Government Failure and Political Malpractice Kill our Kids..Again

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, blames the NRA at CCN pretend town hall debate.
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel blames the NRA at CCN pretend town hall debate.

U.S.A. –-( Who is at fault for 17 dead children and staff in the Parkland, Florida high school? I assume you feel the same way I do and want to keep our children safe. That means we have to look at what worked to save lives at Parkland. We also have to see what failed in this latest murder. Without that examination, we’re likely to repeat our old mistakes. It sounds shocking, but we’ve done that before and I don’t want to repeat our mistakes again. I want to be an intelligent consumer of politics. We have to be smart and informed because politicians will try to sell us their latest agenda even if their proposal doesn’t work. I don’t want political theater to get in the way of our children’s safety. That is why we have to ask some tough questions. What worked, what failed this time, and what fails over and over?

What failed at Parkland?

Politically correct politicians were elected to the Broward County School Board. They told school staff and law enforcement officers to ignore crimes that would put students in jail. In particular, school staff were ordered to ignore threatening behavior that would have put this violent murderer in a psychiatric hospital. On the one hand, we were told to say something if we see something, but then the bureaucrats get involved and ignore the threats that are politically troublesome. We can save lives by removing that politically motivated willful ignorance.

Broward County Social Services knew there was a problem. They had numerous contacts with the murderer, his brother, and his family. Social services looked the other way. Reporting the murderer as psychologically unfit would have made him a prohibited person. A record of psychological problems would have made it illegal for him to buy a firearm. Let’s report those who need treatment.

Broward County Public Schools ignored years of bullying. They also knew that the murderer had problems. The murderer had been expelled from school six times for violent behavior and threats. Let our public schools expel violent students and report mental illness.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been to the murderers home over three dozen times. The murderer made threats and pointed firearms at family members. Reports from the Deputies suggested that the murderer should be detained for a mental health evaluation. Then never acted on those recommendations. Let’s pay attention to the smaller threats so they don’t grow into mass murders.

Magazine capacity restrictions are proposed as a solution to stop mass murders. Magazines hold a certain number of cartridges. In theory, a smaller magazine limits the lethality of a firearm. That doesn’t work in practice. We’ve seen mass murderers who used illegal magazines, and we’ve had mass murderers who used small magazines, or none at all. All firearms, like all rental trucks, are lethal. Both were used by mass murderers to kill numbers of people.

Background checks are also proposed as a solution to stop mass murders. In theory, we could stop criminals and crazies from getting a firearm by making it illegal for them to buy one. That fails in two very predictable ways. By definition, a background check looks backward at a person’s history. A background check always fails to stop the first crime.  It also fails to stop criminals who get their firearms illegally. A recent study looked at criminals charged with violent crimes. They found that most criminals were repeat offenders and they got their guns illegally. We know that criminals don’t bother to obey firearms laws. Let’s not waste time with background checks that don’t work.

The FBI failed…AGAIN. The murderer at Parkland had posted threatening videos on Youtube. He bragged of being a mass murderer in a school. Several people reported those threats to the FBI. The FBI concluded that the videos themselves were not illegal, and the FBI closed the investigation. So much for the effectiveness of “See something, say something.” We saw. We reported..and the FBI did nothing. This makes several times that the FBI was warned of a mass murderer and then the FBI failed to stop the attacks. To the best of my knowledge, no one has been fired at the FBI for their failures.

Broward County School Resource Officers failed to stop the attack. These particular school resource officers knew the murderer by sight and reported him when he arrived on campus. They and other deputies then drove away and waited for the killing to stop. Unfortunately, the Florida legislature proposed adding more school resource officers as a solution. Doubling down on failure evidently works for Florida politicians..and Florida voters.

Gun control by age or by type of firearm has also been proposed. Murderers come in all ages, sex, and races. They use any or all of the tools they can get. Since a crazy nut used a gun to kill children, we’ve been told that we should all be disarmed so we couldn’t stop the next crazy nut that comes to kill children. That idea is a placebo, but not a solution. If young people under 21 are not old enough to protect themselves then it is our duty to protect them. Too often, politicians would rather look the other way.

The News Media failed horribly. There were dozens of attempted copycat crimes after the murders at Columbine High School. These copycat attacks usually occur four to six weeks after the previous event. These copycat murderers decided that they can make a name for themselves if they kill others. Our new media is all too happy to oblige. A responsible media would refuse to broadcast the name and face of the murderer. We don’t have a responsible media. We’ve already seen a secondary surge in attempted school murders due to the extensive media coverage at Parkland.

What saved lives at Parkland High School?

Students saved other students. They pulled barriers between the murderer and their friends. Sometimes students used their body as a barrier to protect others. It is important to remember these young men and women because these are the same people we propose to disarm in the name of student safety.

Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, Martin Deque, and all the others. The REAL heroes of Broward.
Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, Martin Deque, and all the others. The REAL heroes of Broward.

Teachers attacked the murderer. Teachers saved students by shielding them with their body. At the same time, we’ve been told that teachers are incapable of defending students and teachers must be disarmed.

Local law enforcement who happened to be on campus helped save lives. One officer was married to a PE teacher at Parkland. The officer was on campus and immediately moved toward the sound of the attack. He moved injured students to safety and then joined other officers who entered the school.

Emergency Medical Personnel did a great job. They did not wait from a safe distance away and wait until the scene was declared safe and secure. Instead, they positioned their trucks between the murderer and wounded victims. The trucks gave them cover as they loaded up the injured. That saved countless lives. In contrast, it took almost an hour before medics treated the wounded inside the elementary school at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. It looks like these Parkland EMTs learned valuable lessons from past attacks.

Coral Springs police entered the school while Broward County Deputies remained outside. Time is the enemy and several people will be killed each minute in one of these attacks. Unfortunately, it took 11 minutes for Coral Springs police to arrive at the school and enter the correct building. The murderer had already grown tired of killing and had left the campus.

Two SWAT team members from Miramar, Florida happened to be training near the Parkland High School. They responded to the scene. They were later reprimanded for acting without orders.

Hurricane glass had been installed on the school windows. The glass would normally shield students form hurricane debris and murderers shooting into the school. In this case, the shatterproof glass kept the murderer from shooting at students who ran outside the school while the murderer was still inside. This probably helped the EMTs get to the wounded students who managed to escape.

We know some of the failures that contributed to the murders in this case. We know some of the actions and decisions that saved lives. We saw that the police were ineffective in stopping the murderer. Other police training agencies concluded that defenders must be at the school before the attack starts. Sadly, we’ve seen politicians propose things that will be ineffective in stopping the next murderer.

We know that there have been, and will be, violent people among us. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t know everything that could have been, or should have been, put in place to make our students safer. We know that time is the enemy. Murderers plan for years. We need to respond to an attack in seconds.

Let me ask you. What works to save our children’s lives? Take all the time you need.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. I agree with Tim. We Floridians never got the chance to vote on this or have hearings. Scott betrayed us. BTW- I was one of those “old enough to kill but not for voting”. To Dave Brown-your scenario is false. A trained teacher would engage you from cover or make the choice to take you down while giving up their life at the same time. The scenario you set is an old fashion “Tombstone” shootout. You’ve posted the same thing on several articles. When you added your statement about a ten round mag I realized you must be a troll. No trained person is going to check/look to see what type of mag you have before engaging you from cover.

    2. I will give up one of my guns if one student will lay down their smart phone and never text and drive again!
      They should welcome that since texting WHILE driving kills an average of 11 teens per day! Any Takers?

    3. What no one apparently sees, is that this is a black flag action by the left to promote stricter gun laws. These kids were executed as collateral damage for the leftist cause. They were DELIBERATELY murdered by the left.
      There, I said it !!!!
      And you’re going to see many more of these “copycat” extravaganzas in the near future as the democraps are going full bore towards the 2018 elctions to reduce us to nazi germany.

      1. You are 100% correct, It is my feelings also. This was a planned attack, in as much as the deep state wanted it to happen so they could push gun control. I believe the FBI’s non action was purposeful and intentional. With possibly the Sheriff turning his back on it and letting the killing continue. Thank God there were people in the area who did respond and did what was right. The mere fact that the Democrats still don’t want any armed guards in schools tells me that they want it to happen again so they can get rid of the 2nd Amendment. We must turn out for the Mid-Terms and get rid of more deep state trash.

    4. It seems the whole program of letting teens get away with wrong doing, in an effort to make the school, school board and sheriff dept look exceptionally good, in an effort to gain more federal funds, was not a good plan to have. Each leader in every one of those departments needs to take responsibility for their actions or lack of actions, especially the sheriff himself. He needs to stop passing the buck and take responsibility. Blaming the NRA and every legal responsible gun owner or future gun owner, was not a responsible action. He even yelled out on camera that very day, that their whole program, since Columbine, has been totally wrong and needs to change. Seems everyone ignored that statement and has moved on to blaming to blaming the NRA and the rest of us for his downfall. That sheriff needs to be fire/relieved of duty and replaced with a more responsible leader. Blaming the gun and a magazine that wasn’t even used is not the way to go. Taking away the 2nd amendment rights of 18 responsible year old’s was not fair to them either. Everyone that totally ignored their lack of action for the months and years before hand, needs to be shown their failures and corrected or fired. A new plan for recognizing their failures and taking action to correct their program needs to begin. All that money that was spent on a misleading politically gaining march by do gooders, could have been spent a better way, in an effort to correct the real problem of recognizing the mental issues and paying attention to them and being able to do something about it. Now people and cities all over the country, are jumping off the deep end, over correcting something they know nothing about.
      Just my opinion, I guess.

    5. I would think there would be some very sizeable law suits from the families of those killed. I think that would be very justifiable because of the screwups from the Fat Boys Institute all the way through the sheriff department and including the fact that he could just walk into this school. Someone in the system screwed up. It doesn’t sound like they are fixing any of this, just adding more people to hide outside.

    6. I won’t blame our government on this, but I blame them on most everything else. OK here we are complaining about the complainers which is just the same old same old. Me, Gunner for 54 years, NRA brought me in at age 12, and I am still going strong. The NRA sure ain’t what it use to be. My take is simple, I have lived with gun regulations like They are trying to pass again, and they did not hurt me. I look at this this way, Gun don’t kill people, yet people with guns kill people……. My challenge, meet me in the hallway at school, bring your Fav Daily CC (I have had one for about 40 years, so u should have one), I will bring one of my AKs or maybe my SKS BullPup, either way I will have a 30 rd mag. Guess what no one will meet me, but maybe if we did limit the mag to 10 rounds they would show up. Yet we want our Teachers to use a small CC pistol against me and my 30 round mag. Now if you are able to see but still cannot see this, I feel Sorry For You. But, please get out of the way as we can protect our kids and ourselves, and at the same time protect The 2nd!

    7. “Unfortunately, the Florida legislature proposed adding more school resource officers as a solution. Doubling down on failure evidently works for Florida politicians..and Florida voters.” As a Floridian I take offense at this statement, particularly the very last part! We never got a chance to “VOTE” on the new law that was rammed through the Florida house and senate and was signed by Gov. Scott! This was a poorly written law that was cobbled together to placate a bunch of over emotional people! When we look back at all of the FAILURES of the policies that were already in place, it’s glaringly obvious that MORE laws will not work if the people who are supposed to enforce them refuse to do their job!

      1. Andy i am a former Police Officer and i am disgusted with the officer that hid outside and contributed to the number of students killed, but i am not ready to label all “Cops” scum. That would be like saying all “Andy’s” are a POS. While true in some cases, it does not apply to all named Andy. That said, there are countless “Cops” out there that would come to your aid and assistance and risk their life to save you and others. Would “Andy” do the same?

        1. That was no “Cop” that DID NOT go into that school…that was one of those cheap a$$ed “rent -a-cop” you typically see at a mall or some other wanna-a-be libturd place. A complete low life scumbag.
          A REAL good guy with a gun as in a recent incident would have made this thing half as bad as it was…..

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