Proposed Boulder Semi-Auto Ban Repeats Lie Upheld by Faithless Federal Courts

They're just getting warmed up with this slide. Wait until you see what else they're demanding, linked below. (Boulder City Council April 5, 2018 Presentation)

USA – -( “The Boulder City Council on Thursday night unanimously passed on first reading an ordinance that bans the sale and possession of certain firearms defined as assault weapons,” The Denver Post reports. “Council members will deliberate the measure at a future meeting and possibly pass it twice more before it becomes an enshrined Boulder ordinance.”

The presentation prepared for the Council shows the new edict to be a masterwork of conflation, ignorance, presumption and flat-out tyranny. What’s clear is they haven’t made up their minds exactly what to ban and how to go about it, although it is clear they’d really like to ban everything (with “Only Ones” exemptions, of course). What’s not clear is how they square any of it with the Second Amendment, conveniently included in the slide show if for no other reason than to thumb their noses at it and at the citizens who understand and believe in it.

That 150 people signed up to speak and only 111 could get on the agenda did not matter to a Council that had already made up its collective mind, as more than illustrated by Councilwoman Jill Adler Grano’s arrogant and ignorant assertion:

“She added that the proposed ordinance does not strip residents of their Second Amendment rights — which was a fear expressed throughout the public hearing on Thursday — because the Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee the right to an assault rifle.”

The hell it doesn’t.

Grano is utterly incapable of authoritatively addressing Founding intent for the Second Amendment, as well as past Supreme Court acknowledgment:

“[T]he Militia comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense … [who] were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time [and] “the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear … ordinary military equipment … that … could contribute to the common defense.”

Those citizens couldn’t very well fulfill that duty if they didn’t already possess such arms and have the ability to travel freely with them – as was and is “the birthright of an American.”

U.S. District Judge William Young sides with the gun-grabbers.

Grano doesn’t have to be right because no one is publicly challenging her and the council to square their unsubstantiated claims with the record – certainly no one in “the media. And when even federal judges are making the same subversive pronouncements, as U.S. District Judge William Young just did in dismissing a lawsuit against Massachusetts for expanding its so-called “assault weapons” ban, expect that Big Lie to be repeated until it is presumed true by all but marginalized “extremists.”

He's hardly the first faithless federal judge. Or the highest.

Assume Boulder will pass its ordinance. Assume gun rights groups will challenge it – and who wants to bet on the U.S. District Court?  Also assume things may not work out on appeal (and looking at the composition of the Tenth Circuit, that’s not an unreasonable assumption). That means all the Supreme Court has to do for the “law” to stand is—nothing.

My prediction, with the caveat that I’m not a lawyer and this is merely the perspective of an interested layman: A challenge using all the familiar arguments of home defense, sport (and there’s an exemption in the Boulder ordinance anyway) and economic impacts will not be persuasive. It’s past time the courts had to face the fundamental question that has already been addressed and answered by the High Court:

Can such in common use at the time arms contribute to the common defense?

If they can be, they're protected. If a court rules agains them anyway, at least it will be clear that those intent on being obeyed have dropped all pretenses for allowing fundamental rights to be peaceably protected within a system they control.

UPDATE: A meeting attendee estimates “I would say that there were approximately 20 gun owners to every gun grabber.”

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. I wrote some comments for some newspapers that had editorialized or printed anti-gun letters.

      Many people, including legislators and judges do not understand the Second Amendment. Just a few points . In 1775 the Minutemen militia did not seek permission or charter from King George or his Governor in the Colony. When the British Army invaded and occupied Boston with 10,000 troops they interdependently formed a militia. On April 19, 1775 they rallied to stop the British from confiscating arms in storage at Concord and Lexington. In July 1776 the Declaration of Independence was written and a simple reading will show that the people declared a need for arms to oppose tyranny. Obviously a militia would not seek or ever gain approval for a chartered militia from the tyrant they seek to control. Since gun control has always been tied closely to slavery the Supreme Court from 1858 to 2008 has always been unwilling to clearly state what the Second Amendment protects. Finally in 2008 Justice Scalia wrote the HELLER opinion and Justice Stevens opposed that legal reasoning. But Justice Stevens must have reconsidered what teh Second Amendment protects and now realizes that it must be repealed in order for tyranny to rule. It was always intended to be an individual right. In 1788 when being drafted the Senate rejected adding the words FOR THE COMMON DEFENCE as a limitation on the right to keep and bear arms. [Defence was the spelling originally] In 1939 te Supreme Court said that when forming the militia “was expected to appear bearing their private arms. ” These were further described as current military arms. Just to make it easier to understand I’ve changed the comma to a question mark. A well regulated miliia being necessary to the security of a free state ? [Yes, therefore] “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      The People think the Constitution protects their Rights. Government sees the Constitution as an Obstacle to be Overcome. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ? [Yes,therefore] “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”


      In 1775 some private subjects of King George under military occupation by a large British Army force in Boston decided on their own that life as “subjects” was intolerable. When they learned that the Army was sending a force to Lexington and Concord to confiscate arms which was gun powder, flints, and lead, as well as muskets and probably a few cannons. The first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired April 19, 1775. Over a year later the Colonials got around to writing The Declaration of Independence. Patriots decided that it was better to Live Free than be a Subject. The Declaration says that a tyrant must be replaced even if that requires arms and a militia. Does anybody think a tyrant will charter and approve “a militia?” In 1788 when a constitution was being drafted The Militia was included but men such as Patrick Henry did not find this to be adequate protection . A Bill of Rights was demanded and the Congress drafted a Bill of Rights. When they guaranteed the right to arms the Senate rejected including the words FOR THE COMMON DEFENCE as a limitation on the right to keep and bear arms. Justice Scalia did not make a mistake, it is a right of individuals not enrolled in a military or militia service. In 1792 the Congress passed the Militia Act to describe what “well-regulated” means. Congress described in detail what a military [ minimum] musket had to be and said every person had to have one. Later Congresses up-dated the description of arms as cartridges and rifled barrels became useful. In 1939 the Supreme Court said they did not know a lot about the Second Amendment. The MILLER case had been dismissed without a trial or any evidence and thus there was no transcript. The Court said it “was not within judicial notice” and the only thing they were sure about was that when a militia formed “they were expected to appear bearing their private arms of current military kind. I have never ignored any of the words in the Second Amendment, but I understand that the Declaration, the Constitution and history are one . I’ve re-written the Second Amendment very slightly to make it easier to understand. I think Justice Scalia would approve. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state? [ well yes, therefore] “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      The People think the Constitution protects their Rights. Government sees the Constitution as an Obstacle to be Overcome. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ? [well yes, therefore] “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      1. Excellent presentation. What should be hammered into the thick skulls of the Left is that citizens, or rather, able-bodied men, were required to keep in their homes, arms of military design that were, at least equal to what the British army carried. In fact, many of the rifles owned by rural Americans, such as the Kentucky long rifle, were superior to the shorter and smooth-bore, British muskets. The longer range of the Kentucky rifle matched with the guerrilla warfare tactics that the Colonists had earned from the Indians, are what tipped the scales in our favor.

        Today’s AR-15 is the Kentucky rifle of the 21st Century.and just like that, all-purpose 18th Century rifle, the AR-15 can be used to feed a family, protect livestock from predators and defend homes and families against robbers, killers and other assorted thugs. Most of all, it is insurance against tyranny that would strip away all protection for our other, God given rights. The 2nd Amendment did not give us the right to own an AR-15. We were born with that right and the 2nd Amendment is there to ensure that this God-given right to life and self-preservation “shall not be infringed” by any man or government.

      2. “In 1792 the Congress passed the Militia Act to describe what “well-regulated” means”

        They did, and it was updated several times, including in 1903. And again in 1908, and later on in the National Defence acts and amendments, but 1903 is the interesting one and I’d put money on you not being in the recognised well regulated militia, the National Guard. Never met a gun owner who was. Which is a real tragedy, and goes a long way toward explaining the differences between countries with a history of serving, like Switzerland, and those which don’t, like America.

        I find as a general rule, the more someone talks about common defence the less likely they’ve ever put on a uniform.

        1. The unorganized militia, which is the Second Amendment Militia, was not disbanded, eliminated or made obsolete by the National Guard.
          Since the majority of military power in the United States was in the state militias from 1790 to 1903 the ability of the United States to protect its national interests came to a head with the Spanish- American War.
          The regular Army and Marine Corps were the only forces that could be deployed outside the borders of the US. The numerical count of U.S. Army and Marines was NOT enough to fight the Spanish-American War. The Navy and the Marine Corps and the regular Army were stretched thin.
          That’s why Teddy Roosevelt formed the Rough Riders, volunteers who could go to Cuba, freeing regular troops for the Philippine campaign.
          But the lesson was learned and the National Guard was created as a part of the regular Army.
          Most of the States have done what was feared in 1789, ceased to support their state militias. But as long as the Second Amendment remains part of the Constitution the people can self-organize to form militia as was expected by the Declaration of Independence and the Founders.
          100 years ago war took weeks to get started, today it takes a few hours. National Guard is now almost a full time soldier. The citizens have become lazy and pay little attention to politics unless it involves Stormy Daniels or Monica Lewinski or Barney Franks or similar titillation.

          1. I agree! I however have always been disappointed in the national guard. What kind of “national” guard needs to deploy to the middle east a half dozen times? I have several friends who have deployed so many times over the past 15 years. Seems to me the national guard is a backup spearhead force for foreign wars now.

            1. That is exactly why the National Guard was created under the constitutional authority to raise an army. Until about 1900 the major strength of the military was in the State militias.
              The Spanish-American War was not fought in the United States and that meant that the United States was short of manpower to fight a war in Cuba and the Philippines.
              At Sea and the Philippines the Navy, Marine Corps and part of the Army fought.
              Naval victories were critical.
              In Cuba the Army just wasn’t large enough to fight on land. The Army sent troops and Officers. State militia members and cowboys and mountain men volunteered and were The Rough Riders lead by Teddy Roosevelt.
              That lesson prompted Congress to create the National Guard as a a force that could be ordered overseas. And as was warned back in 1788, a Select Militia would lack support from the states and the state militia would cease to exist.
              The Second Amendment is not about the National Guard or even the State Militia.
              It is about the unorganized militia and the ability of the people to form a non-chartered militia in the same way the Minutemen formed to regain their freedom from the tyrannical British.
              It was incorporated in the Declaration of Independence and written into the Constitution as the Second Amendment because Patrick Henry objected to the Constitution.
              Self-defense using the same arms protected by the Second Amendment is one of those “rights retained” by the Ninth Amendment

            2. Citizen,

              “….backup….force….”. Correct. It is one of two reserve components of the Total Army concept.

              The United States Army consists of three components, the Regular Army, the Army Guard and the Army Reserve. In general, Army Guard is comprised of primarily combat units while the Army Reserve consists of support and combat support elements.

              While many citizens believe their “state” Army or Air Guard units belong to the state governor, they do not. They are only on loan from the fedgov. Although the governor has dibs on “his” Guard troops for in-state emergencies such as natural disasters and civil disturbances, ultimately they belong to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Fedgov funds the Guard. They pay the troops for weekend drills and buy all the equipment. There is NO way a state could fund a infantry Stryker battalion, an AH-64 Attack helicopter battalion or an Air Guard F-16 fighter squadron !

              All it takes is for the POTUS, the Commander-in-Chief, to federalize Army or Air Guard units. Their dual mission of state and federal will become singular….they will be totally federal troops with no use by the state or territorial governor. FDR federalized numerous state Army Guard units back in 1940/41. As an example, Pennsylvania’s 28th Infantry Division (Keystone) was one.

              Do yourself a favor. Research the “Dick Act”.

              And think about this….the nametapes over their heart on Guardsmen’s BDU/ACU/ABU/Multicam uniforms do not indicate their state/territory. Nope. Their nametape says “US ARMY” or “US AIR FORCE”. Guardsmen belong to the federales.

      3. good post and RIGHT ON.
        no matter how much legislation they pass, it’s all REPUGNET TO THE CONSTITUTION AND THEREFOR NULL AND VOID.

    2. These are precisely the people that need to be on the receiving end of the 2nd Amendment. These people hate the US so much. Why don;t they leave? As long as the government lets thugs, criminals, MS-13, and illegal aliens roam free, we are keeping our iron.

      1. i AGREE Vernon.
        TRAITORS are everywhere in our nation today.
        and before to much longer, WE THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM, DIRECT.

      2. The receiving end!!!! Precisely why someone with your mentality should not EVER carry a weapon of any kind!!!!

        1. As long as hoplophobes exist in America, some of us will have to pick up their slack when it comes to defending American values. Sleep tight, we will be watching the wall.

        2. You are scary and believe your ignorance means anyone should ever listen to you? Sadly your lack of education can’t understand a simple amendment and only want to twist words and play games with our rights. Remember your freedom of speech is next and don’t cry to us.

        3. Why Sally A., what makes you think that we would use a weapon, when a rope is more appropriate. You better get to banning tree limbs, Sally.

          1. WB,

            Sally needs to consider banning lamp posts too !

            While many correctly believe they should “buy more ammo” they should not forget rope.

    3. I am willing to bet that this idiot politician could not accurately define an “assault weapon” even if the prize was a million dollars. So she is no different from just about all of the anti 2nd amendment politicians, gun ban groups, and media morons.

      “The shoulder thing that goes up” is the norm for the anti gun types.

    4. Communist language:

      “Assault Rifle” = Any firearm the communists declare meets their definition of such.
      “Gay” = Any homosexual or lesbian. The word bastardized 3 decades ago to make homosexuals acceptable.

      The communists change the verbiage of words to support both their political and social justice agendas. At what point in time are these communists to be terminated with prejudice ?

      Sometimes, eventually, violence is the answer.

      SAT CONG

      1. MSR, Modern Sporting Rifle is the name that NSSF is using to describe ARs under the false impression the calling something sporting protects it. Of course the anti-hunters want to ban hunting and target shooting is just practice for killing animal on a hunt.
        MSR or Militia Standard Rifle put the AR under the umbrella of the Second Amendment

    5. The state of Colorado has become a Left wing liberal snowflake state.All them kalifornia fruits transplants.This goes for other states in the west,find out where a person comes from if they are running for office.If they have moved in from a communist state,don’t vote them in office.That is what happened to Colorado.

    6. I thought Colorado have a state preemption law that would preclude local tyrannies from being more restrictive than state law.
      If that’s the case, Boulder are done.

        1. Shut up you fool. Worried about grammar when we have serious problems in this country?? You are the dolt. P.S. You punctuation is wrong, dolt

      1. Colorado does have a State preemption law. However, in a case a few years ago, Denver outlawed “assault weapons.” It was challenged on the preemption basis, but the judge let Denver’s law stand. I think it was on the grounds of “public safety.”

        That probably sets the precedent that local laws that deviate from State law are allowed on some basis. I would really like to see Boulder’s law challenged on this basis. Either State preemption would be upheld with Boulder’s law held to be null and void, and Denver’s case could come under review, or local deviations will be allowed and the whole thing turns into a can of worms.

        1. Most of the Colorado statutes end with the public safety phrase in order to get them more easily passed and enacted immediately. Quite the ridiculous thing that ALL statutes are critical for public safety.

      2. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has already preempted state, county, local and bureaucratic tyrannies. The founders filled the field on the legal subject of the People keeping and bearing arms. Every so called law that restricts peoples Civil Rights are based upon the dishonest acts of corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, and corrupt bureaucrats.

    7. CIVIL WAR is the only answer!!! Scotus hasn’t and will continue to nothing about the 2A. Trump isn’t going to help. He’s a coward as well. We don’t have to worry about russia, or china or any middle eastern country doing us harm. The libtards are doing more to ruin this country than a foreign attack could ever do. Civil WAR is what its gonna take to save this once great country.

      1. If Trump is a coward, I wonder what you would say about the Bushes and probably 90% of our other presidents. To call a president who actually tries to do things for our country a “coward” is interesting, to say the least. Sure, he has some things to understand, but I have to disagree with your label.

      2. @pastor, We do not have the logistics to win a civil war. There is plenty of time for war. If we can send a whole new Congress of not corrupted yet people to help Trump, then we can undo all of the dishonest alterations that have been heaped on the American people for generations.

        1. Wild Bill,

          Did you not take an oath to defend the Constitution against “….all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.” ? Or has that oath expired ?

          You just haven’t awakened to the fact that voting has gotten us where we are today ? How has all that voting worked out for you, we, us, I ?

          How many times are you going to rely on the ballot box before you realize the cartridge box is the only solution to tyranny ? I will remind you of the upcoming anniversary next week, of Lexington Green and Concord Bridge, 19 April 1775. American Patriots said “Enough” when the Lobsterbacks came to confiscate weapons, ball and powder. They didn’t call for more voting. The armed Americans stood their ground against the tyranny of King George III and “Fired the shot heard ’round the world.”

          Kill all those who would confiscate one’s “weapons, ball and powder”.

          Sometimes, eventually, violence IS the answer.

          1. @DanIII Nope, it has not expired. You are correct sometimes violence is the answer. But one needs the organization, logistics, secure communications, numbers of people, intel, and planning. The various governments have that. Whomever revolts, now, does not have that. The county sheriff has better S1-S4 than most private militias. So this is not the time.
            We have not the skills, knowledge, and abilities that our ancestors did. Most young people can not make a meal without a microwave oven, much less kill, skin, cook, and preserve meat one the hoof.
            Voting in an election costs near nothing.
            Finally, the first person that calls for armed rebellion, and holds formation at his house will find themselves a new resident of Oakdale, La.

            1. Wild Bill,

              You are most correct when you cite the lack of any organized resistance to the attacks by the scum one calls government, upon the God-given rights of citizens to self-defense. I have long argued that there is no “shadow government” of Patriots to defend against the tyranny of those attacking Freedom. Voting is not the answer….look at the continuing attacks against POTUS Trump by the FBI with Rosenstein directing the attacks and Sessions being compliant with the Deep State. Seems to me gun owners may just as well turn all their firearms in to the scum of government. As your identifying lack of Patriot organization in armed opposition to .gov is spot on.

              Perhaps one Patriot will light the fire of insurgency against a government run amuck ? It only takes one to light the wick.

              This country is in deep dung.

            2. The trick would be to get the progressive, socialist, libtard DNC to repel during a conservative administration, and we could all offer to help kill them.

            3. The EU (is The New Soviet), the fmr. USSR, China, Vietnam, N. Korea, Cuba and Venezuela??? Yea! That’s a good idea let’s keep waiting. That’s a [email protected]’ pipe dream! The marxists will just love that one. Like they’ve been lovin’ it in America since they set up shop.
              They don’t want a fight. They want slow incremental surrender. Just like what you have described.

          2. Actually, the “armed Americans” (still British citizens) didn’t fire that shot. The British did and it killed one Cripus Attucks, a free black man.

        2. @Wild Bill, you are 100% right yet sadly if only 3% of we the people stepped up to the plate to do this job it wouldn’t be enough people!

    8. All of the council members email info is on the Boulder website. May not make a difference or not but their email should be flooded with the facts that what they are proposing will not affect criminals what so ever. Flood them with copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights. All of it will probably go right into their trash bin because they can’t handle facts and the truth of it all! We CAN NOT stand by idly or we will not stop the erosion of this great nation!

    9. The anti-gunners are not only tilting the slope at every opportunity, they are pouring oil on it as fast as they can. This is because the ‘feel’ that momentum is on their side. Unfortunately with the assistance of the shrill voices of the lame stream media, and ‘conveniently’ misrepresenting terminology (conflating “assault weapons’ and ?assault rifles” as one egregious example) the sheeple are falling into line to support them. We must continue to be armed with facts and counter their ‘arguments’ at every turn.

      1. If you haven’t seen it yet, look for the defense made by Mark Robinson in Greensboro, NC about a week ago.

    10. “What’s not clear is how they square any of it with the Second Amendment”, they really don’t. While they mouth words about protection (“the proposed ordinance does not strip residents of their Second Amendment rights”) they speak out of both sides of their mouths in regard to the original intent (“the Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee”).
      The problem isn’t “how do they square any of this”, the problem is how do we protect it moving forward. Court action? That will work for a while, but the courts are stacked with leftist progressives who tend to side with these people. Trump will appoint better judges? Maybe, but congress is obstructing the majority of his appointees. Should the power in the House and Senate flip this next election cycle, kiss all the appointees goodbye.

      In times like this I like to review the founding documents:
      When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands
      which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal
      Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of
      Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.
      We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with
      certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these
      Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that
      whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to
      abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in
      such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness……

      It seems that we are coming full circle in the course of our Nations history.

      1. I love the Declaration of Independence. Most people in the United States of America (I can’t call them Americans…) Have no idea what is in that document, how it lists the grievances the colonists had with the monarchy and why the war was started. And these exact same issues are coming back to haunt us…almost verbatim.

        Especially this phrase:
        ‘…that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…’.

        They were amazingly wise men.

      2. I love the Declaration of Independence. Most people in the United States of America (I can’t call them Americans…) Have no idea what is in that document, how it lists the grievances the colonists had with the monarchy and why the war was started. And these exact same issues are coming back to haunt us…almost verbatim.

        Especially this phrase:
        ‘…that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…’.

        They were amazingly wise men.

      3. The Declaration of Independence is the Mission Statement for the United States of America!
        The Constitution is the Operating Manual!
        Having served for 30 years, my Oath has not expired and never will but having read all of the commentary on this site, I wonder how many would actually stand up if push came to shove.

        1. Martin you are RIGHT.
          and as to your question about standing up if push comes to shove?
          i took my OATH as a young Marine back in 1960, and fought in vietnam 65/66-68/69
          and my OATH IS FOR LIFE, like our Veteran Comrades.
          i already know thousands of us and active Military will STAND in defense of our CONSTITUTION, AND REPUBLIC.
          and will back the President, i talk to lots of them daily. because if we DON’T WERE DONE AS A PEOPLE, AND NATION, IT’S THAT SIMPLE.
          and THANKS for your SERVICE.

          1. @Bob, @Mike, @JH: I’m onboard!!!
            @Bob: I wrote a proposal a few years back inclusive of those MIGHTY WORDS. (See Documents end.)
            (Due fact that militias will be attacked and/or fail to act and lone wolves will not work. Family, Neighbors, Friends, Veterans and Patriots however will.)
            IMO I believe action should have taken place decades ago between 1963 – 1969. All political assassinations during that period were to shut the citizenry down. Unfortunately it worked for most of the nation. Robert Welch and U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy new the facts like Bill Cooper that followed little later.
            1. Sacking of McCarthy (He was right! Just too zealous.)
            2. Presidential Assassination (It’s cover-up)
            3. Several Assassinated Civil Rights Leaders (their cover-ups)
            4. Assassination of a Fmr. AG running for Pres. (It’s cover-up)
            5. Sacking of J. Edgar Hoover (by the Texan Commie LBJ)
            6. Nixon squashed the HUAC (illegal abuses/actions, however the committee was vital.)
            7. Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9/11 and the Killing of M. Bill Cooper
            Bill’s Complete Hour of the Time Radio Programs in MP3 format

    11. We need to keep track of “elitists in power” like this one. That way when the revolution comes we can make sure that he attends the hangings.

    12. I might be a complete idiot (much like the people in charge of “the people’s republic of boulder” who still think Hilary won) but in the presentation, do they not provide the very state law that would prohibit the city of boulder from enforcing any such ban/call for registration as the one proposed? I’m no lawyer but it seems counterintuitive. It’s a shame such morons got responsibility for such a beautiful piece of land.

      1. perhaps it needs a Colorado to publish a notice in Adam and against the council members for violating their oath of office place them on notice and alert the grand jury Foreman of pending actions short of Willful Neglect of Statutory Duty, high crime that allows grand jury to investigate not only the allegations alleged but anything else they find along the way. Fail to step up to the plate and do this and you lose Boulder along with Colorado.

    13. The problem is how they are taking our rights in very small bites and that makes it very hard to have a line in the sand to use as a rallying point to get all gun owners to resist by any means necessary. If they came out and attacked the 2nd head on with a complete ban it would be easy to say to fellow gun owners and patriots that this is it, we take a stand here and now and see this thru to the end because if not gun ownership is over. It would be easy to make the case to make a stand. Instead we are getting bled out by thousands of papercuts and because the attack is so spread out there is no easy way to draw that line to rally at. They know that if they push to hard it we would draw that line in the sand and hold it till the end so they are purposely nipping at us,taking more restrictions anywhere and anyway they can.
      I don’t know what the answer is. It’s a hard fight any way you go. I don’t want to see a war over this. I’m like any other law abiding gun owner. I want to own the guns I choose. I want to keep my family and myself safe. I want to be able to defend myself away from my home if the need arises. I want to be able to cross the state line without becoming a felon if I’m armed. I want to be able to buy or sell a gun privately and accept the responsibility to check out who I am selling it to on my own. I just want to be left alone if I’m not committing any crimes. I want the effort to go into getting the criminals and helping those with mental health issues. If all the money spent on taking away my rights was used to enforce the laws we have and to help those with mental health issues think of where we would be. If you don’t want a gun fine don’t have one but stop trying to keep me from having the ones I choose.
      We need to fight back with every legal tool we have and I don’t want this to turn into a civil war but if they continue to take small bites we could lose the fight against gov’t tyranny without firing a shot.

      1. This is part of what I spoke of in hearings at the Colorado capital in 2013 wen they were proposing all of the laws that were passed then. Little by little and all of a sudden there are no rights remaining. Soon single shot .22s will be all that are ‘legally’ allowed and when some clown shoots something up with a little bolt action .22 they will confiscate those…and their scheme will be complete…at least from a paperwork perspective.

        1. I’m almost hoping that the next attack against a school comes in the form of a bombing but with no casualties or injuries coming from it, Just to show people that when a person wants to commit mass murder, he will use whatever he can get his hands on to commit it.

          Apparently, the guy in Canada who plowed a panel van into a crowd of people and killed 10 didn’t register with the gun-grabbing grubs who live in cow dung.

          1. The worst school massacre happened in 1927 in Bath, MI. It was a bombing and the perpetrator had wired the bombs into the school electrical system.
            There were around 35 children and numerous adults killed. Had all of the explosives gone off, the toll would have been quite a bit higher.
            The bad guy killed himself and several by-standers, also with a bomb.
            But today, it most likely wouldn’t make the news because a bombing doesn’t fit the anti-gun narrative.

    14. The SCOTUS needs to realize that if they continue to be derilect in doing their job of defending the Constitution or if they attempt to change the meaning of the Constitution there will be a civil war with the people themselves defending the Constitution. It is a very scary thought with no good outcome for our country but one that will surely take place will the SCOTUS sits quietly by. It is time to end this charade or a disaster will take place.

      1. Agreed. And THAT is exactly what the 2nd Amendment is for. It sits there quietly being attacked and eroded until it is finally time for it to be used. Then, it’s all or nothing.

        1. I agree the function of the 2nd Amendment is exactly something that codifies our right tp support and defend the constitution, however, we need to draw the line in the sand and invoke the 2nd and stand up and stare them in the eye and be ready to lock and load if pushed into it.

      2. @Chiefton, the S.CT. was the first of the three branches to create for itself power and authority that the Constitution did not give it. They are the worst ones!

    15. What happens when folks say “no”, you can’t have our guns. We won’t turn them in, we won’t sell them, we won’t comply? Oh wait, that happened in NY State! They passed the SAFE Act and dared the Governor to try forced confiscation (which he threatened) by telling him there would be blood shed if police started breaking down doors. Result; 7% compliance rate and the Governor beat a hasty retreat from his now previous statement.

    16. They really have no idea what an “Assault” Rifle is!
      The Boulder-Denver-Ft Collins Triangle is where Leftists from kommiefornia have moved to spread their poison throughout Colorado.
      You are now seeing how the cockroaches from Jerry Brown’s Utopia are spreading out to destroy the rest of the West.
      Exactly how do they plan to implement their Communist Utopia of gun-free “safety”?

      1. Well stated Martin. The problem remains though. A nuclear blast can’t eliminate said cockroaches, and trust me, there are many here in kommiefornia. It appears as if Boulder has one upped good ol’ Jerry though. As so falsely mislabeled, the supposed Assault Weapon owners may still own their Assault Weapons, ie; AR provided they change out the lower so that the mag is pulled from the top to change out. The ironic thing that bugs the bejeebers out of us is that these Assault Weapons were purchased legally here in kommiefornia. Leave it to the duma!

    17. “All semi-automatic rifles have detachable magazines” what bullshit! I have two semi-automatic rifles that do not have detachable magazines.

    18. First of all, someone ought to go in to the “City Council” and ask them to explain exactly what an “Assault” Rifle is and then attempt to school them in the requirements of the Federal Firearms License.
      Actually this would be a waste of time because the Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins Triangle actually has the power (in votes) to ram anything they want down the throats of Coloradans because all of the Liberal cockroaches leaving Kommiefornia are moving there and trying to destroy Colorado as they have destroyed California.

    19. So – if it passes – the question becomes, will gun-owners comply, or resist? It’s a digital question (1 or 0), and each side could escalate to a very high level…….. We can talk about courts, arguments, logic, shoulda-woulda-coulda all we want, but at the end of the day the affected owners will have a choice……roll over and comply, OR prepare to resist. Recent history shows that, despite all the online bluster and chest-thumping in our chat rooms, folks will line up and turn in, or sell, their arms. i.e., roll over. We’ll see.

    20. First Deerfield, ILL, now Boulder, CO. What is the world coming to? It is time these do-goers, a$$holes, fill-in-blanks, etc. are voted out of office. We are under attack, and we MUST FIGHT back with every legal means possible.

      I just renewed my NRA membership for 5 years, and re-joined GOA. Time to renew my National Association for Gun Rights membership, too. I were my NAGR AR-15 T-Shirt with pride. And don’t forgot about your local Gun Rights groups.

      1. legal means? why! they are not,have not and will not use legal means.SORRY TO SAY …TIME FOR WORDS ARE DONE…You do not seem to get it, this is not America anymore. look around. lives do not matter. this is about the loss of an individual’s power. The EU is the major Influence in all this. GUN CONTROL IS AN insurgency. the destruction of this country. a step in the plan by a Foreign agenda, these progressive EU sell outs will not understand what the 2nd amendment is until the EU DIRECTS the UN, the German Army under the direction of Brussels, and the Chinese armies the put them in death camps. they do not realize they are pawns and will not get any special treatment. that is why any sane person needs a tool to defend this Republic. the Constitution is being attacked by???who??? Who has a constitution already to govern all nations?? The EU has a constitution of it’s own and it is using communist ideals and radical Islam to Hollow those nations who oppose them. the problem is all because their is, NO CONSEQUENCES. THE DEMOCRATS DO NOT NEED BOTS, THEY HAVE FELONS IN PRISONS, MIGRANTS, ILLEGALS, NO ID VOTERS, DEAD PEOPLE and UNIONS TO VOTE. If we do not fix this the EU influence that is destroying this world. it will never stop. Problem is all because their is, NO CONSEQUENCES. The sold out EU organizations, like MSM, Hollywood, Senior Executive Service, communist educators and Judges, NEVER PAY FOR THE WRONG DOING. Where is the leader to start the war to rid the country of the EU INSURRECTION in this country. WAKE UP and KNOW YOUR ENEMY. THE EU and these communist mouth pieces.

        1. Whoa there bozo. The EU is not the problem. WE are the problem. WE elected OUR leaders; not the EU. Take off the tinfoil hat and give it a rest.

      2. “… every legal means possible.” Problem: “Legal” . The word “Legal” means exactly what they and their bought and paid for lawyers and judges say it means. As do all the other words associated with our rights that they have adopted in their arrogant, willful ignorance. For examples: 1) The first ten amendments to Our Constitution are not really part of the Constitution – – They are merely amendments that do not really means what they say. 2) Amendment? what’s
        the Constitutional definition of amendment? 3)Article V? What’s that? 4) Art. VI paragraph 2. “… in Pursuance thereof;…” What the hell does “pursuance” mean, and why did the drafters include that old meaningless word in there?. The do not know the constitution, they do not know what it says, and they do not give a fat rat’s behind as long as their lawyer/judge flunkies continue to assure them that what they’re doing is “LEGAL”.

    21. In addition to the quote the author used against the Boulder Idiots-in-Charge, and strictly as an interested non-lawyer, I believe that the Supreme Court decision in US v. Miller also supports the 2nd Amendment applicability of and to AR-15s.

        1. McReynolds was a really big asshole to everyone around him, and an an elitist that thought he was depriving the people of their usual civilian firearms. Technology has improved and the only weapons (those with a military purpose) that McReynolds would have protected are now in the hands of We the people.
          For example: the short barreled shotgun that McReynolds thought that he was depriving the people of is now a weapon used by the military to breach doors. In McReynolds day the military did not go door to door breaching, searching and destroying moslem jihadis. By McReynolds reasoning, that weapon is now clearly protected by the American Civil Right to bear arms enumerated in the Second Amendment .

    22. Very much like the propaganda “justification” in the preamble of the GFSZ law, 18§922(q) , just make up some premise and either lie or ignore actual historical facts.
      City councils are like the judge in MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, when deciding about Santa the script called for the judge to “consult the highest available authority” which was his political advisor [played by William Frawley aka Fred Mertz].
      Unfortunately city councils don’t write scripts, they write laws and infringe on freedom and totally fail at getting close to what they claim they were going to do.
      City Councils consult the authority of their choice, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler and always double-down when the laws fail as they were told they would do.
      Can’t increase safety by doing something effective because then they have no way to justify doubling down.

      1. @Jim M, And the city councils have their own standing armies to have their way through the barrel of a gun, too.

          1. Police Departments line up in formations identical to an Army inspection. They have rank and salute.
            The Police Chief is hired by te Mayor and paid by the City Council.
            The sheriff is elected and can be recalled by the voters. [ Boward County, FLvoters note[
            Police Departments are at least paramilitary with armored cars, bomb squads, helicopters and fully automatic weapons.

          2. @Clark, Maybe if you would read the history of political machines and how city police departments got started in this country, you would know what I am writing about.

    23. These damn idiots and they ARE IDIOTS, don’t have a clue about safety. The raging morons are, like their twins in Kommieforniastan, are making our firearms much more dangerous. The first thing we do incase of a jam is to drop the mag so we can safely clear it. Now we can’t even do that. As I said RAGING MORONS. If someone gets hurt as a result of their stupidity I hope the fools are sued for a whole lot of money.

    24. Boulder will become a wasteland of it’s
      own making . They will drive away people ,
      who normally would spend money at their
      ski resorts and hotels , spas , and other
      shopping areas . Pro gun people have
      as much or more cash flow in that region
      as anyone. Drive away business and your done !

      1. Marc DV – I think they will still go to Boulder. Citizens across this country continue to allow government to usurp rights in exchange for an illusion of “safety”.

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