Carney paid the ultimate price for his association with Willie Richardson.  It appears Richardson was a convicted felon, as he was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. Two months previously he was arrested for robbery with a dangerous weapon. There are other charges in his history. Photos of Deandre show him flashing a hand signal. Others can interpret what that might mean.

Photos of Deandre show him flashing a hand signal. Others can interpret what that might mean.
Photos of Deandre show him flashing a hand signal. Others can interpret what that might mean.

Many countries in the world have more violent crime that the United States. The list includes Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Jamaica, Venezuela, Honduras, South Africa, and many others.

Others, such as Switzerland, England, and Japan, have less.

In Restricting Handguns: The Liberal Skeptics Speak Out, the point was made that in England, there are many burglaries, and the percentage of home invasions is higher than in the United States. A case was made that burglars avoid robbing an occupied house, because of the risk of getting shot. In Panama, I recall asking how a business owner, who had a considerable scrap yard, stayed in business in an area known for its thieves. I was told: “The thieves learn which houses have guns, very quickly.

Deandre Carney and Willie Richardson are examples of the risks of home invasion. Perhaps others will learn from their example.

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Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Jerry S.

Dirt nap for one, life for the other, no parole.

Patricia Cheek

If that homeowner didn’t have had a gun he and his whole family would probably be DEAD! And if you put your butt in someone’s else property, House etc., you get what you get!!!!! The morale of this comment is keep you butt away from other people’s stuff period!!! And as far as I am concerned when you break the law you should loose certain rights! Don’t be crying cause you got shot trying to rob someone!!!!!


So, it appears the way the article is framed the homeowner shot his own son? If so that’s what it is but dont dance around it.


homeowner didn’t shoot his own son. the two gang members did.

Dr. Strangelove

Actually, England – or more properly Great Britain – has more violent crime than we do, knife crime is going through the roof and the mayor of Londonistan is trying to ban them

Richardson should also be tried for murder, since his cuz died in the attempted robbery. You don’t need to be Einstein to see that they were flashing gang signs.

Vic Segui

That’s why we need all across the USA ” MANDATORY SENTENCING GUIDELINES FOR VIOLENT FELONIES “. Tie up judges hands = also. “. ANYONE GETS CAUGHT WITH AN ILLEGAL FIREARM YOU WILL GET 5 YEARS IN PRISON ” NO IF’s OR BUT’s…… Tie up these soft judges hands and take these POS outta the streets. Lastly = ABOLISH PAROLE = if you get sentenced to 25 years you will do 25 years.


The problem is that our prisons are overflowing with criminals. Every time the state goes to build a new prison, the locals rally in protest, so it never gets built. Society is contradictory in this regard, in that they want criminals punished but do not want to have a prison near them. I say we make it a federal offense to be convicted of three separate violent felonies, and the punishment should be execution. That would clear up a lot of bed space.


” . . . It appears Richardson was a convicted felon, as he was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. Two months previously he was arrested for robbery with a dangerous weapon . . . ”

And yet he was still running around loose, free to commit more violent crimes. The REAL perp is the judge who approved his prior releases – a pity he/she can’t be criminally prosecuted as an accomplice or accessory before the fact.

J Wills

This is why the national law needs changed. Felons caught with illegal weapons (first offense) are immediately charged as terrorists and shipped off to Gitmo. No judge, no jury, no state paid defense attorney. (Probably why some states, like Ill. are broke.) Oh, and no visits from their cohorts unless they go with them to Gitmo. They just disappear.

Debra Singletary

Great idea, to bad that will b sidelined, it shouldn’t be

Wild Bill

@JWillis, No due process? And what is an illegal weapon? What would prevent the elitists from charging the people that they did not like? The DNC would have us all just disappear. Wouldn’t if be better to just go back to what we know works?

Matt in Oklahoma

Aww we lost a blood gang member. Now what ever will society do? If O had a son he w……
In these thugs necks sideways


Two less thugs to cause problems for law abiding citizens.
What’s the problem?


Twp problems: first, the homeowner’s son was seriously hurt, presumably by shots fired by the armed intruders. Second, the dirtbag in hospital is in hospiital, but in the wrong section. He should be in the basement cold room.

This IS directly arising from the sick fact that this perp was allowed to move about freely in society without a custodian The problem was not the gun he had. It is the fact that HE had it.

Lew Tripp

Ones still alive.


If this would have happened in Wisconsin the accomplice would also be charged with murder of the killed intruder.


Correct: In some states, including my Arizona, the surviving hood would be charged with first-degree murder, because SOMEONE (even an accomplice) died during the commission of a felony.


actually most if not all states have felony murder law. its part of english common law.

charges including attempted murder on the 11 year old or murder if he dies will come. most likely after the scumbag is moved out of the hospital if he survives.