NRA Shooting Illustrated Honors Savage MSRs with 2018 Rifle of the Year

NRA Shooting Illustrated Magazine Honors Four Savage MSRs with “2018 Rifle of the Year” Golden Bullseye Award
NRA Shooting Illustrated Magazine Honors Four Savage MSRs with “2018 Rifle of the Year” Golden Bullseye Award

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts-( The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Shooting Illustrated magazine has selected four members of Savage’s new MSR line as Golden Bullseye Award recipients for “2018 Rifle of the Year.” The MSR 15 Patrol, MSR 15 Recon, MSR 10 Hunter and MSR 10 Long Range were collectively tapped for the honor, which Savage representatives will accept on Friday, May 4, during the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas.

Shooting Illustrated is an NRA official journal with a focus on concealed carry, self-defense and tactical shooting. Golden Bullseye Awards acknowledge the finest products available in the shooting sports.

Savage President Al Kasper said the recognition was a testament to the company’s long-standing commitment to accuracy, reliability, innovation and quality. “We are extremely proud and honored to receive this prestigious award,” Kasper said. “Our MSR lineup of next-generation modern sporting rifles, like all Savage products, reflects the fact that Savage is not just a value brand. We are a high-quality, high-performance, well-established firearms manufacturer, offering a full line of rimfire and centerfire rifles in a variety of platforms.”

To qualify for consideration for a Golden Bullseye Award, the product must meet a variety of demanding criteria on design, function, value and overall contribution to the shooting industry. The product must also demonstrate extreme reliability and exceed evaluators’ expectations in rigorous field testing.

Savage’s MSR 15 Patrol, MSR 15 Recon, MSR 10 Hunter and MSR 10 Long Range take the popular AR-15 and AR-10 platforms to new heights, offering greater performance, expanded caliber choices and a modern design, plus a full suite of custom upgrades packaged as standard features.

Learn more about Savage and the extensive features and benefits of its new MSR modern sporting rifles at:

About SavageSavage Arms

Headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts for more than 100 years, Savage is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hunting, competition and self-defense centerfire and rimfire rifles, and shotguns. Their firearms are best known for accuracy and value. The entrepreneurial spirit that originally defined the company is still evident in its ongoing focus on continuous innovations, craftsmanship, quality and service.

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I’m confused, first I read that the POF Revolution was rifle of the year 2018. Then I read that the Bagera b-14 was. Now this is saying the Savage. How many rifles of the year are there?

Wild Bill

@E&C, Must be one rifle of the year for each NRA magazine published!

Douglas Kuykendall

Here’s my point again.They are in a communist state.The NRA should give them nothing till they move


Douglas K,
You are right. Mass is a lousy state for a gun company, however moving a company like Savage is not that easy. Gun companies aren’t billion dollar companies to start with. Most of them have generations of skilled labor that can’t afford to uproot and move across country to keep their jobs. It cost millions to make a move and the logistics are a nightmare. A move like that would probably be the end of a company the size of Savage.