Court Rules in Favor of Active Forest Management

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Court Rules in Favor of Active Forest Managemen

MISSOULA, Mont.— -(  [In a surprising move the liberal] U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied claims by several environmental groups and ruled in favor of a habitat management project in southwestern Montana.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and several other partners filed an amicus brief in support of the U.S. Forest Service and several other federal agencies.

“We have seen environmental groups file frivolous litigation time and time again seeking to thwart efforts designed at improving wildlife habitat and overall forest health. That is the case here,” said Blake Henning, RMEF chief conservation officer. “We appreciate the court’s ruling and look forward to the implementation of this needed habitat stewardship work.”

The East Deer Lodge Valley Landscape Restoration Management project is a landscape project in the Pintler Ranger District on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest designed to improve forest health and reduce sedimentation in the headwaters of the Clark Fork River.

The vast majority of lodgepole pine trees in this immediate area are dead. Many of them are already on the ground.

Without forest management treatment in the near future, the forest floor will be covered with combustible material that will also impede the growth of shrubs and grasses needed by elk, deer and other wildlife.

The project calls for the removal of pine beetle-killed timber, forest thinning to reduce conifer encroachment and other treatments on riparian areas to protect and improve watersheds that will enhance both fish and wildlife habitat.

“RMEF maintains litigation reform is necessary in order to allow agencies tasked with managing our forests the ability to implement active forest management that is so badly needed all across elk country,” added Henning.

Rocky Mountain Elk FoundationAbout the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

Founded over 30 years ago, fueled by hunters and a membership of more than 227,000 strong, RMEF has conserved more than 7.3 million acres for elk and other wildlife. RMEF also works to open and improve public access, fund and advocate for science-based resource management, and ensure the future of America’s hunting heritage. Discover why “Hunting Is Conservation™” at, or 800-CALL ELK.

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Wild Bill

What the Ninth Circus was really saying to the environ-mental-retards is that they did not get their bribe money in early enough.


This is why you people who keep boasting save the forests are idiots, and responsible for destructive wild fires. That I guarantee were started by environmentalists with a match. Thanks AFL/UAW and idiot, save the forest, hunters for the neglected forest management. We need more right wing… judges.


Old growth forests are biological deserts. Hunters encourage responsible forest management because that is the most beneficial for game production.


RMEF is an excellent organization and needs our support, elk hunters or not. They do great work and I implore you to support them. Every little bit helps.


Ohmigawd! The 9th circus court has ruled sensibly for once! This has to be the first time this century (and probably the last) that such a thing has happened.
Given previous rulings by this court, the ruling has to be a complete accident. Something on the order of a lightning strike.