Denying Trump’s Accomplishments Is Increasingly Irrational


Donald Trump
Denying Trump's Accomplishments Is Increasingly Irrational

USA – -( Some people still can't stomach the idea of a Donald Trump presidency and so remain in denial about his mounting policy successes, but their resistance is looking increasingly proud and petty.

It's risky to predict future trends, especially the political fortunes of government leaders and the results they might achieve, because there are so many moving parts. We've seen so much volatility and fluidity, and we have a plethora of unknowns. So I admit that it would be foolish to take for granted that President Trump will continue to rack up remarkable, substantive policy achievements, but it would be just as foolish to deny the significance of his accomplishments already, on a variety of fronts — or to pretend that it wouldn't have mattered much if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

Could we at least acknowledge that a third Obama term via Clinton would have been “A Nightmare on Elm Street”?

To fully appreciate this, we Republicans should admit that even when our party is in office, we often fail to appreciably advance the conservative agenda — and sometimes don't even temporarily halt the relentless advancement of the progressive agenda, which is virtually on autopilot these days.

There has been a prevailing attitude of deference among garden-variety GOP officeholders that inhibits them from reversing liberal policies, no matter how disastrous they are or how illegally they were implemented. It was in recognition of this institutional cowardice and apathy that Obama ran roughshod over them and the Constitution — knowing that if he signed legislation or implemented executive orders, no matter how unconstitutional, they would most likely remain in perpetuity.

Most Republican candidates talk like Ronald Reagan when campaigning but act like feckless centrists in office.

The Trump presidency, so far, has been dramatically different. He has aggressively attacked Obama's statist achievements and affirmatively promoted conservative policies on multiple fronts — and it's immensely gratifying to behold.

He is taking action on all the branches of government — the legislative, executive and judicial branches and the unrecognized administrative branch. Considering its unaccountability and its reach, the administrative state might as well be a branch. It is a progressive's dream because it expands government irrespective of which party is in power.

Until now, it was as if Republicans had resigned themselves to the inevitable expansion of the regulatory state and their powerlessness to curb it, much less reverse it. But refreshingly, Trump, with his newness to politics, has shown that he isn't paralyzed by such assumptions. He is eradicating regulations at an unprecedented pace and has reversed some of the more egregious Obama power abuses, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's draconian carbon emission standards that he crammed through.

What might have been unthinkable before Trump has become not only thinkable but also doable — and done — and this is true despite grudging criticisms of naysayers, including those on the right.

Some say that Trump doesn't deserve credit for his accomplishments because his subordinates accomplished them or because they would have happened under any Republican president. And besides, they huff, no matter what successes he's had, they're not worth it, considering the alleged damage to the GOP and conservative brands he is doing.

I strongly doubt that many of these accomplishments would have occurred under any Republican president. Many of them wouldn't have even been tried. And the idea that Trump doesn't deserve credit for major policy accomplishments occurring under his watch, especially those he promised to implement during the campaign, is ludicrous.

Obama Legacy Erased
Obama Legacy Erased

I also reject that he's damaging the Republican brand. For the most part, he has not promoted a so-called populist agenda as some feared but is gravitating more every day toward mainstream conservatism. Talking about conservatism doesn't enhance the brand nearly so much as action, and we're seeing a lot of action.

Let's look at some of his achievements, acknowledging at the outset that he has been remarkably true to his campaign promises and that had he lost, there is no telling what kind of corruption would have continued undetected by a deep state protected under the impenetrable umbrella of a Clinton presidency.

The economy is robust and growing, with unemployment at 3.9 percent, the lowest since 2000. Manufacturing is up. The promised tax law is producing record revenues, despite cynics' predictions to the contrary, and it has led to a wave of optimism throughout the business sector and widespread employee wage hikes and bonuses.

Though — regrettably — we have yet to make inroads in congressional spending, at least the ailing defense sector is receiving a needed shot in the arm, the importance of which cannot be overstated in these tumultuous times. Trump continues to rack up foreign policy wins, from North Korea (nukes and hostages) to the Islamic State group to Afghanistan to NATO to Iran (keeping his promise to withdraw from Obama's disastrous deal) to Israel (recognizing Jerusalem, announcing his plan to move our embassy there and finally treating the country as an ally instead of an enemy). South Korea and Japan have increased their defense budgets. Gloriously, we've withdrawn from the Paris climate accord.

His judicial appointments have been stellar across the board. There has been a substantial decline in southern border crossings. The EPA administrator has rescinded scores of regulations. Trump has eliminated prohibition of interstate health insurance sales and has cashiered the Obamacare employer mandate. The FCC is torpedoing the left's net neutrality agenda.

He approved the Keystone XL pipeline, which was beginning to look more like a pipedream than a pipeline. He rescinded the Arctic drilling ban and the coal mining ban on public lands. He has increased energy production and ended Obama's abominable war on coal.

He's made advances on religious liberty and restored the ban on the federal funding of abortion overseas, begun to revamp the space program, and targeted MS-13 gang members for deportation.

You don't need to idolize President Trump, approve of all his tweets or celebrate his former playboy lifestyle to acknowledge this stunning string of accomplishments. But if you think that America isn't dramatically better off than under Obama or that things aren't immensely better than they would have been under Clinton, I'm not sure we're on the same planet.

David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

  • 30 thoughts on “Denying Trump’s Accomplishments Is Increasingly Irrational

    1. The only one with bait on their breath is the five consecutive tour communist killer, who existing in Philly, worried about being trucked out to a field by the local FFA chapter to pick rotting crops… just after spring planting, and fishing desperately for responses so that he can get a bigger check from the Tides Foundation.

    2. “Could we at least acknowledge that a third Obama term via Clinton would have been “A Nightmare on Elm Street”?”

      ABSOLUTELY!!! Despite the kool-aid bloated pinheads who probably rode the Obama social largess train, the facts remain as facts – we as a nation have seen improvements since Obama left, even with his remaining loyalists subverting and sabotaging every move Trump and his cabinet try to make.

      As for the poor, obviously biased but uninformed person who squawked about not having crop pickers, he evidently doesn’t realize that the reason is NOT due to Trump’s border policy and actions so far. There are at least 20 million illegals right here in the US, so it isn’t about availability. It’s because so many illegals are living on the system now. That means they make as much leeching from the taxpayers as they would working the fields, orchards, processing sites. And coincidentally, there is the fallacy of those illegal immigrant advocates blown to hell. There are more than enough illegals here to do the work; but the militants and politicians have convinced them not to do the work – instead, live off the system, the one we intended with our tax dollars to benefit our own citizens. THERE is an area that Mr. Trump surely could address, and soon. If the illegals aren’t going to work while here, there is absolutely NO reason not to deport them.

      1. @TV, crops rotting in the field everywhere. The FFA forcing people into the field to pick rotting crops. I’d rather have the rotting crops in my field! Every one of his stories gets more fantastic.

    3. Well with all of this “winning”, this administration has pretty much doomed our farmers with hus immigration orders. Crops are laying, and rotting in fields because no immigrants are here to pick them. I HOPE YOU DON’T THINK YOU WILL BE FORCING BLACK PEOPLE INTO THOSE FIELDS, THOSE FIELDS WILL RUN WITH BLOOD. Lets see how you like your grocery costs in the coming months ……

      1. Actually, sir, under President Trump, citizens of Mexico can now get temporary work visas just like they used to do when my Dad used them on our farm. Which by the way, never had ‘crops rotting in the fields’ due to lack of labor, and on which we never used illegal labor. Since I was raised on that farm, and farmed with my dad part of the time until I entered the Army in 1983, I know this for a fact. Also, much of the labor that you think needs to be done by ‘poor illegal aliens’ has been done for the last 40 or 50 years by mechanical pickers, combines and cotton strippers, which require only one well-trained worker to operate. We farmers and former farmers have become very proficient at feeding you concrete dwellers. If you drive through Kansas sometime, you’ll see a sign periodically that says ‘one Kansas Farmer feeds 128 people plus himself’. Also, blood is good fertilizer. Oh, and if it comes to that and you want to eat, I bet you’d work just like I have. Oh, and most of us haven’t had access to Mexican Nationals for farm labor since Jimmy Carter’s presidency. I think it was him who closed the border for labor visa cards, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, you need to get your facts straight before you open your mouth or sit down at a keyboard. At least that way what you write would have at least some superficial sense to it.
        Elton P. Green SSG. USA. Inf. (ret.)

    4. The author @nottinghill thinks is the white supramacists chat room. He is all for freedom of speech, FOR WHITE MEN ONLY. It is a guatantee he is a T.V. patriot. Stands for the flag, put his hand over his heart, BUT NEVER SERVED A DAY.
      I wonder if his paternal ancestors know that he is now the nazi that they fought a world war to defeat ….

    5. There is a ‘communist demon cocksucker’ here who mistakes for the CCCP and the Democratic Socialist Party of America websites. The thing is, he keeps posting while calling himself an American and veteran but he’s just a POS like Barry Sotero.
      I call these two and others like him traitors, I call what he has says treason.
      Now if he could just possibly try out auto-asphyxiation side by side with Barry, we’d be quite happy. Well in short Damon-dip-shit GFY then FOAD!

      1. @Not, he gets everything so wrong. Crops rotting in the field because there are no immigrants here to pick them? Really, which crops are those? This is spring, … the planting season, not the harvest. How could one not know that? Farmers do not depend on immigrants anymore. And forcing people into fields? Who is going to do that, the Dept. of Agriculture, the county sheriff, the local chapter of the FFA?
        The five consecutive tour communist killer can say anything he wants because no one cares about his opinion or even if he has an opinion.

        1. @WB: ‘Bingo”!!! He wants attention very badly and will get nothing but torture, pain and agony (in the form of truth for a commie traitor). No ones answers him. He posts everywhere and he continues to think we’re replying to him.

        2. “No immigrants here to pick them? We still have, perhaps, thirty million illegals in out country, not the 11 million the leftist lapdog media tells you. That’s certainly sufficient to pick crops, but why should they? They live well on the government benefits they receive for sitting on their rear ends.

        3. @WB…He’s like the woman who wrote a letter to the editor in a California news paper . “Hunters should just go to the grocery store to buy their meat where no animals were harmed”

            1. @WB…True story I have a copy of it buried somewhere in the old PC that lives in the roll top desk .

    6. We as AMERICANS are still waiting to see ACCOMOLISHMENTS in this administration.
      The only thing AMARICANS are seeing is THE HIGHEST COST FOR GOODS AND SERVICES IN OUR HISTORY, which eliminates any gains made by marginal tax relief.
      No infrastructure initiatives for the states.
      Corporations took the tax breaks, AND THEN HAD MASSIVE LAYOFFS, SO THEIR PROFITS SKYROCKETED, ( wow, they are really winning in the billionaire clubs).
      Billions of dollars in service agreements are being given to other countries because of our backing out of global policy initiatives.

      1. @2WAV, I concur. Oblabla diminished the purchasing power of the dollar on his own, so that he could repay the Chinese what we owed them with “cheaper” dollars. And that worked, but he also cut the purchasing power of every wage earned, every pass book savings account, and even every millionaire’s wealth by half. And it caught up with us in the form of higher cost for goods and services. Lay offs were due to high Oblabla era corporate tax and regulation. So businesses went elsewhere.
        Those economic actions are what made Trump president.

    7. You can always vote for Bernie. Then you won’t own a slingshot Trump has a uphill battle with this Swamp.There are alot of pro second amendment conservatives running for office like Kelli Ward Arizona, John James Michigan, and plenty congressman too. Democrats and Rinos must go or more will be in to fight Trump. It’s either a free Country or Free Stuff

    8. You can always vote for Bernie. Then you won’t own a slingshot Trump has a uphill battle with this Swamp.There are alot of pro second amendment conservatives running for office like Kelli Ward Arizona, John James Michigan, and plenty congressman too. Democrats and Rinos must go or more will be in to fight Trump. It’s either a free Country or Free Stuff

    9. I support President Trump in his efforts to MAGA. IF you do not love living in a FREE country where the individual is RESPONSIBLE for One’s own action, you are welcome to LEAVE America.
      It still rankles me that President Trump is “hugging” an Admiralty flag instead of an American Flag. That “fringe” makes the difference. America’s Judicial System was and is supposed to be based on COMMON LAW – – – not ‘admiralty law’. The court system in America has slowly changed into an ‘admiralty code’ law system. America needs to go back to the COMMON LAW SYSTEM!

      1. @ Laddyboy …Yes, but perhaps he does not know , probably a lot of people don’t know. Perhaps a courteous letter to him by you to explain might render a change .

    10. Trump is a Liberal in waiting.He only goes with who is in power.If the Republicans lose the House,they should hold on to the Senate.Trump will attack the gun rights and walk with the Democrats. He always has been a New York liberal. The gentleman that wrote the first comment is correct he has done nothing to protect the 2nd ammendment.The only reason he is pushing the Conservative agenda is to destroy Obama’s legacy,he hates the man.When this clown Trump gets done our gun rights will be gone, and dont think he wont work with Democrats when they gain control.Im sorry but this man is a danger to our Country until Conservatives wake up and see this con man for what he is.

    11. Those accomplishments are impressive
      And should be published on a conservative website like Breitbart
      Ammoland is a gun enthusiast web sight
      President Trump has made no progress at all on the issue of gun rights
      National carry reciprocity and the hearing protection act are dead in the water
      He requested the department of justice write a regulation banning bump stocks that is on track to become a rule
      He has been promoting the idea of extreme risk protection orders to take peoples guns away without due process
      We need some progress on gun rights or President Trump is going to lose my vote as well as that of many other second amendment single issue voters

      1. You can always vote for Bernie. Then you won’t own a slingshot Trump has a uphill battle with this Swamp.There are alot of pro second amendment conservatives running for office like Kelli Ward Arizona, John James Michigan, and plenty congressman too. Democrats and Rinos must go or more will be in to fight Trump. It’s either a free Country or Free Stuff

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