Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers- Part 2

Defenseless Students And Teachers
Defenseless Students And Teachers

U.S.A. -( Despite the avalanche of sensational news coverage, I have not seen solid news reports about mass murders in our schools. We need to know where these murderers come from. We also need to know how to protect our students at school. I’ll try to cover that information, and this is the second of those two parts.

Part 1  – the Source of Modern Mass Murder
Part 2  – Protecting our Schools and Churches

2 – Protecting our Schools and Churches

Our safety policy does not match our rhetoric. We say that innocent lives are important. We may even write laws, regulations, rules and procedures that could protect the innocent. Words are notoriously cheap. All too often that isn’t how we act. Now is the time to measure the difference between what we do and what we know we should do.

  • Safety Audit- That is why it is important to start with a safety audit that determines the truth on the ground. Ask your local school board or the governing body of your church when they last had a safety audit of their campus. What were the results, and were the audit recommendations implemented?
  • Door locks- Is there a plan to control access to the campus? Do strangers have to enter the building through the main office? Can teachers secure their classrooms? Can staff secure their offices?
  • Windows and doors- Have they upgraded the building with shatterproof glass and door panels?
  • Fire alarms- Murderers are using the fire alarm to flush innocent victims into the open where they can be attacked. Is there a plan in place to verify the emergency before the alarm sounds in the building?
  • Emergency response drills with LEO and medical responders- Times have changed. We don’t sit back and wait as people die inside a building. Ask for an emergency response drill. Have the drill evaluated by safety experts who know best practice.
  • Armed officers and armed school staff- We need an armed responder in every building. We want to have a responder on every hallway. We don’t always get what we want. Use trained volunteers if you can’t afford enough armed officers.
  • Are your people protected all the time? We want to provide security whenever the building is open and occupied. Are your people protected as they travel on official outings or to attend events?
  • First aid kits and emergency trauma training- The goal is to keep injured people alive until the scene is secure and EMTs take over care. The kit should include compression bandages, tourniquets and chest seals.
  • Medical training for school staff, including evacuation- A first aid kit is only as good as the person using it. For each armed responder, we’d ideally have several additional staff members who are trained in emergency trauma care. Implementing an armed responder program might take months. Consider that you can provide medical training to school staff this weekend.
  • How are harassment and threats reported and acted on? Does the staff communicate about suspicious activity? Should the community contact the church or school with their concerns?
  • Are you following the rules you’ve already set down?

The greatest of these is all of them together.

The greatest pitfall is in waiting for the perfect plan before taking action. Just because you can’t staff your pre-school with volunteer secret service agents is no reason to delay. You assume a known risk every day when you fail to protect your people. Putting a flawed and incomplete plan in place today will reduce that risk. Implement an imperfect and affordable plan today..and improve on it tomorrow. All plans are incomplete. Every security officer will tell you there is more he wants to work on to make his people safer.

As surprising as this claim may sound, armed and trained staff can cost a school or church almost nothing. Act now.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Target hardening is a long standing crime prevention practice, the idea is to make the potential target a location that it is harder to commit the crime of choice than someplace else. There will always be an easier target it just takes time to locate it. We need to start someplace and schools and churches are logical locations that need to be hardened. There is no answer to the what if game as there are way to many options available to cover them all. Schools and churches are not built with security in mind it isn’t even an after thought… Read more »

Roy D.

Amazing! Two people have apparently seen my comment and commented on it and yet neither my post or theirs shows up in the comments section. Amazing!

Roy D.

I hate to rain on your parade but consider this: So you harden the school and put more armed persons in the buildings. Have you then done much of anything to protect the kids? The answer is, not really. All you have done is change the problem for the attacker. How are you going to counter this method of attack? The attacker observes the end of the school day and finds out which bus leaves the school with a full or near full load. He (presumably) follows and finds out where the first stop is and then makes his preparations.… Read more »


Ray D.: I usually try to avoid ad hominem replies, but you’re a moron! How about the guy wants to shoot up a Catholic school, so he waits until the class is being confirmed at the cathedral! How about graduation for a HS is being held in an amphitheater on a local college campus, so he waits until the speaker is talking! We’re talking about events in the school, not anything that could happen everywhere in the world! Please admit that what you’re really arguing for is the prohibition of firearms.

Roy D.

Well Pate, you see I can do that too, I think we all know who is the delusional one here and it’s not me. But do carry on with your inciteful elucidations. Given your last sentence you apparently have just arrived here or haven’t read many of my posts. Try it sometime, you might learn something. Then again, maybe not.

Wild Bill

, I never understood questions that began with “what about”. “What about” is so ill formed, vague, unclear, and therefore difficult to deal with. But getting by that, and earnestly desiring to answer your questions, every potential attack scenario must be weighed for its improbability or probability and a corresponding response designed.
If there is an evidence based probability that a Catholic school will be attacked at a particular cathedral, on a particular occasion, by a particular guy, then someone may be remiss in not designing a response and assigning assets. Same analysis for your other scenarios.


Wild Bill: My point is simply that you cannot protect kids or any other ordinary person 24 hours a day in all situations and locations. I agree that if you have credible evidence of a threat it should be met and hopefully prevented. But we’re talking about a relatively confined area, and there are actions that can be taken to reduce the risk proactively at that location.

Wild Bill

, If your “… point is simply that you cannot protect kids or any other ordinary person 24 hours a day in all situations and locations.” then can we agree that it the responsibility of the the ordinary person to protect themselves or their own kids 24 hours a day, and part of that is bearing arms sufficient to making a meaningful defense?

Wild Bill

D, Well, some armed person has to ride the bus. Anywhere there is a choke point, there could be an ambush. Anywhere there could be an ambush, there needs to be a strong certain response.


Amen, Wild Bill!

Alex Stephens

As far as designing a plan that would or could work for schools and churches there is only one agency that could make that work. Secret Service is in the business of designing and implementing plans that encompass many fluid solutions, far more and certainly more frequent than ANY other law enforcement agency. Simply because our protectivd services are reactionary and most of our laws and procedures are set up that way. You can’t dp squat until after something happens, no on works on an “lt could happen” senario. Second, you mentioned delayed evacuation on fire alarm systems. I understand… Read more »

Bill Haden

There are thousands of veterans who would volunteer to go into the schools. Put us to work either armed or unarmed. We could observe bullying, drug use, vandalism… Goal would be to prevent a shooting before it happens. One of the San Antonio school systems has a program called ‘DOGS’ dads of great students. Dads go into the schools and act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the teachers and staff. Veterans in my home town go into the schools and share our experience with the students. Both students and veterans enjoy the program. This creates a… Read more »


@ Bill Haden I think your idea is good and could be put to use in a lot situations. I can see the resistance from the school union and some teachers when there are numerous “strangers” in their mist while they are involved in what they do. Then you would have those who would require background checks and mental check on the volunteers. I like the idea of vets going to schools and participating in class discussions. That would sure bring the kids closer to adults and they could gain more respect for their elders. Good ideas and valuable contacts… Read more »


Harden the potential targets. I’m sorry some people don’t like the idea of “fortified” schools or other “gun free zones.” These same individuals, presumably, aren’t fans of dead children or pastors or members of congregations either. Law enforcement is always reactive. Free societies are messy. Sadly, most of the recent mass shootings in schools or churches might have been prevented if record information had been correctly disseminated.


most of the recent mass shootings in schools or churches might have been prevented if record information had been correctly disseminated. And ACTED UPON. Critical known information on theSutherland Springs TX and Parkland FL shootings was KNOWN, but lazy and.or corrupt government employees refused to get that information to the places where it was supposed to be. Both of those shooters were prohibited persons under the law… but were never reported as such so they bought their weapons n spite of all the laws. We have stiff penalties for “straw purchasers”.. why not equally stiff penalties for those whose duty… Read more »

Missouri Born

Most police departments are reactive and not proactive, that needs to change. The little town where I live has a very proactive law enforcement group that has trained in the local school buildings for a active shooter situation and they have a schematic of all the buildings in the school system and have walked them under make believe conditions.
All the laws in the world won’t stop a bad person from doing what they have their mind set on doing.


This would take work. Something that dumbed the down Progressve populace would shy away from. Work and self-responsibility are not as endorphin producing (giving them a false sense of power) as anger and blaming others.

Jim Macklin

You need an armed defender in every classroom. Down the hall or upstairs means you have decided to accept a certain number of dead and wounded.
If all your teachers are suicidal and don’t want to be armed, then use volunteers in teams of three for security. If one guard is on duty a killer will kill them first. If you have two guards, and one goes nuts they will kill the other guard. You need three guards if security at each point is to be real.

Sam W.

Where do they come from? The best theory I have heard is they are asubset of child suicides. Usually on psychiatric prescription drugs. The blame is society doesn’t demand children behave there aren’t any consequences for misdeeds students aren’t corrected.
Hardened campus in a glass building? Two paynes of tempeed glass architects build open cheery designs full of ways in for those who don’t care if they die.