Try Trulock Chokes to Meet the Challenge of Predator Hunting

Once relegated to the American West, coyotes can now be found throughout most of North America. Coyote hunting is a critical management tool throughout much of their range, especially where larger predators are in decline. USFWS photo.

U.S.A.-( Predator hunting is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Often, as in coyote hunting, hunters can extend their hunting seasons beyond traditional big- and small-game seasons. Many types of predators, coyotes again being a prime example, have over the last several years increased both their range and local populations. They eagerly adapt in a wide variety of habitats, so there are more of them to hunt. Additionally, if you are an avid deer hunter, predator control is key to maintaining healthy fawn recruitment.

Predators offer hunters an extreme challenge. Coyotes, for instance, have outstanding senses of smell, hearing and vision and are intelligent. They are very cautious and use their keen senses to avoid hunters. Getting close enough to them for a shot puts anyone’s hunting skills to the test.

You might think that means everyone tries to use long-range weapons to hunt predators. But a growing segment of hunters are targeting predators with a different weapon of choice – shotguns. Why? Three reasons. Predators – and their prey, not coincidentally – often move in brushy habitats where lack of visibility prohibits long-range shooting. Secondly, as predators like coyotes have extended their range, they have moved into areas with higher human or livestock populations – areas where for safety reasons hunters may want to avoid long-range rounds.

Third, if your shotgun is properly set up, no weapon within its range is more effective on predators. A big part of that set-up for serious hunters focuses on Trulock Predator Choke Tubes. Trulock has long been an industry leader in designing, building and testing chokes to achieve maximum performance under challenging conditions, and that’s exactly what their Precision Hunter line of Predator Choke tubes do.

Try Trulock Chokes to Meet the Challenge of Predator Hunting
Try Trulock Chokes to Meet the Challenge of Predator Hunting

Each choke in the line will achieve maximum performance from different loads – whether you are shooting anything from #4 buckshot to smaller tungsten loads. Predator chokes come in subtly different constrictions, which have been tested to result in top pattern density and uniformity for individual loads. You pick your load, and there’s a choke in the Precision Hunter line for you.

Trulock Predator Choke Tubes have a 4-inch overall length with a 3-inch forcing cone and a 1-inch parallel section, designed to minimize shot distortion and give dense patterns. They are made from high-strength stainless steel with a black oxide finish, have a knurled head, AND ARE AVAILABLE FOR MOST POPULAR SHOTGUN BRANDS.

Like all Trulock products, the Predator choke tubes are designed, made and tested in America, where the company has been building better chokes tubes for hunters and shooters for decades. Top-flight functionality and real-world effectiveness in their products is their primary goal.

And they stand by their work with the best guarantee in the industry. Trulock guarantees you’ll be happy with your choke and that that choke will provide lifetime service.

To learn more about Trulock’s full lines of choke tubes and to see a video tour of the factory and the chokes being tested, go here.

For a discussion of optimal constriction in chokes for different predator loads, go here.

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