YETI Adds Insult to NRA Injury

Yeti NRA Cooler
Yeti – NRA Cooler,  exBFF
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Fairfax, VA – -( The NRA Foundation has over 1,100 “Friends of NRA Committees” around the country.

These committees host banquets and auctions that are attended by hundreds of thousands of guests each year. These events raise funds to support charitable causes and programs. The NRA Foundation supports the needs of youth programs for education, safety and training, as well as law enforcement needs, shooting ranges and conservation programs.

For many years we have purchased coolers from YETI for our auctions. We have auctioned off many thousands of YETI coolers each year.

YETI recently dropped The NRA Foundation as a client. Not only would they not take our orders for more coolers, they forced us to cancel orders already in the system that they said they would not fill.

Three days after we notified you of YETI’s decision to drop The NRA Foundation, YETI issued their prepared statement in which they admit they dropped us but claim they simply eliminated the discount program and dropped other (unnamed) organizations as well. That’s news to us.

Perhaps the people writing YETI’s damage control statements are not talking to the people who enforced YETI’s decisions and refused our orders. We had even offered the YETI Roadie in one of our sponsorship levels for 2018 – which we’ve had to cancel.

We told you the truth.

YETI’s attempts at damage control is to say our statement is not accurate. Shame on you again YETI. You know you made a mistake. A big one. Now you must live with your mistake.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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The first time I saw a Yeti cooler and the price tag, I tought, “What arrogant prick thinks a cooler should cost HUNDREDS of dollars. Now I know- a libtard.


What Yeti, et al do not seem to understand is the protesting libtards do not have the money to buy their stuff to begin with, so they only thing they have accomplished is losing the business of the people who have jobs and expendable income. The libtards are spending what little they have on ways to alter their consciousness, and of course the 5 bucks a cup bad coffee from Starbucks.


A lot of yetis products are made in china,another good reason not to buy their shit products.

Henry Rodes

I love shooting black powder. Guess how much fun I had putting a 54cal slug through a Yeti filled with water from 70 yards.

Idaho Hiker

Never Yeti!

Will be buying from their competitors.

Nota Socialist

WOW… So Yeti drank the Kool-Aid. I hope ALL of these ‘Traitors’ remember this when the B.S.Smoke clears and the consumers and NRA and the ‘NON-Politically Correct’ people, thumb their collective noses at these Moronic Companies that rolled over and showed their bellies as soon as some Lib-Tard Asshat stubs their toe.

Adios Buttheads.

Jimmie Bowers

Local (Harrisonburg) Toyota dealer (Steven Toyota) deals in Yeti; er, they used to. I value the Second Amendment more!


I’m in Houston. from now on it’s RTIC for me


you would think after the lesson DICKS learned. these companies would think twice about crossing responsible gun owners and outdoors men/women


Why should they?

After all, there are only around 120 MILLION “known” Law Abiding Gun Owners”.

And most of them are supposed to be asleep and not paying attention.

Toss in a few dozen more millions that woke up and smelled the hunting camp coffee and it’s such a small percentage of the 330 million that it shouldn’t hurt their bottom line.

As long as their spreadsheet tells them how stupid they are and they keep pretending their whirled is perfekt, life is good.

Tom Peters

Cabela’s Polar Cap cooler is a better buy dollar wise and does better with ice retention according to a few different reviews I’ve read. My hunting buddy has 2 Yeti coolers and they do well for a long weekend 4-5 days but TBH neither brand are cost effective enough for Me to spend the extra cash when my Walmart purchased ($58 on sale) Coleman XTreme holds ice as well for 3-4 days or more in Florida’s very warm deer season. It might not stand up to the drop from a truck test but I can replace it with a… Read more »

Robert Brannen

I own a yeti coffee cup, the price was like $2 at a thrift store. I also have an Rtic that looks identical and an Ozark brand. I think the Ozark keeps coffee hot longer. Any brand of cooler if filled and loaded with ice will last a good length of time. I will never buy anything from anyone that stands against my right to bear arms. Georgia Boy with little money and assorted squirrel rifles.

Terry Tippit

Yeti , not wise Infact a really Dumb move !!


Please pardon the vulgarity but when I was in the Marine Corps in the 50’s we would have referred to Yeti’s unforced error as” shoring in their own mess kit”


Wow… I loved yeti. Literally I have dozens of products and they have been great. Even bought yeti tumblers for gifts. Not any more… grizzly next best cooler. Shame on yeti… Now what to do with all my coolers and stuff???


Probably the most effective course of action would be to donate to charity. You write off the money you spent on them and then people who don’t care about Yeti’s anti-American stance will buy them at a discount, preventing a lost sale of a new one thus eroding Yeti’s sales.


…causing a lost sale… aka prevent a new sale
sorry, lost my train of thought there.


…causing a lost sale….
sorry, lost my train of though

Bob Merritt

No more YETI purchases for me, call it being gun shy. It seems that they have just shot themselves in the foot and now they are trying to doctor their mistake themselves with political correctness rather than a good old fashioned bandage.

William Bell

Wow….you can’t unring that Bell! Whoever they paid for market research screwed them! Damage done and now yeti has to live with that. Way way over priced products.

Robert Stewart

I encourage everyone to go to their site and use the contact page to complain. My comments there stated that they lost me as a customer and I will try to influence all the outdoorsmen I know. Let’s hope that their outdoor celebrity spokespeople will do likewise.
I also sent them “Don’t Hate the NRA…” ..I hope they read it.

Jason Matthews

It’s amazing teranite and yeti don’t mix!!! Colman I’m coming back

Constance Underfoot

YETI started their company by marketing themselves to high end outdoorsman, and their word of mouth would grow the company to huge success.

YETI ended their company in the same way.


Here is to hoping new yeti cooler purchasers become as rare as the creature they are named for. Maybe in the next year we will be able to say yeti coolers don’t exist except for some blurry pics of them hiding behind a tree.


Hay yeti that Friends Of The NRA cooler looks cool I’ll take one ‘ for $10.00 ‘maybe 2 for $15.00
I’ll even give you 90days to pay ME.


Another company caving to the minority of the people in favor of political correctness, I guess they’re hoping the snowflakes and basement dwellers will buy their products…..yea right

Tom Palmer

Hey Yeti,
Actions have consequences, and even worse when you lie about things. Enjoy your consequences!


I looked at them a few years ago and bought the 80qt Cabelas cooler instead. It had a few more features, slightly larger size, and quite a bit less money. We took it on an elk hunt last fall. 20 bag of ice to start and 11 days later, there was still 5 lbs in it. That included some daytime temps in the 70s. Orca, RTIC, and Pelican are also excellent choices.

Nice of you to give the other guys a boost in sales Yeti. Bet shooting yourself in the dick will hurt for a long time.

American Patriot

Never bought a yeti & never plan to, I can spend my money on more reasonably priced products.
Also I perfer to stick with a REAL AMERICAN Company.


I am through with YETI. Only an un-cool company would do as they have to the NRA.

Brian Linehan

Big hardware store in Billerica, MA actively pushing YETI coolers. As a longtime customer I informed them that they
would no longer enjoy my patronage.


A case history of how to destroy a brand name in a day.


No More Yeti for me, clearly they don’t think they need us. Too bad, but I will find something else.

Marc DV .

Yucki ! Over Priced , Plastic Junk !