Diamond Age – The Future of Armor

Leading edge anti-ballistic armor systems integrating the latest in enhanced multi-hit performance and durability in ceramic armor systems.

Diamond Age Bastion Helmet
Diamond Age Bastion Helmet

McKinney, Texas (Ammoland.com) Diamond Age, a materials science and engineering firm focused on the R&D of leading-edge anti-ballistic armor systems announce their new rifle resistant Bastion Helmet and the Forcefield armor.

In addition to their work with ceramic materials and armor alloys, Diamond Age is a leading producer of boron nitride nanotubes for ceramic reinforcement. Boron Nitride Nanotubes are a nanomaterial that strengthens metal, glass and ceramic composites. Diamond Age is able to offer this material in an 80 – 90% purity and in a dense form (HD-BNNT) suitable for composite production.

“Regardless of the science behind our products, all our customer base of law enforcement and military professionals really want are lightweight products that can be worn all day, in a variety of environmental conditions while offering superior ballistic protection,” Jake Ganor, CEO of Diamond Age said. “It’s our job as engineers to come up with a level of protection that goes beyond NIJ regulations. This is not the next generation of anti-ballistic armor, but the ultimate generation.”

The BASTION Helmet is the first combat helmet that can withstand direct hits from all common rifle rounds including steel core rounds, at muzzle velocities. It has been tested and withstood rounds from 7.62 x 51mm M80, 7.62 x 39mm PS ball, 5.56 x 45mm M855A1, 5.56 x 45mm M193, 5.7x28mm SS190, and various handgun and SMG threats.

It is augmented with an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and ceramic strike-face and designed for extreme use in the field. The BASTION helmet is completely modular featuring a full 5-plate configuration which covers the entirety of the helmet shell for manning turrets, vehicular patrols and tactical raids and entries. Infantrymen can configure to a lighter set up using on the front and back tiles, while snipers may choose to wear only the front tile. The BASTION accommodates Wilcox® shrouds without sacrificing any coverage and M-Lok rails are also available. The helmet includes the industry’s most advanced padding system, from 4D Tactical, for comfort and optimal performance against high-impact rifle rounds.

Diamond Age Forcefield armor panel
Diamond Age Forcefield armor panel

The Diamond Age Forcefield armor panel offers superior protection from a variety of high-velocity SMG special threats such as 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev (over 1700 fps), 5.7 x 29mm (over 2100 fps) and the HK 4.6 x 30mm (over 2000 fps). Further handgun special threats tested and defeated include 80-grain solid copper 9mm SCS rounds. Knives, spikes and needles have also met their match with the Forcefield. The Forcefield also exceeds the military’s requirement for military-grad frag with a V50 against the 16fr RCC tested at over 2180 ft per second.

Yet the Forcefield for all its protective qualities is as thin and light as the average soft armor panel in its class at just 6.8mm and 1.17 pounds per square foot. Designed for uncompromising protection for SWAT, military and high-risk security personnel, the Forcefield is available in BALCS-cut panels and BALCS armor carriers are also available.

Diamond Age is an Associate Member of the National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED). For more information on Diamond Age anti-ballistic armor, visit www.diamondage.org

About Diamond Age:Diamond Age

Diamond Age is a materials science and engineering firm that focuses on the research, design, and development of leading-edge anti-ballistic armor systems.

Current research projects involve work in new ceramic materials, new armor alloys, and boron nitride nanotube reinforcement of armor materials.

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Lot of hatred for such innovation to the ballistic industry.
The Bastion Rifle Rated Helmet is no more than a regular ACH opscore or Team Wendy or other high end PE helmet shells.
There’s videos online defeating rifles round with only 11mm BFD. No one else has ever came close to that much less stoped any rifle at muzzle velocity.

Price ranges from single to multi units. There is many options like shrouds, harness, chin cups, etc that can be build for each user.

If you have pricing questions you can email [email protected]

If your interested


Its great to know that while i was in the sandbox fighting for you because you didn’t have the stones to do it, you were back here saying “sorry grunt, your life isn’t worth my extra tax money “

Matt in Oklahoma

Who are you talking to Manny? I know it ain’t Roy or Me or a few other on here cause we know each other and held it till you decided to get there. 1987-2008 and I’m still a law enforcement officer on a team who needs gear too.

We will gladly spend every dime we got and write hot checks HOWEVER we will do so wisely. The price will be posted and not negotiationed.

Roy D.

Here is your answer Matt: “all our customer base of law enforcement and military professionals”. As long as the taxpayers are footing the bill, money is no object.


Right there with you, Matt… Without contact numbers, prices, availability, it’s an incomplete report… and a tease.



For those who are too lazy to open a second tab for a 5 second web search: http://diamondage.org/contact/

Matt in Oklahoma

We did Judgmental Andrew and looked at the whole website and there is no price. I don’t need to contact them dipstick they can post a price point. The issue is they are trying to suck the .gov tit as hard as they can. I’m not lazy and looked at numerous products. Still NO PRICE

Matt in Oklahoma

I guess this is one of those “if you have to ask how much you can’t afford it” articles.