Heizer Defense Donates Pistols to NRA Museum

Heizer Defense Donates Pistols to NRA Museum
Heizer Defense Donates Pistols to NRA Museum

Pevely, MO (Ammoland.com) – Heizer Defense, known for their innovative line of powerful pocket pistols, was honored to make a recent donation to the NRA Museum on Sunday, May 6 2018.

Heizer donated three PKO-45 pistols to show the progression in the development of the pistol: the Proof of Concept model, the Experimental Model with Serial #XM1 and the Production Model with Serial #1.

The donation was made on Sunday, May 6 2018 at 2pm and filmed for the Curators Corner Episode on NRA TV. The pistols were presented by Tom Heizer and Hedy Heizer-Gahn, and accepted by Jim Supica, NRA Museum Director. Phil Schreier , Senior Curator of the NRA Museum, was also present for the donation.

“We were very excited to share the PKO-45's journey and history with the NRA Museum,” says Eric Polkis of Heizer Defense. “These pieces of Heizer history will now be on display for enthusiasts and fans to enjoy.”

Heizer PKO-45 Handgun
Heizer PKO-45 Handgun

Heizer Defense

For more information on Heizer Defense, visit www.heizerdefense.com.

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    1. Never heard of them
      Never saw one in any gun store
      If I want a small .45, I would buy a Smith and Wesson Shield
      Is there a shield in the NRA museum?

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