Gun Owners Demand Action from the Republican Party…Again

Gun Owners Demand Action from the Republican Party...Again
Gun Owners Demand Action from the Republican Party…Again

Fayetteville, AR –-( This year’s NRA convention in Dallas featured the usual group of speakers from the organization’s leadership and Republican politicians, including Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The speeches were predictable, and as glad as I am to hear prominent figures in the federal executive and legislative branches express their support for gun rights, I’m left wondering what Republicans have done—not said, but done—for gun rights lately.

It’s time to face reality. The Republican Party will not be in control of the House of Representatives in 2019. They might not even control the Senate. These statements may draw vehement objections from my readers, but the history of mid-term elections and Trump’s approval rating puts this prediction on solid ground.

I take the Democrats at their word here when they campaign on imposing more controls. If I’m right, this means that the party has eight months, minus breaks for fundraisers and campaigning, for passing improvements in our gun laws.

What do I have in mind? Removal of suppressors from the National Firearms Act of 1934 and national carry license reciprocity are immediately obvious proposals. The bills, H.R. 367 and H.R. 38 are sitting on the table, waiting for action.

And like the refugees in Casablanca, they wait and wait and wait. A shooting grabs headlines and the bills get set aside. Candidates run on protecting the Second Amendment, as Tom Cotton did in my state, and go on to do little in office.

One area of progress on gun rights has been in the federal judiciary. This is an element of the long-term strategy that has built on the Heller and McDonald decisions. One example of this was the Seventh Circuit’s decision in Moore v. Madigan (2012) that cited those previous rulings in support of the Second Amendment’s protection of an individual right. Even with the predicted shift in power in Congress next year, appointment of judges who support gun rights is likely, given the inability of Democrats to block nominations.

But this is a slow process, one that is also not a guarantee. We have to work on multiple fronts, understanding that gun control advocates are also running a long game. Trump has shown his love of executive orders. Why has he not directed the ATF to devote more resources to processing applications to own NFA firearms or to change any of a number of regulations that the agency has the discretion to create? Why are the Republicans in Congress not attaching pro-gun amendments to bills that have to pass?

Where are the results to match the promises that we get year after year?

To quote Elvis, a little less conversation, a little more action, please. Showing up to the NRA convention and claiming to support the Second Amendment isn’t enough. Saying “we’re not Hillary Clinton or Shannon Watts” isn’t enough. That might be sufficient if there were not a movement against guns in this country. We could let things move at a glacial pace on the federal level, leaving the states to score gains. But that’s not the political reality. As things are currently, we push forward or fall back, and if Republicans are going to tell us that they support the Second Amendment, it’s time for them to show results.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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Jerald schmaltz

I voted for mast. He said he was progun. Then he wants to ban ar15s . The lieing S.O.B. Just another rino.


Too bad for all of us gun owners. I am a life member if NRA, and right now am disgusted again as they pulled the “ sensible compromise” bullsh*t argument out to sound socially acceptable. Same with our President. Just more words for “infringe”. Agreed, bump stocks (sic) are totally worthless, but infringement is infringement. Our fearless NRA under Chris Cox just turned take and ran!! Why should we expect anything different from our elected GOP officials. I mean, it might get them ridiculed by their cronies for not being “sensible”. And nobody wants to be ridiculed. The functionality of… Read more »


@ Wayne Clark You mention the race for governor. I am trying to find out as much as I can about the candidates but haven’t been able to gather any solid info on 2A of each of them. A portion of Tn. has turned liberal and I sure don’t want to see an anti-gun as governor. Immediately after the Waffle House shooting the Mayor of Nashville said we need to get these guns off the street so people will feel safer. The editor of the newspaper where I live said in an editorial that he used to hunt with his… Read more »

Wayne Clark

@tomcat – I have a lot of homework to do between now & November. Mae Beavers was my candidate of choice but as I said, she’s dropped out. Diane Black talks a good game but her record doesn’t support a strong Constitutional background, although she quoted to say, “I will fight to protect your property, your paycheck, your principals, and your pistols if you’ve got one. I won’t back down from anyone.” Beth Harwell claims to be a staunch 2A supporter & touts, “No one will infringe on those rights while I am governor.” Randy Boyd was a supporter of… Read more »


Clark Thanks for your answer. I heard Beth Harwell shelved several pro gun bills over the last couple of years. Black announced she is for the single mother nurse like she was. Now she is married to a lawyer. I’m not sure being for a single mother nurse would help me in any way.
If you come up with anything else, let me know.

Wayne Clark

@tomcat – I think of politics like “religion”. 2nd.Timothy talks about people gravitating towards whatever “tickles their ears” (what they want to hear). Same in politics. That’s why Black used her single mother gusto to attract the single mother vote. That’s why Harwell boasts what she did but does the opposite. That’s why Haslam flat out lied to a group, under DIRECT QUESTIONING, that he would sign any bill that crossed his desk on Constitutional Carry…but didn’t…3 times! The best advice I can pass on is, contact each candidate through email, phone calls or any other means available (a face… Read more »

Wild Bill

Between now and 11 November, upcoming, is an excellent time to demand Second Amendment Civil Rights action from the Repubs. I send a polite and diplomatic missive every day, to DJT at

Nottinghill Dear NAGR Supporters, The gun grabbers are at it again! This time they want to strip you of your gun rights WITHOUT DUE PROCESS! The new wave of “red flag” gun confiscation laws being rammed through state legislatures across the country is a dream come true for gun grabbers like Dianne Feinstein and Michael Bloomberg. Gun confiscation without due process, no hearing in a court, and no right to counsel. Make no mistake, this fight is not something we can afford to lose. Worse, these due process-stripping gun control bills are being rammed through several more state legislatures at… Read more »


I agree with everything said in the article President Trump has said all the right words about his support for the second amendment Just like Florida Governor Rick Scott said last year at the NRA convention Then Rick Scott signed the anti-gun bill here in Florida and bump stocks are banned and we got nothing in exchange, No armed teachers, nothing! President Trump has directed the department of justice to draft a regulation banning bump stocks on a federal level He extracted no concessions on national concealed carry or taking suppressors of the NFA list President Obama was unable to… Read more »


Historical trends can not be ignored. Since 1934, only twice has the sitting President’s party gained seats in the mid-term elections, 1998 and 2002. Does that mean that the Democrats will swing enough seats to win back the House? I don’t think so. They could win some, or, if they keep with their current message of Impeach President Trump, repeal the tax cut and other unpopular agenda items, lose seats to the Republicans. The Republicans will GAIN 4-7 seats in the Senate, in my opinion. CCW reciprocity is my main 2A concern. But, given McConnell at the helm, it just… Read more »

American Patriot

CCW reciprocity is also my Top concern if Nothing else passes this is the one that needs to. And some body Please just B!tch slap McConnell.

Wild Bill

, True, trends can not be ignored, so we better all get busy. Think of a way to make voting a fun event for all your family and friends. Then drag then down to the polling place. Give new meaning to the phrase “The Republican Party”! Better candidates through superior barbecues, I always say.

Douglas Kuykendall

Election night,few incumbents made it back.That is on the right track.They been in there for life an they think they can’t be voted out,WRONG Get them the hell out a someone in that will work with TRUMP Right now you have democrats not helping in no way,Old Republicans not helping much because they don’t like him.Tough fucking shit.He was voted in,has things going with out their help,imagine what can be done if they would help

Wayne Clark

Damn the Democrats, damn the Republicans & damn the Independents! Every one of these parties give the lip service the author is referring to. The dems will be…well..dems, the repubs will sound better but cave to lobbyists on a regular basis & independents are just that…independent of anything but their own ideas. If we are going to see any kind of change for the better for EVERYONE, we need a Constitutional Government, starting with the president & working down the grapevine. I was like most conservatives when Trump decided to run for the highest office in the country. My hopes… Read more »

Wild Bill

@WC, Trump can not drain the legislative portion of the swamp. That is our job. If we do not send Constitution supporters… Trump supporters to the District of Corruption this mid term election, Trump will be impeached and an assault on the Second Amendment, like never before, will begin.
We need to go vote. Make it a priority. Take the day off. Bring our families to go vote. Make it a fun thing to do. Have lunch. Make your friends go vote. Throw a barbecue afterwards.

Wayne Clark

@WB – It was the other Bill I was referring to but you’re right as well. We have to vote. We have to make our best educated GUESS, at who means what they say & hope they do it. Vanns brought up a good point though…wait the idiots out (my paraphrasing). We can only vote our conscience & on the track record of the candidate/incumbent but yes, it’s up to us. Trump may not be able to drain the legislators but he has the power to veto any anti gun bill the idiots try to push through. I’m retired so… Read more »

Wild Bill

@WC, Maybe you could fill in the long boring hours by helping the campaign of some worthy pro-Second Amendment candidate. Who knows you might end up a worthy pro-Second Amendment candidate, yourself! Quality candidates through better barbecues, I always say.

Wayne Clark

@WB – Who says I’m bored? I’ve got a dog, three birds, four grandkids, a fat ol’ lady & a whole bunch of ammo that needs to be shot that keeps me busy. Lol. I did have a candidate I was backing for Governor in TN that was very pro 2A & the only TRUE conservative running, then she dropped out due to health concerns with her mother, so that left the usual lip-service candidates. If I find another that’s worthy of my time, I’ll jump right in. We do have a famous wrestler that won the primary for county… Read more »

The Pontificant

Government, without integrity, has no incentive for an armed populace, regardless of what they say to get elected.


That’s about the stupidest gun rights wish list ever. Suppressor and by a items? Really. How about working on $#!+ that actually stops these A-holes from taking anymore of our RIGHTS. How about that? Don’t get me wrong I’d like to see She’s and suppressor of the list too, and have reciprocity but damn man, these people want to leave us at their mercy with nothing but bows and arrows. Can we get real here?


You have missed the whole point. We’re not going to get a repeal on any gun laws, stop acting as if that’s even a remote possibility, it’s not. The two Bills that are sitting, languishing, are the Suppressor and Reciprocity. If Republicans don’t pass them they deserve to be sent home with a clear message from gun owners “we didn’t vote against you, we just didn’t vote and this is why!”. No more of “well, if you don’t vote for me the Democrat will be so much worse.”. Really? Explain how. So a Democrat is elected, passes a law that… Read more »

Amanda Lee Jobin

I’ll vote independent if I can.
I’ll vote for republican If I need to
I’ll vote democrat when hell freezes over.
Sadly I’m in southern IL and my vote has no meaning to out Chicago overlord, only my tax money matter to them.

Reginald E Hafner

You had better regroup, the President is soaring,


All I’ve seen are so-called conservatives (RINOs) passing anti-gun legislation for the commiecrats across the nation, the NRA and Mr. Trump has not helped very much either. Pandering will always rub real conservatives the wrong way.
So, yes! The Republicans are in for a serious wake-up call come 2019 thru 2020.

Clark Kent

Stick to predicting lottery numbers; you will have better luck.

VT Patriot

Love reading the comments, and then, like SHTF, out of the phone booth comes sucky man, ready to fry away. Clark, haven’t you heard? the huffpo is missing their village idiot. Hurry back before they give up on their phone booth.


VT Patriot that is funny and 100% true. What a miserable POS the cape boy is.


“I’m right, this means that the party has eight months, minus breaks for fundraisers and campaigning, for passing improvements in our gun laws. What do I have in mind? Removal of suppressors from the National Firearms Act of 1934 and national carry license reciprocity are immediately obvious proposals. The bills, H.R. 367 and H.R. 38 are sitting on the table, waiting for action.” Agree with all of this. “It’s time to face reality. The Republican Party will not be in control of the House of Representatives in 2019. ” Were this ANY other administration is American history I would agree… Read more »

Wild Bill

Ok Lowel, I’ll bite. What is the Q Anon phenomenon? Who is Q Anon?


No, no, PLEASE, I beg of you, don’t get someone started on that in this forum, it’ll never end.