National Stand for Your Rights 2A Rally Scheduled for April 14th Across USA

National Stand for Your Rights 2nd Amendment Rally
National Stand for Your Rights 2nd Amendment Rally

U.S.A.-( Last month, Gun control advocates marched in DC for the “March for Our Lives.” Millionaire actors, billionaire talk show host, and gun control groups funded this event, claiming it was about children’s lives and further lied by saying it was student organized.

The Democratic party’s pawns, like David Hogg, were pushed out on stage to repeat talking points from anti-gun groups. Leftist politicians like Chuck Schumer, gave speeches to play to their base and push a false narrative. Television networks fawned over the march pretending like it was a non-partisan event.

Now one group is taking on the idea that every American wants gun control. They are pushing back against the anti-gun groups that use kids to try to deflect criticism for their indefensible stance.

That group is the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans (NCCPA), and it is hosting pro-Second Amendment rallies called “Americans for America.”

On April 14th 2018 gun rights advocates will take to state capitals across the country to let their state governments hear their voices.

The NCCPA is a coalition of over 100 of the most prominent patriot groups in the country. These groups include 3% groups, militias, and other like-minded organizations. These groups came together to protect our Second Amendment rights that are under siege by speaking in one voice.

I spoke to III% United Patriots (3UP) national leader Mike Morris.

3UP is one of the largest 3% groups in the country with chapters in all 50 states. 3UP is also a member of the NCCPA and is taking part in organizing the event.

“One of the biggest things to come out of these rallies so far is the fact that over 100 patriot organizations were able to come together to stand up for our rights,” Morris said. “This in itself should be a wake-up call to those who would trample the rights of free men and women. We are everywhere, we are watching, and we are united.”

Rallies will be happening in all 50 states. Each rally will have pro-gun speakers. Delaware, for example, will have Dick Heller (Heller vs. DC), Diante Johnson (President Black Conservative Federation), and Kaya Jones (formerly of The Pussy Cat Dolls).

Ed McCall is another person who is planning on attending the Richmond, VA rally. Unlike the majority of those attending these rallies, he doesn’t own a gun.

“I am going to the rally because if they take away one right, then they will take away another,” McCall said by phone. “The government is already trying to control speech. Look at California trying to censor speech on the Internet. Look at things like civil forfeiture where police can take your property without proof of a crime. It is a scary time, and if we don’t start fighting back, we will lose. They are coming for your guns.”

McCall referenced proposed legislation in California that would require any social media company that does business in California to hire people to scrub what it determines to be “fake news.” Free speech advocates worry that this legislation can be used to silence voices that the California government doesn’t agree with giving the state government too much power.

According to the New York Light Foot Militia State Commander, George Curbelo, the NCCPA is hoping for a good turnout that will show that the left cannot push around gun owners.

“The turnout for this event is crucial,” Curbelo said. “Why? There has never been a more threatening time to our Second Amendment and our freedom despite the present administration. If those that believe in the Second Amendment sit back and wait for others to do the work we’re going to get the same results and truly lose our freedom. “

The NCCPA hopes to hold more events throughout the year to show that people are willing to resist calls to limit our rights.

According to a Gallup poll in 2017, 42% of Americans have a gun in their home. Another Gallup poll showed 73% of Americans believe the Second Amendment guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns.

The NCCPA listed the places and times for the rallies at Facebook.

The NCCPA’s website is located here.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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Lawrence Bell

Thank you all for showing up to support freedom. Unfortunately I only heard of this event in california or anywhere for that matter until this evening so I wasn’t able to attend. Also where as I believe in the importance of peaceful protest and redress of our greivences I can only say this aND this pertains to california no one is listening the demacratic crime syndicate that has a strangle hold on our state does not hear nor do they care. As I’ve said before “our founding fathers would be shooting by now” . We’ve tried to reason and honestly… Read more »


same here re this event – just heard about it this morning “after” it happened. I follow several gun rights groups on FB and have MANY friends who support the 2nd amendment – ZERO posts in my newsfeed about this!

Wild Bill

@jaineinMN, Welcome to the site. Where you at in MN? I am from near Owatonna, myself. I heard that the weather was near zero, 12 inches of snow accumulated, and drifting this morning. Texas is calling.

Trudy Gardner

6 comments. Lol. Kind of says it all.


That’s because the leftist run search engines won’t even run the story until after the event has taken place. There is big money involved in keeping pro second amendment citizens quiet.

Charlie Foxtrot

LOL. Poor communication by the organizers is to blame. This story was posted here 2 days before the planned rally. The same goes with other major gun forums and blogs. Many had no idea that this rally was planned until a few days before it was held.

Many local rallies didn’t get their permits until April 14, the day of the rally. Meanwhile, the “March for Our Lives” anti-gun rally was widely publicized over a month before it was held and the permit was issued a month before.

Proper Planning and Practice Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Jim Anderson

Will there be a live stream for the rally today? 4/14/2018

Jeff Manley, PMP, CPO USN RET

I will be standing with everyone in Annapolis, MD. I haven’t seen anything about this, until JUST NOW! So much for the fair treatment by the so called news media!

Jeff Manley, PMP


Florida and Vermont gun owners thought they were ‘ safe ‘ from the Bloomberg funded gun grabbing groups. — They Were WRONG as Republicans Sold Them OUT ! …. Now , Pennsylvania RINO’ s are helping Democrats push 20 new Anti Gun bills on the Fast Track. — Bans on Semi Autos , Modern Sporting Rifles , Ammunition ” PERMITS ” , Confiscation without Due Process , Stripping ADULTS 18 to 21 of their Rights for No Reason …… and more.

List of proposed laws and lawmaker phone numbers —– Let Them HEAR YOU !

Carlos Cort

Hope more people come out and vote o write to their elected official other wise the 2A will be gone soon

Christopher L DuBois

First, I plan to attend in Nashville. Thunderstorms or no. Second, I do not understand why the NRA, the NSSF, and Major firearms manufacturers aren’t throwing $$ behind this or an event like this. The March For Our Lives event swayed public opinion due to the $$ behind it. That is going to effect the make-up of the House and Senate guaranteed. Our side is missing the boat and going to loose in the court of public opinion if the $$ in the industry does not mobilize and optimize social media like the Antis do and put together a big… Read more »


Spending money on a march is useless. Spending money on get out the vote efforts this fall is way more important. The leftist spent $5 million on their march.

Wild Bill

@Mike, I don’t know about useless, but you are right about getting out the vote. If the prog/soc/libtards get a hold of the US House or Senate, after these next elections, then they will be able to pass all the anti-Second Amendment legislation that they like.

Not Colin Kaepernick

not completely useless, converted 3 today. They wont be gun owners, and thats ok but they now respect your rights. I will continue to fight the good fight and peacefully show facts and convince. The second I get called a racist lol I end all conversation. Move on to the next. What I have found out through all this is that some people are brain damaged…

Charlie Foxtrott

The NCCPA Web site has zero names and contacts listed. It is registered in CANADA with an Internet Privacy Service. No one knows who is actually behind it and no one bothered to put their name behind the original call for action. Is this event really organized by a “coalition of over 100 of the most prominent patriot groups in the country”, or is it organized by a bunch of trolls? Why should any gun rights group put their names behind this event when the organizers don’t put their names behind it. The organizers are completely clueless. The Atlanta and… Read more »

Sallye Hook

I was there today in front of Capital in Leslative Plaza! Wished had found website b4 Stand For 2A protest so I could say Hi. I did interview on News 5 & Fox 17. If our Military can be in all weather condifions 24/7 we can stand alittle rain. Thanks for Standing!

Marc Disabled Vet