Firefield AR Multi-Tool Combines 15 Useful Tools In One Package

Firefield AR Multi-Tool
Firefield AR Multi-Tool

MANSFIELD, TEXAS – -( Thanks to the new Firefield AR Multi-Tool, there’s no reason to buy individual tools to clean and perform simple maintenance on your AR-15. The versatile 15-in-1 Multi-Tool combines common tools into one easy-to-carry package.

In addition to pliers, a wire cutter, and hammer surface, the AR Multi-Tool includes tools necessary for tightly mounting most scopes and accessories, as well as for adjusting windage and elevation on standard optics. Constructed of durable metal, the locking tools are spring-loaded so they stay in the open position while in use and are able to be used with just one hand.

For shooters who like to keep their firearms in tip-top shape, a bolt scraper allows quick and easy basic bolt maintenance.

Other tools include a bit driver with 4 bits, large flat head, hex wrench, bottle opener, flat knife, small knife, cotter pin puller and metal pick. The AR Multi-Tool comes with a convenient carrying pouch and the entire package weighs just 14.1 oz., making it the perfect accessory to keep on your workbench or throw in your rifle/range bag.

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FirefieldAbout Firefield

Firefield offers force multipliers and accessories for mission-critical operations and extreme shooting sports involving rifles, shotguns and pistols. Designed for next generation shooters, boot-on-the-ground operators and serious gun enthusiasts, Firefield provides products for hard-charging, action-oriented situations. Firefield—Victory Justifies Everything®! For more information about Firefield products, visit

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Went to their web site to see if this is more Communist Chinese crap. The fact they don’t say where this is made, means they are hiding something. Also, sick to death of all the tatted up thugs used to sell this unAmerican Communist crap. Give it a rest! Only sailors and whores, as the saying goes have tats. Little wanna be tatted up soy boys, disgusting representation for ‘real’ American men.


Not everything foreign made is junk. The absolute best AR tool ever made, IMO, is the MultiTasker 11 & 111. If you can find the 11 go for it. Expensive as hell and worth every single penny. You won’t break it and you won’t go looking for anything else. You can find them cheaper on Amazon. I bought my MultiTasker 11 when they were “only” $75, wish I’d bought two.


I went to the website and it isn’t shown nor is there a search capacity to find it . No price and not shown? Doesn’t exist for me. Fake news!


Here you go Bill. It is listed under accessories: