PA. Game Commission Board Pledges Support For Sunday Hunting

Sunday Hunting
Sunday Hunting Coming Soon

Pennsylvania – -( As they have through the years, commissioners endorse expanded Sunday hunting opportunities.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today reaffirmed its support of legislative action that would allow for expanded Sunday hunting opportunities.

The resolution adopted by the board is in response to a direct request from the nonprofit group Hunters United for Sunday Hunting, a representative of which testified to the board on Monday.

The resolution is at least the third the Board of Game Commissioners has adopted over the years in support of expanded Sunday hunting. The board’s support has remained consistent through the regular turnover of commissioners due to terms expiring and replacements being appointed.

The resolution adopted today is as follows:

“WHEREAS, The Commonwealth has experienced consistent declines in hunting participation by both resident and non-resident hunters over the past several decades, with both the number of licenses sold and revenues generated experiencing steady declines; and

“WHEREAS, Youth participation is vital to maintaining the long-standing tradition of hunting in the Commonwealth; and

“WHEREAS, Sunday hunting can be an effective means of recruiting new hunters and retaining current hunters by increasing the value of the hunting license through offering additional opportunities to spend time in the field; and

“WHEREAS, The Commission recognizes that it can effectively double the number of hunting days for youths during the school year by offering Sunday hunting; and

“WHEREAS, Many residents of this Commonwealth seek hunting opportunities and hunting leases in neighboring states that offer Sunday hunting; and

“WHEREAS, The Commission recognizes that Sunday hunting will help keep Pennsylvania hunters in Pennsylvania; and

“WHEREAS, The Commonwealth has a long-standing tradition of hunting camps and clubs; and

“WHEREAS, Sunday hunting can effectively double the number of hunting days for camp owners and club members; and

“WHEREAS, Sunday hunting has the potential to generate a substantial increase in nonresident license sales and the accompanying revenue for the Pennsylvania Game Commission; and

“WHEREAS, hunting license sales and their associated federal matching funds are the primary revenue source for the Pennsylvania Game Commission in carrying out its mission, including maintaining 1.5 million acres of state game lands and acquisition of additional public lands, research and management of wildlife and providing information and education to the public; and

“WHEREASs, Sunday hunting has the potential to provide substantial economic benefits to rural areas and businesses by increasing money spent by hunters on lodging, food, gas and other incidental items; and

“WHEREAS, Sunday hunting could effectively generate $629 million in additional spending and create 5,300 new jobs, resulting in $18 million in additional sales and income tax; and

“WHEREAS, The mission of the Pennsylvania Game Commission is to manage wildlife and its habitat for current and future generations; and

“WHEREAS, Sunday hunting, which is currently permitted to control a growing population of coyotes, will provide the biologists of the Pennsylvania Game Commission a new tool to manage wildlife populations; and

“WHEREAS, The 47 states that currently permit Sunday hunting, have not experienced any discernable impact on the health or vibrancy of game populations; and

“WHEREAS, The Board of Commissioners recognizes that the authority to permit Sunday hunting lies entirely with the General Assembly of Pennsylvania; and

Pennsylvania Game Commission

“WHEREAS, If the General Assembly repeals the restrictions on Sunday hunting, thus giving the authority to regulate Sunday hunting to the Board of Commissioners, the Board recognizes the many stakeholder groups that any actions on Sunday hunting will affect and will endeavor to engage these stakeholders before passing any new regulations in regard to Sunday hunting.

“NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Commissioners of the Pennsylvania Game Commission does hereby urge the General Assembly of Pennsylvania to repeal the prohibition on Sunday hunting in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“Given under the hand and seal of the Board of Commissioners of the Pennsylvania Game Commission on this 24th day of April, 2018.”

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Dane Wilson

The game commission has always supported Sunday hunting. It’s the farm bureau that’s the hold up. The change has to be done by the legislature. And to the guy who bitches about raising license fees; there hasn’t been a license increas since 1999. You need to get your facts straight before shooting off your mouth.


Deer herds are controlled by the number of doe tags allocated. Cut the tags a little and the same number of does are killed.


Sunday hunting is not needed. All they want is money. Commission is worried about the decline of hunters and license sales (money) well those declines are due to not as much game to be hunted. They depleted the population so people quit hunting. And as a result they lose revenue so therefore they raise thr price of liscence. Inevitably losing more hunters. You dont have time to hunt due to work? Take a vacation day. I know plenty of people that hunt strictly game lands, never take a day off of work and still manage to shoot a buck and… Read more »


excellent,couldn’t have said it any better!!


Your lost in 1965. Life is much faster with more things taking our time. I agree it would b nice to go back in time but reality is what it is. Sunday hunting will finally give me more time with my kids in the woods. Go to church then sit in a tree stand. Sounds good to me.


yes to sunday hunting my busy work schedual only permits me to hunt on saturday during the rifle season for deer therefore i can only hunt two days of the season allowing sunday hunting would give me four days to hunt
that would be great
YES, YES, YES to sunday hunting


it would be GREAT to have sunday hunting then i could hunt for days on weekend instyead of one during the regular rifleseason i get to hunt only 2 days both saturdays and thats it sunday hunting and i could hunt 4 days how fantastic that would be


Lots of support PA GC.
No Sunday hunting is tripping over quarters to pick up nickels.
It takes revenue to run the state.

If Sunday hunting is passed and you don’t like it….move.
Like it or not… the decision is bigger than just you, your land your life style and your dog.

Or maybe the state could just raise property taxes to make up the lost revenue for no Sunday hunting. I bet the high and mighty King Kong land owners would be in favor of that. Lmao

Nels McMullen

As a person originally from the Midwest iowa and Missouri we allow Sunday hunting there it’s the only day farmers have off and wives are at church. Hunting is hunting quit looking at the day. If hunting is done safely then there should be no worries. I now reside in PA and find it inconvenient to only hunt Saturday. If your like normal ppl you work Monday through Friday then leave to camp right after work just to get up a few hours later to go hunt all day and then pack up Sunday to head home. I believe a… Read more »


I don’t get the people objecting to Sunday hunting. Most states in this country allow Sunday hunting with good results it’s not any different than any other day in the week for hunting plus it gives a parent another day to get there child out especially if that parent works on Saturday if you object that much post your ground no Sunday hunting and let the rest of the landowners decide about their own ground


I grew up hunting in PA, but eventually moved to Wisconsin, which is a Sunday hunting state. About 5 years ago I moved back east, and now reside in WV. This year WV will be a Sunday hunting state, and I look forward to having the Sunday option available. I still buy an out of state PA license and an in state WV license. In WI, Sunday hunting is a non-issue. There isn’t a hunter behind every tree like some people are envisioning. People are still able to get out and do non hunting activities without interruption. I took advantage… Read more »

Doyle Whenry

It’s as simple as if you don’t want it on your land to walk or ride your atv’s then don’t allow it but to tell me I can’t hunt in mine on Sunday is and has been a joke. They already permit Sunday hunting for coyotes and crows so what’s the big deal. If it’s rifle and muzzleloader season for deer your worried about them that’s what about 8 days to not walk or ride? That’s the reason to not permit Sunday hunting ! Come on again it’s the few making the rules for the many. Put it up for… Read more »


There is absolutely NO justification for this proposal! If the PGC supports the idea of hunting on Sunday then they should also support the land owners who provide 70% of the lands used by hunters. Currently there is no protection for land owners as far as Trespassing is concerned, in order for a Game Warden to issue a citation for trespass it has to be involved with an existing Game Law violation. Most of the other popular hunting state’s Fish and Game Agencies enforce Trespass Law on it own. Our Legislature should pass an amended Bill that would make Trespass… Read more »

George Decker

The legislature is working on stiffer trespass and a citation under the game code.


I think it should be allowed if you dont want to hunt on sunday then dont but if i want to i should be able too


My property is for hunting. What others do on their property is fine with me. My land, my choice. Hunting is far safer than many other outdoor recreations. Animals don’t need a “break”. Predators of all types, foxes, coyotes, hawks, bears, etc, are hunting wildlife 24/7 There will only be two high use Sundays, middle of deer season and the sunday of bear season. By then, most people are no longer out hiking due to colder weather. Sunday hunting is expanding in all states surrounding PA. No state is repealing their laws or putting more restrictions on Sunday hunting. There… Read more »

Scotty Gunn

I am surrounded on three sides by game lands. Keep Sundays no hunting. I get tired of chasing hunters out of my garden (seriously) and having to wear orange while working outside. We are near a city and get some real idiots out here. And not only can they not read Posted signs, they tear them down and then come on my land. I now post using a step ladder to keep them out of reach. Time consuming and expensive. I already lost a windshield a few years back to an idiot.


BT says It’s all about money. That’s all the pa game commission cares about , putting money in there pockets


Its all about money . That’s all the pa game commission cares about .putting money in there pockets!!!!!!!!

Chuck Hershner

I am a land owner and a hunter. I am absolutely for Sunday hunting. If you don’t like it post your land and don’t allow it . I hunt Sunday’s in other states and nobody has any problems with it. Keep up the fight and let’s soon enjoy Sunday hunting in Pa!!!

Micah Lane Grubb

No sunday Hunting. Would be a big FAIL on pa game comm. Behalf.

Scott Daw

Its about time or state catches up with the rest of the country both with Sunday hunting and semi autos for big game hunting.

Craig Lash

Some of these comments are really a stretch … I say yes to Sunday hunting.

R. J. Hecei

We should all have the choice to hunt on Sundays or not. Thats the way it should be. The same goes for using a semi auto rifle. Ive hunted New York for years and with the use of semi autos and Sunday hunting doesn’t seem to hurt the deer hurd up there any. If you don’t want Sunday hunting then don’t hunt that day. Same for semi autos, don’t like them don’t use one. But we all should be free to choose.


I am for it. As stated it all bit doubles the time for most people. Leave it to the individual to decide if they want yo go out on Sunday or not. As for those saying that you would sometimes like to go into woods on a Sunday. You still can. You can every day. Hunters only have a certain amount of days.

John moodler

My girlfriend has split custody of her ten year old son that she takes hunting. His father is not a hunter and will not take him out. So really he gets one day of rifle deer season. Explain to him how this is fair being that he’s only with his mother every other weekend.


I’m all for Sunday hunting. For those of of you saying “about it being a day for people to get out with their families”. You have the rest of the damn yr to do that! Rifle hunters have to weeks compared to your 50 weeks. And for those of you saying “6days is more than enough.” Sorry some of us actually have jobs and sometimes can’t even hunt on Saturday!


If we are worried about giving the animals a day off, let’s make hunting on Wednesday illegal and hunting on Sunday legal. We could even give the animals Tuesday and Wednesday off, and open up Sunday hunting. It would be much better that way. All the working people could hunt two days a week and the animals would get two days to rest!!!!


This is awesome finally glad that you’re thinking about opening it up For Sunday hunting. I work six days a week and I have a lot of friends that works six days a week so we will be able to get some time in without having to lose pay at work

Mike Turner

Sunday is the only day during hunting season I can leave my home, land and not worry about someone not being able to read the NO Trespassing Signs. State Police response is an hour away, what the response time for the anyone of the 3 wardens for Lycoming County? I know do you, commissioners? Make for State ground only maybe I will change my mind.

George Decker

Mike, Allowing hunting on Sunday will CUT DOWN trespass. How? The hunters YOU designate, be it family or friends, will be there hunting if you allow it. THEY will police your property.

Plus, there is a bill that would create stiffer trespass penalties. We can all support that. Heck, I’d even say hunting by written permission only.


Look I’m just a foreigner from down under and I just don’t understand the whole objection to hunting on Sundays. It just seems so silly to me that of all the regulations that can be in place that it would be one that prevents people from hunting on one day of the weekend. It doesn’t make much of a difference whether it is a Saturday or Friday as it looks more like a way to inconvenience someone who is simply planning to go hunting for just the weekend only to have it for one day of that weekend. If anything… Read more »


i don’t hunt anymore but they shouldn’t allow hunting on sunday,i gives people a chance to go out in the woods with their families. most PA. hunters i know feel the same way.

Val W.

My thoughts exactly! Let some non-hunters and their families one day to enjoy the state gamelands on Sunday while not worrying hunters in the woods!


Good take Tuesday.

Terry Dennis

No Sunday hunting.


I also do not like the idea. I hunt but I also ride side by sides and like to hike with my fawn colored dog. Me and my friends only ride on Sunday during hunting season so we don’t scare game away for other people.


Do you do that hiking as a trespasser on private lands or do so on state game lands? They could allow the private citizen to decide if hunting is allowed on their property or leased land and not effect your hiking.

Olen P Biehl

They should consider opening up to semi autos also. A rapid follow up shot if needed could make the difference between finding the animal or not. So the bottom line is still about money.


I am a Pa hunter and do NOT agree with Sunday hunting. I own property and like to walk in the woods, sometimes with the kids and dog on Sundays. If Sunday hunting is legalized I will just post the property NO TRESPASSING OR HUNTING. The animals need a break and or recoup time too. 6 days of hunting is more than enough. Many other land owners feel the same.

B Toth

No Sunday hunting.Its all about money anyway.


I’m a landowner also and I just want the freedom to use my land the way I see fit 7 days a week not be restricted to 6 days a week. What if the government said that the 2nd Amendment only applies 6 days a week, to give criminals a fighting chance.