Field & Stream Magazine is NOT Affiliated With FandS Retail Store or Dick’s


Field & Stream Magazine is NOT Affiliated With F&S Retail Store or Dick's
Field & Stream Magazine is NOT Affiliated With F&S Retail Store or Dick’s

USA – -( Dick’s Sporting Goods announced major changes in how they sell guns in their retail locations, so we thought is was important to remind sportsmen that Field & Stream (the media brand) and Field and Stream (the sporting goods brand and retailer owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods) are in no way connected.

We understand how that could be confusing for many, but it is the truth. The two brands are owned by different companies and are in no way related.

We also wanted to share this story because it’s news that affects hunters and recreational shooters.

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that they will make the following changes regarding guns sales at all of their retail locations:

  • They will no longer sell “assault-style rifles.”
  • They will no longer sell any firearm to anyone under 21 years of age.
  • They will no longer sell high-capacity magazines.
  • They have not—and will never—sell bump stocks.

In addition to these changes, their chairman and CEO, Edward W. Stack, also implored elected officials to enact “common sense gun reform” by passing the following regulations:

Field & Stream
Field & Stream the Outdoor Magazine

A ban on assault-style firearms

  • Raise the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21.
  • Ban high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.
  • Require universal background checks that include relevant mental health information and previous interactions with the law.
  • Ensure a complete universal database of those banned from buying guns.
  • Close the private-sale and “gun-show loophole” that waives the necessity of background checks.

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They are anti-gun & the only reason they are trying to qualify their position is they losing their ass financially because their main money was from gun people. They should see how many people like David Hogg buys their overpriced junk when you can go to any big box store & get as good or better equipment for a lot cheaper. To hell with them that is what they get for trying to violate peoples Constitutional Rights. We The People Are Pissed. Mac147


Field and Stream magazine endorsed the 1994 Assault Weapons and Magazine Ban. I have not read the magazine since that time. I wonder if they support an MSR ban today. I don’t care enough to check. I will continue to not read the magazine.

Jeff in MS

Field & Stream magazine is home to Dick Petzal, who wrote: “an Uzi or an AKM or an Ak-47 should no more be generally available than a Claymore mine or a block of C4 explosive. It is time for these guns to be limited to people with Treasury Department licenses, just as with fully automatic arms.”

Wild Bill

in MS, Yeah, I remember that. I really have not missed Petzal or Field and Stream.

Webfoot Logger

The magazine should sue Dick’s et al for defamation.


Hey! That’s funny, I’m no longer affiliated with dicks either!


Field and Stream Magazine,
Thank you for this clarification.

Samoht Retsar

Thank you for the clarification. I had already decided to cancel my subscription to F&S magazine. Now, I can rescind that misinformed kneejerk reaction to Dick’s anti-2nd Amendment policies.