2018: The Surprising Republican Opportunity


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2018: The Surprising Republican Opportunity

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Despite the Democratic hopes for a “blue wave”, there is good reason to be optimistic about Republicans’ chances in the 2018 midterm elections – and the 2020 elections as well.

I think Republicans stand to gain four to six seats in the Senate, and while we may lose some seats in the House, we will still keep control. I think we could potentially do even better – and there are plenty of reasons to support this belief.

Every Republican candidate should pay attention to – and be very encouraged by – the recent Reuter’s poll that found Republicans leading the 2018 generic ballot.

According to Reuters, 39 percent of registered voters, when asked last week, reported that they would vote for Republicans in November. This is compared to 36.7 percent who said they would support Democrats. This more than 2-point lead is significant when you consider that in early April Democrats were leading by more than 10 points. A swing of 12 points is a big deal.

I have no doubt the Republican surge is happening because the left-wing media is finding it harder and harder to ignore the positive outcomes of the Trump administration’s policies. As I point out in my new book, Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback, under President Trump, we have seen ISIS effectively destroyed, we have seen the biggest tax cut in 31 years, the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years – the lowest Black unemployment rate in our history – and one of the healthiest, robust stock markets in decades.

Furthermore, on May 21 2018 Gallup reported that Americans’ optimism about the ability to find good jobs is at a record high. According to Gallup, “67 percent of Americans believe that now is a good time to find a quality job in the U.S., the highest percentage in 17 years of Gallup polling. Optimism about the availability of good jobs has grown by 25 percentage points since Donald Trump was elected president.”

This finding, combined with the dividends from more than a year of Republican leadership, totally validate the Trump administration’s economic policies and totally repudiate the arguments of the so-called experts and left-wing politicians and pundits who have spent the last 17 months misleading the American people about how the economy works.

(By the way, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is estimating 4.1 percent economic growth for the second quarter of 2018. In 2016, these same experts said this was nearly impossible).

The fact is, when you combine the massive Trump-Republican deregulation effort, the tax cuts, and a Republican agenda that is being fueled and guided by innovation, America’s future looks very bright. By virtually every major metric, America is becoming great again – and Americans are starting to feel it.

However, as I also discuss in Trump’s America, the comeback is not guaranteed. Republicans – officials and citizens alike – must realize that we are in a real fight. It is a political-cultural civil war. The forces on the Left are bitterly opposed to President Trump and those who support him because they genuinely want to change this country into something other than America. They see their supposed blue wave collapsing, and they will not go down quietly.

This is not a fight that will end in a compromise. One side will win, and one side will lose. Republicans must not get complacent or allow their enthusiasm or energy to falter. Every time a Republican candidate is asked by media about the supposed blue wave, they should push back. They should point out every way that Republicans have made – and will continue to make – life better for all Americans.

Republicans everywhere should take the recent improvement in American attitudes as a clear signal to continue pushing forward with smart, common sense solutions that make Americans’ lives better. The Left will continue to try to wage niche social fights fueled by identity politics and zany socialist principles.

Let them.

Republicans must stay above the nonsense, fight the fights that matter, and keep delivering good outcomes for the American people. This is the only pathway to success in 2018 and beyond.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 15 thoughts on “2018: The Surprising Republican Opportunity

    1. This upcoming election in November will be the most important election in my life time !! We have to give President Trump the help he needs to get the job done, Vote out every democRAT, and every RINO up for election !! MAGA

    2. Listen to schumer , sanders, polosi , you vote for a democrat you are voting for higher taxes , and loss of the 2nd
      amendment , but don’t take my word for it just listen to them !

    3. With all of the RINOs choosing not to run for reelection of their own volition , now is the time to elect new republicans . As Wild Bill says as of yet uncorrupted candidates . Where are you TEA PARTY ?

      1. @Oldvet I haven’t heard much about the Tea Party in a while, have you? I think the Kenyon and his people ran them underground. There is a Freedom Caucus in the house that seems to believe in the way it should be. Possibly they have taken the place of the Tea Party

    4. There has to be a bunch of these liberals that have benefited from what Trump has done but they won’t admit it. What is to be gained by going back to Obumer’s eight years of the country floundering with high unemployment and high taxes?
      The more they keep talking about going back to those ways, the more people will vote Republican and crazy Nancy is just stupid enough to do that.
      Clark said something sensible about the Republicans all going their separate ways and not agreeing. That could cause the party to implode and leave us with nothing. McCain, Paul and some others need to get reattached to their roots and start supporting the agenda.

    5. Primaries is where it should have started.Vote out all Republicans that’s not doing what they are supposed to be doing.Voting out Obamacare to start with.These morons voted I don’t know how many times to vote out Obamacare when he was in there,knowing it would be vetoed.Now there is a president that would sign it an the votes are nowhere to be found.These are the morons that needs to be out.They can’t agree on nothing.They have everything right now.Needs about 8 more votes in senate,but needs to be someone who will vote the right way.

    6. If you want to keep the second amendment in the constitution then you need to show up and vote at every election for the republican candidate even if you have to hold your nose to do it.

      1. Thats becoming increasingly difficult with the RINO’s and then there is the president on more of a fourth amendment issue concerning the second “Take the guns first then worry about Due Process latter.

        The GOP has squandered any opportunity to reclaim second amendment rights since the last election,the only way to change that is to replace the squishy left candidates in a supposedly conservative party with as Wild Bill mentions,“uncorrupted yet” candidate; .

        1. It may be difficult with some Republicans… but it is impossible to vote for ANY democrap candidate! Think how much worse this country would be with full-blown Leftists in office… no, actually, I try not to think about that idea too much – don’t need the additional demonic nightmares. We should concentrate instead on Wild Bill’s “uncorrupted – yet – candidates” proposal, which is most certainly a good idea.

          Luckily, Trump quickly retreated from his “Due Process later” stance. Remember that Trump is still a political novice, and he has been climbing a steep learning curve – although, he has negotiated that curve pretty well, overall… and I’m still willing to trust him.

    7. The gains that have made can all be washed away if people don’t vote in this November.
      November 2018 is just as important as November 2016.
      It’s our duty as 2A defenders to get everyone you know out to the polls. Volunteer to give a ride to the polls if need be.
      Lets keep the Democrats from rolling back the economy, reinstituting oppressive regulations, raising taxes, and suppressing your 2A.

      1. @TimmC, Not to worry, brother. The more the Depraved National Conspiracy candidates talk about their vision for our future, the less Americans like it. So we will resist what the Goofy Old Putz party tries to shove down our throat; pick a hopefully “uncorrupted yet” candidate; and throw a barbecue on election day.

    8. The biggest threat to the GOP is the GOP. The RINO’s that refuse to support Trump and his agenda will be the death of the party and the nation.

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