Open Letter to Leon County Florida Commissioners, Will They Read It?

Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President

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There is no legitimate reason for this ordinance. It is merely a harassment of the law-abiding gun purchasers, who live, pay taxes and vote in Leon county.

Florida – -( Below is the letter we sent to all Leon County Commissioners today. We don’t know if they will even read it since it came from a pro-Second Amendment organization. But, we thought you should have a copy.

An Open Letter to Leon County Commissioners

Date: April 3, 2018

To: Leon County Commissioners

Chairman, Nick Maddox
Vice-Chairman Jimbo Jackson
Commissioner John Dailey
Commissioner Bryan Desloge
Commissioner Kristin Dozier
Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley
Commissioner Bill Proctor

From: Marion P. Hammer
Past president National Rifle Association
Executive Director Unified Sportsmen of Florida

Dear Commissioners,

The National Rifle Association and Unified Sportsmen of Florida oppose adoption of Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley’s proposed gun control ordinance.

Commissioner Lindley says, “I realize this is symbolic in large part, but it’s also practical. And it is something that in our community we can do and I feel we need to do.” (Tallahassee Democrat 3/27/2018).

Symbolic? Hardly! We all know time is money. Current state law mandates a 3-day waiting period and this proposal would extend it to 5 days. Why? There is no legitimate reason for this ordinance. It is merely a harassment of the law-abiding gun purchasers, who live, pay taxes and vote in Leon county.

Contrary to the claims of gun ban groups, I know of no empirical evidence that a waiting period of any length stops crime or criminals. In fact, Broward County adopted the same local option 5-day waiting period years ago and it didn’t stop the Parkland shooter from purchasing a rifle, waiting 5 days, and committing mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The background check provision of the ordinance is not only unenforceable, it is a defacto tax on private sales. Individuals cannot conduct background checks. For a background check to be conducted on a private sale it must be performed by a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Both the seller and the buyer must appear in person before the dealer and surrender the gun to the dealer who must enter the gun into the store’s inventory before conducting a background check.

If the sale is approved, the gun is then transferred to the purchaser and somebody has to pay the background check fee PLUS a transaction fee of any amount the dealer wants to charge – usually no less than $30-$50.

Commissioners, it is already a FEDERAL FELONY (10 years in prison) for a private person to sell a gun to a person he knows, or reasonably should know, is not qualified to purchase a gun. As a result, gun owners are very careful when they sell guns to private citizens.

Those who try to paint a picture of law-abiding citizens rampantly selling guns to criminals are attempting to perpetrate a deliberately false impression, it is nothing less than premeditated hyperbole.

Bottom line: Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley seeks to have you adopt an ordinance based on a motion driven by gun ban groups who are shamelessly exploiting the deaths of innocent children in a crime committed in Broward County by one man who county officials knew to be dangerously mentally ill – and did nothing.

The proposed ordinance is politically motivated and punitive. It punishes the law-abiding, tax paying, voting citizens of Leon County. You should oppose it.

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Wow, what an absolutely GREAT idea, go from a 3 day waiting period to a 5 day. I’m sure it’s going to have as much of a positive effect as Kommieforniastan’s 10 day period did to cool off the psychopathic vegan at YouTube.

Cab Man

In reference to the 3 vs 5 day wait period; I don’t know all the facts regarding the San Bruno/ Utube shooter, but if she legally obtained the gun in CA, she waited 10 days to pick it up.


I only have a high school diploma so by today’s education standards, I am woefully uneducated. Bearing out this fact, how is it I completely understand the words “shall not be infringed” in the 2nd amendment and the highly “educated” can’t seem to comprehend their meaning? Someone explain please.

Wild Bill

@kal, Based upon what you have written, I see at least three things that you might want someone to explain. Can you form your question a little more clearly. Oh, and education is like any other produce, all one need do is go buy some.


I suppose I should clarify my education comment. Higher education is a good idea. When it comes to U.S. citizens rights, I rightfully hold those at all levels of government to the highest standards of fully understanding, and ensuring those rights are not trampled on or abridged no matter what. Since most politicians (at least federal) are attorneys, hence much higher educated, shouldn’t they completely understand every word of the constitution / bill of rights? Shouldn’t they be held responsible for not doing so? Now we have a former “supreme” court judge and some politicians calling for the repeal of… Read more »

Wild Bill

@kal, Treason is the only crime that is actually defined in our Constitution. It consists of giving aid and comfort to the enemy during time of war. Treason is defined narrowly and on a constitutional level because our founding fathers were aware of how the king of England defined and applied the charge of treason, to wit: broadly and against anyone that made even a small criticism against the crown or crown officers. Our politicians are not treasonous. They are betrayers. There is no penalty for betrayal, and thus no charges to be brought. Repeal of the Second Amendment would… Read more »


@Wild Bill: My original comment and my second posting were not aimed at being totally factual statements. Between both postings were a few facts but much personal opinion and in case you missed it, a good helping of blatant sarcasm. I simply wasn’t looking to get lectured because I inaccurately stated something that was “how I see things from my house.” My request for an “explanation please” was not literal (at least to me) but I did ask. My mistake! I do appreciate your vast knowledge of the content of the Constitution. It’s good to know there are people out… Read more »

Wild Bill

Message received, out.

Herb T

You want honesty and integrity from people who would pass “feel good, do nothing positive” laws? Surely you make mock! Too many politicians are elected charlatans in business for themselves, not their constituents.

Missouri Born

The commissioners better get a legal opinion from the city lawyer or they could possibly be held personally liable if they pass an ordinance that is deemed to be illegal per state law and they are sued.
Better yet kill the proposed ordinance.

Vincent G Brady

Good letter, we were thinking of moving to Florida, but not now due to this anti-gun mania.


Should have had a better proof reader – “usually no less that $30-$50.” I hate to be that guy, but if this is something is meant to see air time, you have to be better than that


Being a resident of Leon County, I know that these do-nothing commissioners will likely not read this, and if they do, they will not consider the thought that was put into it or the many residents here who would agree with it. This local government is one of the most corrupt in the state and the commissioners are overpaid hacks who skirt the law. No wonder there is a massive FBI investigation going on targeting many of them and their colleagues.


“If this is something is meant to see airtime” Nothing personal but I find it fitting when someone calls out someone else for grammar or spelling and makes a grammar or spelling mistake while doing so. I always felt if you get the basic idea being expressed why the need to be the grammar police? The other issue is atleast in the comment section you can’t go back and edit mistakes.
I’m not calling you out specifically I just happened to notice this alot lately and decided to respond.