More National DNA Day, DNA Labs Looks To Eliminating Sexual Assault Kit Backlog

DNA Labs International expands lab and office space to accommodate testing the untested sexual assault kit backlog.

DNA Labs International

Deerfield Beach, Fla. ( – On National DNA Day’s 15th Anniversary, DNA Labs International, a private forensic laboratory in Broward County, Florida, has reaffirmed its commitment to aiding the end of the sexual assault kit backlog. As a woman-owned business, these types of cases are especially important to us. DNA Labs International has expanded its laboratory and office space in an effort to accommodate the increased request for sexual assault kit backlog testing. DNA Labs International is able to process more sexual assault kits than ever before, thanks to new techniques and technology.  

“We’ve had an influx of sexual assault cases in the last few years because of the current backlog epidemic across the US. Our goal is still the same goal, to provide fast results regardless if they are old or new cases,” commented Allison Nunes, COO of DNA Labs International.

To date, over 225,000 sexual assault kits remain untested in law enforcement departments and crime lab storage facilities nationwide.* Funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) aims to create a coordinated community response that ensures just resolution to sexual assault cases. Since SAKI was founded in 2015, and as of June 2017, more than 41,000 sexual assault kits have been inventoried, over 18,000 kits have been sent for testing with over 2,000 DNA hits to the national CODIS database.*

DNA Labs International’s sexual assault kit processing is tailored to accommodate any agency’s needs. Y-screening technology, targeting the DNA from the Y chromosome only found in males, allows DNA Labs International to process sexual assault kits faster and achieve better results than ever before. Sexual assault kits with male suspects only move forward for autosomal STR testing when male DNA is present after the quantification process. By streamlining the sexual assault kit testing process, we can help get through backlogs faster.

Contact DNA Labs International today to learn more about how they can eliminate an agency’s backlog.

To learn more about DNA Labs International’s capabilities, visit Stay up to date on the latest in forensics by following DNA Labs International on Facebook and LinkedIn.



About DNA Labs International:

Since 2004, DNA Labs International has been providing clients with exceptional quality service based on open communications, equal attention to the importance of every case and accurate and reliable results every time. They provide the latest technology available to solve cases; such as the M-VAC®, a wet vacuum DNA collection tool and STRmix®, a software program that can solve previously inconclusive DNA results. They can now achieve comparable DNA results from spent shell casings! DNA Labs International is accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the country’s longest established provider of ISO 17025 accreditation to Forensic Sciences testing laboratories in the U.S.


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The other Jim

@js Good advice. Even if they tell you it’s destroyed they may add everyone to the state’s or county criminal database, or unknown to you hold it in their terabyte drives to later be forwarded or searched by authorities at their request. Then one day when DNA of some criminal is close to yours the Feds brake in your doors at 3AM, roust you out of bed, punch you around calling you a scumbag and other names and put you in jail. Later to find out the DNA was off by a digit or two, etc. and/or the lab made… Read more »


I know people think its cute to send away for DNA analysis but you should make sure the samples are destroyed or dont even do this. All of these labs keep the information you submit in a database which is then searchable by the federal government. Not saying anyone is doing anything wrong, its just one more tool that can be used against people the federal government doesnt like.