NWF Hires Marcia Brownlee to Lead the Artemis Sportswomen’s Initiative

Marcia Brownlee
Marcia Brownlee

DENVER – -(Ammoland.com)- The National Wildlife Federation has hired Marcia Brownlee of Missoula, Mont., as the program manager of its burgeoning sportswoman’s initiative, Artemis.

Artemis is aimed at amplifying the sportswoman’s voice in conservation and working to protect and sustain the public lands and waters that support sporting traditions. A key goal of Artemis has been to hire a dedicated sportswoman conservationist to lead the program.

“Marcia is the epitome of an Artemis sportswomen”, said Aaron Kindle, senior manager of NWF’s Western sporting campaigns. “She is a dedicated sportswoman, a teacher, and recruiter who invites more women into the sporting ranks. She naturally lives the life of Artemis. We’re very happy to have her.”

Artemis’ goals for the coming years include recruiting 8,000 Western women into its ranks, training hundreds of women across the West to become engaged advocates, defending public lands and waters in the key battles in Congress and nationwide, and becoming a powerful new force for the sporting conservation community.

“I couldn’t be more excited for what we have on our horizon” said Brownlee. “Artemis spoke to me from the moment I heard about in ways that nothing else has in my life. We have so much work to do and I can’t wait.”

Brownlee holds a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to joining Artemis, she spent six years as the executive director of a nonprofit, nature-based school in Missoula. As a side project, she spent the last year mentoring women to become hunters and anglers.

“Marcia is skilled at creating vibrant and engaged communities who dream big and accomplish amazing things together. She is passionate about bringing more women into the field and empowering them to be a leading voice in hunting and conservation and will be a key addition to NWF’s growing public lands team,” Kindle added.

“Marcia is exactly the type of talented sportswoman we need to lead the Artemis program. She’s a program builder, an innovator, and an accomplished sportswoman – a perfect fit,” said Tracy Stone-Manning, associate vice president for NWF’s public lands program.

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Brownlee will start part-time at the beginning of May and then assume her full-time role at the beginning of June after her duties as the school’s executive director conclude.

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