Sacrificing Public Safety to Please Special Interests

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, blames the NRA at CCN pretend town hall debate.
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, blames the NRA at CCN pretend town hall debate.

U.S.A. –-( Nothing happens by accident in politics. I talked about the appealing superstition of gun control. Now let’s look why bad ideas get so much political traction from elected officials. Politicians say they want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, what is right for them isn’t necessarily right for us. Politicians frequently say one thing in front of a camera and then do another. Politicians vote for their best interest rather than for ours. Look at the issue of murders in school. Experts told us what to do to protect our children, yet progress is painfully slow.

We want our children protected while the politician needs to get credit and kickbacks for any solution.
That leaves ours children at risk..
time after time.

Mental Health vs State Employee Unions

Many mass murderers have a history of mental illness. Now that we’ve closed our mental hospitals, your local sheriff is often the largest provider of mental health services in your county. That is one of the larger expenses on  the sheriff’s budget. Mental health evaluation and treatment consume lots of time from law enforcement officers, corrections officers, nurses, doctors and lawyers. Notice the varied backgrounds of the providers. Some of them might be contract providers rather than state employees. In general, they are not as well connected, as politically organized, as unionized teachers and prison guards.  In fact, every dollar a politician spends keeping the mentally ill out of jail is a dollar that could go towards the bloated pensions of state employees. That is why politicos would rather give money to state employees and statewide unions rather than to local providers. Is it more politically profitable to put someone in prison than to treat the mentally ill before they commit a crime? It often is. Could that explain why we see, what we see in our deteriorating mental health system?

Incarceration vs State Employee Unions

It seems that law enforcement is reluctant to take repeat offenders off the street. For example, California recently went so far as to release large numbers of prisoners. The legislature and the parole board redefined the term “violent criminal” so those repeat offenders are sent to county jails or released rather than housed in state prisons.

Is it more politically profitable to release someone from prison than to keep them there? Could it be? Could that explain why we see, what we see in our prisons and jails?

Deregulation of Schools vs State Employee Unions

The professionals who study mass murders said we need armed defenders in schools. I’ve reviewed their research and I have to agree. Cops are expensive and conspicuous. Teachers and other school staff volunteered to protect our kids. These school staff who work in the school every day were willing to take on extra obligations for free so that “their kids” would be protected from armed murderers. Unfortunately, teachers’ unions don’t want teachers providing unpaid services..even if those teachers would be saving their own lives.

Police Unions vs Teachers’ Unions

Those volunteer teachers can also jeopardize the jobs of unionized school resource officers. No wonder the union representatives want our schools disarmed and vulnerable.

Is it more politically profitable to hold out for extra pay for the school personnel who carry concealed, than to provide protection for children against a rampaging mass murderer? Could it be? Could that explain why we see, what we see?

Marriage vs Planned Parenthood

Almost all our mass murders grew up without a father. Many political interests conspire against lifelong married love and against a child growing up knowing his married parents. At its simplest, the state penalizes marriage for the poorest people, through programs, such as TANF, WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, and the Earned Income Credit. The state also promotes abortion and cheap sex. Those state funded programs undermine fathers. In divorce cases, the government sides with whichever partner wants the marriage the least. Our children, particularly our boys, pay the price.

Law Enforcement & Political Correctness

The “Ferguson effect”, the perceived requirement that officers have explicitly quantifiable cause before they engage a minority citizen, is only the tip of the iceberg. In this age of political correctness, we ignore minority members who commit crimes since we don’t want minorities over-represented in crime statistics. That policy put the murderer at the Parkwood, Florida high school off limits for law enforcement. The murderer wasn’t removed from school even though he’d been expelled six times and the police had been called to his house 39 times in the last seven years. We paid for those politically approved statistics with the blood of our children.

We’re going to have to upset the political status quo if we want our children protected in schools. Some states and counties might be willing to change because of the structure of law enforcement unions in that state. Other states with strongly unionized and politicized special interests will oppose any change that threatens their established political interests. They will simply use the next murder as a cause to demand more of the state and county budget.

Don’t expect the politicians to defend us or our children. That is our job, not theirs.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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      1. I have recently seen several examples of why a drivers license should be denied for anyone who is mentally unstable or a violent felon. Violation of such a law should result in a long stretch of incarceration. If they don’t have a legal means to get to or commit the next crime, it would make even attempting such a thing actionable by society. This would, of course, not keep such folks from behind the wheel if they so choose, but would give society another tool to keep them confined where they could do minimum harm. “If it saved only one life …….”

    1. I am one of those who was “old enough to kill but not for voting” as the song “Eve of Destruction” says. Drafted at 18 just after finishing high school. The year-June 1967. I could not vote or even buy a beer. Of course on the post, you could buy the 3.2 beer. Yup, 21 was the legal age for almost anything. We all knew we were going to Vietnam. When I finished basic they began drafting 50,000 a month. Before they developed the lottery system. I signed up for another year to go airborne “All the Way”. Of course with all those troops at Ft. Bragg, there was money to be made. So Fayetteville, N.C. had all those “Go-Go” clubs where you could buy 3.2 beer. No hard stuff though. You weren’t old enough. We called the town “Fayette-Nam”. Then came Vietnam time. I had just turned twenty. Still couldn’t buy a beer on my 30 days leave in Conn. I’m so happy that those in the military now are too young to buy a rifle or a drink. But they are only volunteers, right? We do let them vote. The 18-20-year-olds should be grateful. Wait your turn until you reach 21. Unless you die in combat. I’m so fracken mad at this turn of events.

      1. 1 June 1967 1300 I took my oath of enlistment and maintain it to the present day. I was one of those Eve of Destruction people. Many things about that period were screwed up. Technically, upon enlistment, everyone became an adult and could enter into contracts, get married without parental permission, could smoke, could die for God and Country, but could not drink or decide who would represent their interests (like whether or not to send troops to war).

        My parents took me bar hopping in San Francisco and we got kicked out of every strip club there. A few days later I was in Vietnam where if you could pay for a drink you got it. You could buy booze in the BX/PX without a question.

        During my 21+ years of service, armed with a wide range of weapons, I was responsible for the protection of nuclear armed weapons delivery systems on alert status. I was responsible for the safety of the service members and their families, the various facilities on the base, in the billions of dollars worth of taxpayer funded resources. In war and in peace, as I worked my way up the promotion ladder, I was given responsibility of leading personnel and bringing the home safely.

        If we can be trusted to protect our nation’s most vital resources, then they should trust us with private weapons. We do not suddenly forget how to safely handle lesser weapons than we used in the service the moment we get out. Sen Feinstein tried to circumvent the issue of age of military personnel by saying no veteran should ever be permitted to own a firearm because we are all ‘mentally ill with PTSD’. PTSD is not limited to military personnel who serve in combat. It also applies to rape/assault victims, survivors of deadly crashes of aircraft and cars, etc. The victim of a vicious dog bite can suffer PTSD. Sen Feinstein, who discovered the bodies of Harvey Milk and Mayor Mosconi might easily suffer PTSD… and she immediately got training and her CCW. Yet she feels she has the authority to deny so many of their Constitutional right.

        It’s not the firearms used. It’s the people who use them. It would seem that the guilty parties are left leaners.

        The whole nation needs to get back to it’s roots which directly helped make the nation GREAT. The Constitution is the basis of those roots.

        1. I agree with the thrust of the points you raise. As to the why’s of the situation, it might be a good idea for millions of Americans to put that question to their “elected things”. Who knows, but that such questions once posed might just bring forth intelligent answers, though speaking personally, I seriously doubt it.

    2. The Left seeks to establish law based on emotion, not logic. They also seek to erase history from the face of our landscapes, so that we cannot use history to calculate our logic. At the very root, the Left is leveraging conceptual frameworks of liberal arts to exploit existing freedoms to gain control and garnish political power over the people: political science 101..

    3. Why hasn’t the Governor of Florida put his foot up the ass of Sheriff Israel and sent him packing? Could it be the unions?

      1. Possibly because under Florida law, he can’t, though I suspect that the sheriff might be impeachable, or subject to recall. He can certainly be voted out of office, assuming he is elected.

      2. @TR the governor is not a whole lot better than Israel. Remember, he is the one that pushed the nasty gun bill through.

    4. ‘Bloated pensions of state employees’? Pensions are EARNED, not PROVIDED. Your ignorant statement shows you are talking out of your fat azz. Grow up.

      1. Superdude, being in my 70’s and having worked all my life in private industry, paid my way theu college (Mech Engr), I really appreciate your advice to grow up.
        If I’d known then what I know now, I would have skipped all that and gotten a higher paid job driving a snowplow, or inspecting school parking lots. Then be able to retire 15-20 years earlier at a higher pension than my salary was. But no, I wasted my time as an engineer working in the defence and power industries so that the driver or inspector would have the tools necessary to do their jobs.
        So, think about going back into your telephone booth and putting your pink pussy hat back on. It looks good on you.

    5. Political Correctness Has Killed Our Country !
      Political Correctness is Erasing Our History !
      Political Correctness has Turned our Kids Stupid !
      Political Correctness is Trying to Take Our Rights Away !
      Political Correctness has put Our Safety at Risk !
      Every thing above is true ! think about it ,Am I wrong ?
      Did I Hurt Your Feelings ? SORRY ! NOT ! Get over it

    6. Candidate for Governor in Pennsylvania , Laura Ellsworth said on WHP 580 interview today that she wants to RENEW the ‘ assault weapon ban ‘ — wants to STRIP adults 18 to 21 of their Rights too.

      She respects the 2ND Amendment … BUT ……

      1. If you are old enough to join the military, get married, enter into legal contracts like getting a mortgage or be tried in court as an adult you are old enough to buy, own and carry a weapon.Its sad that politicians are exploiting the loss of these young folks for their own agenda.This isn’t about gun control.Its about control period by a bunch of narcissistic people who think they know what I have need or not need of better than I do.The “ mommies knows best syndrome “.Well when we do away with secret service caring guns to protect political figures that spend most of their time breathing someone else’s air ,sucking the life out of our country and feeding off of the American people.Then I’ll give up mine to protect my family.

    7. Like they blame Israel for terrorism. Why is it that the left always blames innocent people but not the offender.

      The divestment crowd are all in one.

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