Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers- Part 1

Gun Free School Zone
Gun Free School Zone

U.S.A. -( Despite the avalanche of sensational news coverage, I have not seen solid news reports about mass murders in our schools. We need to know where these murderers come from. We also need to know how to protect our students at school. I’ll try to cover that information, and this is the first of those two parts.

Part 1 – the Source of Modern Mass Murder
Part 2 – Protecting our Schools and Churches

Stopping Mass Murder at its Source

What is the psychology of mass murder? 

Every parent has seen their child act out to get attention. If we deny our children wholesum attention then they will get our attention by other means. Now scale that behavior up to today’s young men. We’ve told our boys that men are bad. If they can’t get our approval for their virtues, then some young men will demand our attention with their vices. That is how we’ve built today’s mass murderers. Today’s mass media are all too eager to help.

What are the media doing to encourage this behavior?

Again dig back into your memories. We all have memories of that annoying friend or relative that is overly enthusiastic about their young child. A new parent can’t stop telling you about what their son or daughter did.

That is how our news media treats mass murderers today. The news media shows us the face and the name of their new favorite murderer. The media can’t stop talking about their latest infatuation. Did he kill 8 people or 12? No matter, the media drolls on about their latest celebrity crush. This infatuation has ugly results.

We deliver celebrity recognition to mass murderers.

A billion dollars of media exposure dredges up the next mass murderer. This infatuation isn’t healthy for the news media. The news media could tell us about the victims. It could tell us about the defenders and the first responders. The media could tell us that our children are many times safer at school than they would be if they were walking the streets of Chicago.

We deliver celebrity recognition to mass murderers.
We deliver celebrity recognition to mass murderers.

The media doesn’t tell us about that because they are too busy selling fear and outrage.

This infatuation isn’t healthy for us because it encourages our politicians to do stupid things. It also isn’t healthy for our children, particularly our young men.

Like most adolescent behaviour, the news/entertainment media can’t help themselves. We’ll have to intervene on their behalf.

What should we do?
This is what we need to do after the next mass murder. If you’re like I am, then that is the time you want to turn off the news. This time we’re watching while we’re on a mission. Bookmark this article and print out this form in advance. We can make the next mass murder our last.

  1. When you see the murderer’s face or hear the murderer’s name, then call the news outlet. Ask to speak with their news director. Tell him you resent the station popularizing mass murderers. Ask them to stop showing the murderer’s face and name.
  2. Call the advertisers. Tell them where you saw their advertisement and that you won’t buy from them since they are using dead kids to promote their product.
  3. For extra credit, post the results online. For example, post it on your Facebook page and on the advertiser’s social media page.
  • Type of media- TV /Radio /newspaper /magazine /online
  • Name of host of program-______________________
  • Station call letters if any- ______________________
  • Station network affiliation-_____________________
  • Date and time- _____________________________
  • Station contact information
  • Phone-______________________________
  • Online-______________________________
  • Advertiser’s name-___________________________
  • Advertiser’s product-_________________________
  • Advertiser’s contact information
  • Phone-______________________________
  • Online-______________________________

Now we wait. This won’t stop terrorist bombings, but it will stop most of our mass murders in school.

Part two covers what we should do to protect our schools and churches.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 13 thoughts on “Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers- Part 1

    1. Rob, you ideas have drawn a lot of criticism, but I think you are on the right track. A security survey should be done, but done by the one organization that could actually get it done correctly. And while they are at it they could develop a plan that could be implemented without massive cost. Here’s where I’m going with this: The US Secret Service is more equipped to plan for fluid situations and protection against them – hell, that’s why they’re in existence! That said, a plan should include the following:
      1. One means of ingress for students arriving to school
      2. Metal detectors located at that one means of ingress
      3. Armed “Private Security” monitoring the entrance during arrivals – trained to shoot to kill should any weapon be shown
      4. That armed security officer should patrol the halls during class times and the playground area at recess.
      5. All other doors in the school/church should have crash bars installed on them and should be secured at all times with crash bars used for egress only during emergency (this is how schools and churches are designed)
      6. The main entrance door should have a intercom and electric lock/magnetic lock installed. When a visitor or tardy student arrives they can only gain entrance after fully identifying themselves (closed circuit TV would be a great addition)
      This is a basic outline plan which works with most commercial/educational/religious buildings. This plan would require minimal cast to implement, increase the schools salaries by only one per building and would secure the buildings in a far better manner than schools are today. I specified “Private Security” because most police officers are trained to respond to a threat after it happens (I’ll get some flack for this one} whereas Private Security can and does employ people who are trained in a manner that they would not think twice about drawing and firing on an individual displaying a threat to the students and faculty. Arming teachers without extensive training could result in a friendly fire death or injury. Plus the fact that a majority of teachers have already jumped willingly onto the anti-gun bandwagon so to ask them to become armed protectors of our children could prove really difficult and could result in tragedy.
      Anyway Rob, these are my thoughts on the subject, Feel free to be in touch if you care for more of my input. But thanks very much for starting a vital conversation that could actually solve the problem – or at least minimize the threat to our kids.

    2. You can do nothing. To think you can just shows your stupidity. The simple fact is, you can not stop evil. You can however mitigate it by undertaking sensible actions. In Israel for instance, they do not have school shootings. There are armed trained personnel on guard with automatic weapons in their schools at all times. We could do the same, but for some unknown reason, ethics maybe, it looks bad maybe, it is scary to see someone standing in the hall with an automatic rifle slung over their shoulder maybe?

      1. @eaglesnester, I think the biggest reason no really good efforts to protect our kids is our own school boards. Their first and largest “reason” is “we don’t have the money”. Yet they can spend millions for a new stadium, in some cases.

        1. Or paying superintendents like CEOs of big corporations when they are little more than a figurehead. The schools are getting top heavy with administration. Assistant superintendent of teachers, technology, buildings, and human resources all are overpaid egos.

      2. We cannot stop evil, true. BUT we can, and MUST, make evil actions incur such harsh consequences that those contemplating such evil actions will make informed decisions to find another outlet for their evil hearts.

        Funy thing, WHO HERE knows the present whereabouts and circumstances of the ten most recent “mass shooters” who have been taken into custody alinve? Aruroa theatre, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood one and two, Navy Yard, Parkland, the NC Church meeting shooter, …. how many of these are now serving harsh sentences? How many have been executed? How many are being coddled behind grey bars, assured they have every advantage to try and get off on ther evil deeds?

        We know the Las VEgas shooter, and the Sutherland SPrings TX church shooters are dead.

        When the conseqeunces for such conduct are so harsh and degrading no one will pay that price to perpetrate their evil, these shootings will stop.Recently two attempts at school shootings were stopped before any victis were killed.. by Good Guys with guns…… but we don’t hear about that. WHY? WHY NOT these heroes and their courageous acts that quickly ended lethal attacks at schools be plastered all across the natoin’s media, instead of the ones who killed many? Shows where the values of ourmedia masters lie.

        WHEN will we institute the death penalty for such shooters? I think the appropriate method would be by firing squad, consisting of at least as many members as there were victims of the condemned shooter. Priority given to surviving relatives of the deceased victims, and to surviving victims, IF they so desire. Otherwise, citizens resident in the area where the execution will take place. Record the event, and make it available to any who are contemplating such conduct in the future. It well may dawn on the putative shooters that there IS no reset button, as on their favourite video shootemup games. And that if they carry out such a plan, they will all but certainly meet the same rapidly incoming fate as their “role model” did.

        Harsh? Yes. Indeed it is. The operant questioin is this: do we REALLY want an end to school and otehr mass shootings, or do we want to continue to play footsie?

        1. You are, obviously, a proponent of the long used adage of “Let the punishment fit the crime”, and I commend you for your stance. No one could ever convince me that all shooters have a death wish and hope that they, themselves will be killed during their assault. If that were the case, it would throw cold water on the idea of attention seeking; a dead shooter would never know about any publicity. And I, like you, don’t care if it’s deemed cruel and unusual, I think this kind of perpetrator deserves to spend some time in jail dwelling on what’s coming.

          While we’re about it, signage on public property designating areas and/or buildings to be ‘gun free’ zones ought to be outlawed and violaters prosecuted. Assailants don’t deserve advance notice of their enhanced safety.

    3. Finally somone who actually sees what is going on! A kid who has little or no self esteme, probably isn’t into sports and who stays on the fringes still wants to be remembered. A recent real or perceived trauma (every recent case has had one) and he’s done. He needs somone to see what he’s going through – but in his mind (and that’s what matters) nobody does. A plan hatches, a line is drawn, a weapon is acquired and those who didn’t notice, or those that caused his hurt are injured or die.
      Those wanting to outlaw guns, violent video games, or anything else they can use for a quick fix to the problem just don’t get it. If there were no guns at all – which will never happen – a machete, kitchen knife, bat, pitchfork whatever will be the next weapon of choice. The fix is not that easy folks and banning guns isn’t the answer. The answer is to go to the source. That’s hard by todays standards, for some seemingly impossible. But that just is not true!
      Many of us grew up in homes where both parents worked, quite a few with a single parent working but something about then and now was different. Actually a couple of things. First, parents knew where their kids were after school, before dinner, after dinner and all night long. No cell phones, no computers, just the old tech of a land line. Most grown up jobs didn’t allow personal calls on company time except for emergencies. So how was it that parents knew where their kids were 98% of the time? Consequences. Simple concept, requires values, a moral compass, and trust. That’s what made it work and guess what? There were NO gun laws and more folks owned guns than they do now. Fix the problem not a tool to accomplish a deadly tantrum.

      1. Hey Superman, attitudes such as yours only serve as part of the problem and contributes nothing toward the solution. Rob has stated what many of us have been saying for the last few years and is absolutely correct.

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