Crapweasel of the Week: Educrat Arne Duncan

Crapweasel of the Week: Educrat Arne Duncan
Crapweasel of the Week: Educrat Arne Duncan

U.S.A.-( Educrat (ED-yoo-krat) noun, usually pejorative. A government school official or administrator whose primary function is to spend tax dollars telling other parents what to do with their children.

Beltway education bureaucrats abhor families who choose to keep their kids out of public schools — unless it’s to grandstand over gun control.

Behold Arne Duncan, longtime pal of Barack Obama and former U.S. Department of Education secretary, who called last weekend for parents nationwide to withdraw students from classes “until gun laws (are) changed to keep them safe.”

Emotions are still raw after a teen shot 10 classmates and teachers to death in Texas last week. But Duncan has no excuse for his cynical, made-for-cable-TV exploitation of the Santa Fe High School massacre. Existing state laws banning minors under 18 from purchasing or possessing guns didn’t stop the shooter. Neither did laws against possessing sawed-off shotguns or pipe bombs.

And contrary to hysterical early reports, the accused 17-year-old gunman did not use “assault rifles.” So a “common sense” ban on “assault weapons” would not have saved lives, either.

But effective solutions to maximize students’ safety and well-being seemingly aren’t Duncan’s goals. His mission is airtime. Publicity. Entertainment. Provocation for provocation’s sake. Showtime — for the children, of course.

School boycotts are a “radical idea,” he admitted to MSNBC. “It’s controversial. It’s intentionally provocative.” Praising teacher walkouts and student protests, Duncan told The Atlantic he supported parent-initiated school shutdowns for gun control because “we are not protecting our kids… And the fact that we’re not doing that — we’re not willing to think radically enough to do it — I can’t stomach that.”

Ah, the royal, unstomachable “we.”

Here’s another thing I find hard to swallow: Education overlord Arne Duncan now championing the radical idea of parents exercising their autonomy to do what’s best for their children.

As Obama’s meddling power-hungry education secretary, Duncan attacked “white suburban moms” and their children who turned to homeschooling in protest of the top-down Common Core “standards”/testing/data-mining program. Duncan sneered that he found it “fascinating” that the grass-roots anti-Common Core revolt came from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were.”

This elitist control freak revealed his fundamental disdain for rabble-rousing parents who’ve taken educational matters in to their own hands. By characterizing the movement against Common Core as “white” and “suburban,” Duncan also exposed his bigotry against countless parents “of color,” like myself, who’ve long opposed Fed Ed’s sabotage of academic excellence, local control and student privacy in school districts across the country.

Note that newly minted parents’ rights advocate Arne Duncan never once advocated boycotting Chicago public schools, which he ran for eight years, for their abject failure to quell rampant school violence.

Nor has Duncan called for parents to demand their districts withdraw from the disastrous “PROMISE” alternative discipline program that he helped create. (After Duncan’s protege, Broward County school superintendent Robert Runcie, initially denied that Parkland, Fla., shooter Nicholas Cruz had benefited from the program, he sheepishly acknowledged last week that Cruz had in fact been referred to the program and avoided criminal prosecution for school vandalism as a result.)

Nor has Duncan said a peep about systemic coddling of abusers in the classroom by teachers’ union presidents in New Jersey and Ohio, as exposed over the past month by undercover investigative journalists at Project Veritas.

Instead, Duncan has won high praise and more media interviews for his phony boycott proposal. “My family is all in if we can do this at scale,” he nobly tweeted.

But what his slavering fans in the liberal media won’t tell you is that Duncan’s wife works at and his own children attend the exclusive, private University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in tony Hyde Park, which a Lab Schools brochure brags is “patrolled by the University of Chicago Police Department and private security.”

Armed, of course, for thine and thee, Arne. But not for we.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Crapweasel of the Week: Educrat Arne Duncan

    1. Here we have the author of the common core program that was, and is, purely stupid and ineffective. His brain does not function as most human brains do. He should admit his very big failure, shut his mouth and disappear into the woodwork.

    2. I agree to a point. Pull your kids out of public schools. We’ve learned that they are being turned into brainwashed snowflakes as it is by the libtards we call ” teachers “. Pull the kids out until school campuses are locked down with only one way on / off during school hours. Until there’s an SRO thats not just waiting to retire but is capable / willing to engage a threat. Until classroom doors are armor plated / bullet resistant. Until schools install cameras that allow threats to be quickly spotted. Its not rocket science. But the people on this forum know this. Its those idiots that have been hired, appointed, and elected to ve in charge of making these common sense security measures. My high school in comifornia had most of these in place 22 years ago.

    3. over night concealed carry could be put in place in all schools if they wanted to stop this. yet they want to fight a legal battle with law abiding gun owners and it’s industry that will take years to do anything plus it will only end in a civil war when the confiscation comes. so what is their point… they do not care about the children in the schools. why is their no mass shootings in schools in the inner cities??? maybe because kids in those schools are CARRYING BECAUSE IT IS A MATTER OF SURVIVAL AGAINST RIVAL GANGS?

    4. Science and human ingenuity have not yet invented a device capable of measuring the infinitesimally small care that I have for what any former Barry Soetoro administration bureaucrat might say.

    5. I agree, “parents nationwide to withdraw students from classes “until gun laws (are) changed to keep them safe.”
      Kids should go to school as soon as gun laws require teachers, principals and janitors to be armed.

      1. As a retired teacher I totally agree. Not a single new gun control law will keep some idiot from going on a killing spree. Trained and armed personnel l will be much more effective.

      2. i would not trust a libtard “teacher” or “principal” – maybe a janitor, if he/she took an oath to defend the constitution 1st.

    6. Schools budget depend on the student attendance from the feds, if a kid misses school the school doesn’t receive money for that absent kid and over time that will mess with the school budget.
      So telling parents to keep kids out of school until new liberal gun laws are put in place will break the schools budget and thus require teachers to be let go.
      What an idiot.

    7. As far as Chicago goes there should be check points at all city limits to issue a gun and bullet proof vest to people entering. For their own protection. As for this A**hole, sick him girl!

    8. As usual Michelle Malkin is dead on with her assessment of this low life propaganda indoctrinationist liberal teacher. America’s Public Schools have become bastions for promoting socialist, bordering on communist Dogma into the lives of our children. Local schools with local control have always been the best system. Continued meddling by troglodytes of the Obama Doctrine will only further damage our children, their futures and our country’s future. Common core education and liberal revisionist history is doing damage that will take years if not decades to correct. Hopefully the damage they do will not lead to the destruction of our society and our country. Everyone should listen to Michelle Malkin and heed her warnings

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