“Gun Violence” & “Police Violence”, Skip Hand-in-Hand Toward Confiscation


Death by 1000 Cuts Gun Control
“Gun Violence” & “Police Violence”, Skip Hand-in-Hand Toward Confiscation

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “There are no longer ‘liberals,’ nor “progressives,” just Communists, in varying shades of red.” ~ Marshall

Google the term “police violence” (framed by quotation marks), and look at the hits!

The not-so-subtle implication is that our local, public police engage in “violence” as an MO.

Leftist “progressives” routinely mix-in with each other the terms, “gun violence,” and “police violence” in every conversation and internet posting

This is Pravda-like agitprop, and no coincidence. Leftists don’t like armed police, any more than they like armed citizens!

Indeed, when interviewed, participants in the latest anti-gun “marches” indicated they hate police with guns, as well as non-police citizens with guns. They embrace only chaos and anarchy.

Leftists, who are crying for the forced confiscation of all privately-owned guns, who simultaneously will not allow anyone who disagrees with them to speak on college campuses, are the same people who want our local, public police officers disarmed and marginalized, replaced with a sinister army of their own cryptic, NKVD-like “Secret Police,”

… who will be armed!

“The Final Struggle will be between Communists and ex-Communists” ~ Silone


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They are trying to make us like the UK with the police carrying Mace. The article says it there are no progressives or leftists, they are pure communists and too stupid to know what they are fighting for. Fighting for a less comfortable life and less chance of being successful sure fits those without a sensible education or upbringing.


Yup, they are claiming POLICE VIOLENCE, yet, want only the police and other gubmint organizations to be armed.

David Telliho
David Telliho

The Communist way hasn`t changed. Divide,confuse,step x step. They are doing one thing they never thought of. They are “coming out” , and now we see you.This eminds me of that new law of Deerfield,Ill. . All gun owners within travel range should show up at Deerfields 4th of July parade, with their guns, open carry. Bring ammo. That`s too radical ? Then get in line to turn your guns in.

Marc DV.
Marc DV.

Trying to Disarm Police . OK I GET It !!!!
They Want Cops To Save them with DONUTS .
This is a Great Concept . I can See it Now —
DONUT in TWO . Cop’s Held at bay till Rubber
Donut Arrives to curtail him.