Ammunition Depot Introduce The Prepper and The Prepper Battle Pack

Optimized for easy identification, long storage life and ready to use today or tomorrow.

The Prepper from Ammunition Depot
The Prepper from Ammunition Depot

Boca Raton, Fla. ( – Ammunition Depot takes their Latin lessons seriously with their new The Prepper and The Prepper Battle Pack products. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” translates to “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Attributed to Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus and his De Re Militari published sometime in the 4th or 5th century, the statement is behind the 2nd Amendment philosophy that Ammunition Depot whole heartedly supports; that peace is possible only when the people are armed and able to defend themselves. And guns without bullets are a weak defense.

The Prepper and The Prepper Battle Packs take the hard work of assimilating and packaging ammo in two easily identifiable and accessible systems. The Prepper is today’s take on a “spam can” filled with 1,000 rounds of ammo in a heavy duty, stackable tub. The gasketed lid is air tight and waterproof with a tear strip for quick access when needed. Ammunition Depot carries The Prepper boxes in all the popular brands:

  • Blazer Brass
  • Federal (American Eagle, Gold Medal Match, Hi-Shok, Premium and Tactical)
  • Fiocchi
  • MFS
  • Perfecta
  • PMC
  • Remington
  • Speer
  • Winchester
The Prepper Battle Pack from Ammunition Depot
The Prepper Battle Pack from Ammunition Depot

The Prepper Battle Pack offers a huge variety of ammo choice in a MIL-Spec, 16 mil plastic sleeve with a clear front to easily identify the ammo type. The sleeve, containing 250 rounds, is air-tight and waterproof, making it a great long-term storage option, as well as an easy grab-and-go ammo pack. The Prepper Battle Packs have been oxygen purged and nitrogen filled to improve storage longevity.

“The Prepper cases and The Prepper Battle Packs are ideal for ammunition storage. All packaging is clearly identifiable, easy to access when needed or prepared properly for long-term storage needs,” Scott Blick, managing partner of Ammunition Depot, added. “Whether you are a prepper or not, The Prepper and The Prepper Battle Packs are really a very economical way to purchase and organize quantities of ammo.”

While stocking the ammo room, keep a space for The Prepper Battle

The Prepper Battle Pack new Millennium Emergency Bar pack

Pack New Millennium Emergency Bar pack featuring 18 energy bars. These energy bars were created specifically for the prepper market. The variety of fruit flavored, vitamin enriched bars have a texture similar to a dense shortbread and were formulated to prevent thirst. They are secured in a durable, vacuum sealed sleeve and will last up to five years.

About Ammunition Depot:

Ammunition Depot was founded by freedom-loving Americans committed to American’s right and responsibility to defend themselves, their families and their country. Ammunition Depot’s goal and promise is to provide to the American public high-quality ammunition at the lowest possible price with the best customer service they have ever experienced, period.

As Ammunition Depot has grown over the years, we have been able to create numerous jobs for hard-working Americans in our home state of Florida, as well as help many charities and foundations that support our troops, law enforcement and the shooting sports.  Our plan is to keep growing, keep creating jobs, keep giving and keep Ammunition Depot strong so that we can deliver the same great products and same great service for decades to come.

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Eddie Munster

I left the Peoples Republic of New York in 1979 and have watched from the sidelines as the state gets more tyrannical and more to the left. They take away rights almost daily while constantly raising taxes. And why people keep voting major morons back like Chuckie Schumer is beyond me.


I have never used Ammunition Depot, I have used Cheaper than Dirt, Natchez Shooters Supplies, and Freedom Munitions with no trouble. Natchez usually gets what I order to me the fastest, they are in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Always glad to hear of another place to order ammo and other equipment from

Big Bill

Why would I need to provide an email address to simply window shop?


You actually don’t need to input your email address in order to shop. They just encourage people to do so in order to receive alerts about special discounts and offers. If you want to window shop, just click “No Thank You”.


I ordered some ammo from sportsmans guide ,it was supposed to have been in stock at the time,but got delay after delay. 3months later I saw an ad for ammo depot they had the same ammo in stock so I ordered from them 10 days later it was delivered to my door . couple days later I received another delay notice from sportsmans guide .I canceled that order. any future ammo orders will be from ammo depot . Thank you ammunition Depot !


I love ammunition depot.
The only problem is that hey are based in Florida, as I am
So when I order from them, I pay both shipping and sales tax
It’s 6% cheaper to order from out of state and only pay the shipping charges

Roger F. Garner

Be happy you can order, Here in NYS we have Cuomos safe act wich is a affront to gun owners.

Joseph Rodrigues

I had the same issues with some Mil Surplus once from Sportsmansguide, but I usually don’t have issues, and being a club member, I buy when they have their free shipping option going. I wanted to order from Ammunition Depot, but I did not want to place a $250 order just for free shipping.