New Jersey Housing Developer Bans Guns In Rental Properties!

New Jersey Housing Developer Bans Guns In Rental Properties!
New Jersey Housing Developer Bans Guns In Rental Properties!

New Jersey-( Another “nobody is trying to take your guns” success story. It has come to our attention that a housing development group called RPM Development Group is prohibiting their tenants from owning firearms. You have two choices: keep your gun(s) or become homeless. A new low for the anti-gun bigots!

While Mom’s Demand Action claims that “nobody wants to take your guns away,” one common theme keeps happening: our guns are being taken away either by usurpation or now by being barred from having them in our rental apartments. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court’s Heller decision states that we have a constitutional right to own and bear firearms in our homes, RPM Development Group believes they are immune.

RPM Notice to All Tenants
RPM Notice to All Tenants

We were made aware that this sign was posted at RPM’s Richardson Lofts at 50 Columbia Street, Newark NJ. A search of RPM’s available properties shows they have multiple properties and buildings throughout NJ.

We are interested to see what criminals will think of this silly sign and policy. Given that all of Newark is a gun-free zone (yet leads the state with the highest level of crime and violence) we are confident these signs and policy will only attract rapists, murderers, and gang members. We are sure they will abide by RPM’s policy and not commit any crimes (with guns) now that they know their tenants are defenseless.

Feel free to reach out to RPM to let them know how you feel about their discriminatory and clearly unconstitutional policy:

RPM Development Group General Inquiries:
77 Park Street, Montclair, NJ 07042
Tel: (973) 744.5410
Email: [email protected]

Stay tuned as this story develops. Our lawyers have been made aware of this situation and we are currently working to have this policy removed to prevent legal action. As always we need your support to fight these insane and unconstitutional actions!

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About the New Jersey Second Amendment SocietyNew Jersey Second Amendment Society

The NJ2AS uses innovative and bold direct-action tactics to expose, document, and take results-oriented action to confront anti-Second Amendment policies and legislators. By Defending, Protecting, and Preserving the Second Amendment within New Jersey, the NJ2AS works to ensure that our civil rights are restored, no longer degraded, and to prevent NJ from being used as a laboratory to destroy the Second Amendment nationwide. Visit:

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Jim Macklin

I wonder if RPM property rentals or leases are federally subsidized? If so, the Bill of Rights applies. But if it is not in any way subsidized, including federal loan guarantees, they can’t claim non government status and ban guns.


And one more thing, It shouldn’t say “own guns or become homeless” it should say own guns “and” become homeless. As in all legal matters the wording can make or break a case. The original reads as if you dont own guns, you better get one.


Says to criminals, gun free zone. Rape and pillage at no cost to you!


First off there’s no need to get worked up over this. The management will be stuck in a suit and possible prison time for the direct violation to the castle domain laws and second amendment. I say let them pick their first victim and let the law sort it out. Many lawyer firms would pro bono the case. I personally would make sure the management knows I own arm’s of all sorts. The notice is not a law, much like the obummer nuclear deal. They put that into a lease and the court’s will be backed up for year’s in… Read more »

The Night Train

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with this. There’s not going to be any law suit.


No one will be permitted to store, or carry a Bible, Koran, Torah, or any other type of religious text of any kind in the building, or on the grounds. If it is discovered that you do have a religious text of any kind on this property, you will receive a Notice to Cease, followed by a Notice to VacateOH. WAIT.


I wonder if Mr. Steinberg, ESQ., (RPM’s General Counsel) has studied any history at all. If so, he would know what happened to the Jewish people in Germany/Poland/etc./etc. after Adolph Hitler confiscated all of their firearms. Perhaps he feels safe as he sees himself as a member of the “ruling party” in this case. Any student of history, however, (or anyone with even a smattering of knowledge of history) would know how quickly things can change; and, usually, not for the better.

Chris Mallory

Ah yes, the typical “conservative” response to freedom. If you don’t like the rules , don’t live there. Pretty simple.

How about you buy some property and require tenants to own firearms?

Now since RPM is changing the lease, they should allow anyone currently renting from them to break the lease with no penalty and pay any moving expenses for that person to move.

Brian P.

You seem to be missing the point. It’s been held repeatably by the courts that a tetnant has the same rights and legal protections of a private homeowner. Even if a lardlord owns the property they must respect the rights of the tenant. That’s why a landlord can’t legally enter the home or apartment without the tenants permission. And why a landlord cannot grant the police permission to perform a search without a warrent. This is the equivalent to what the first poster implied. If this had been a move to ban, say, all Koran’s because the owner believed that… Read more »


You’re right. Tenants have what’s called a “leasehold estate” on the rental property with the same rights as an owner. Some enterprising esquire should gather those tenants together for a nice “class action” suit against RPM.


Mr. Steinberg should move into one of his buildings ,for a month,and out of his very costly home,in a gated community. than see how fast he gets ARMED.

The other Jim

Great documentary evidence (Exhibit). When the building get hit by robbery, rape murder; RPM Development Group can be included in the complaint by Plaintiff’s attorney.


It will be interesting, but sad, to watch the crime rates spike in this building.


Leave them alone, they are just trying to create safe zones,,,,,,,for criminals!
Can’t have predators in danger of being harmed whilst trying to earn a living, it’s just not right!

Big Lou

So they are paying for all of their renters to relocate right? Seeing as they are changing the lease right.


Isn’t this simply a legal maneuver to cover their own ass against lawsuits should a shooting happen?




Hahaha! Let the costly and protracted law suit begin!!


The lawyers name is Steinberg…. Isn’t that a Jewish name, HE of all people should not represent someone disarming law abiding citizens, must be a weak minded brainwashed Lib/Dem.


The bad guy: I know were to rob people because I would be safe from getting shot. Bad guy would of coarse have a gun. Or is it written in the new contract that bad guys can not have a gun on the premises because he is not a tenant. Property manager may not want to tell a bad guy robber to leave when he is holding a gun.

Leo Smith

Burn their BUILDINGS to the Ground.. After removing all Firearms and ammo…His next rent check can come from IRAN.

Chris Mallory

Does your doctor know you are breaking into the nurse’s office and using the computer against hospital rules?


MAYBE they can impose that condition on leases signed after May 1 . . . but if someone has an existing lease, I don’t see how they can unilaterally impose & enforce a new restriction. AND . . .even though this is New Jersey, I wonder if they can force people to give up what SCOTUS has determined is a constitutional right. One thing is sure – lawyers are going to get more work in New Jersey.


I agree with “Freebird”. Those establishments that post “no guns allowed” signs have immediately taken on the job of eternal protector of the visitors of that establishment. Those establishments are now able to be SUED for any injury to the people who enter that establishment IF they are harmed in any manner by ANYONE who uses a weapon illegally.


Could someone please put out a spreadsheet explaining what rights we have where? It is getting confusing. Seems my rights are all over the place when I walk out my door. Hell, even in my door these days. You know what I mean? We need a grid of places vs. rights. The left side would be the bill of rights, the top would be where my rights are in effect. i.e. Home, apartment, work, store, state building, federal building, school, etc. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th … And draconian is forcing us to reveal our real emails! There are… Read more »

The Night Train

Dave: The Constitution does not apply to your relationship with private citizens or private organizations. This story has nothing to do with the Constitution.

Eddie Lee

What if a Police Officer lives in the building? Will he or she be forced to move? This is nothing but a Political Stunt by some Small Minded A-Hole Developers Who just want a little publicity. Someone needs to Sue them for Violating their Second Admendment Rights.

Wild Bill

So the company unilaterally changes the contract? Find another place to live. Quietly move. Leave the sink water dripping and a big bag of cat food for the homeless alley cat that you adopted the night before you left. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Jim Macklin

Don’t vandalize the apartment or rental house. Gun owners are better than that. Let the landlord know you are moving ASAP, but will need 60-90 days.
Then move out of New Jersey.

Wild Bill

@jh45gun Macklin, I agree that gun owners are better than that… generally. And moving out of NJ is just what the libtards and libtard politicians want. Never mind that they engage no almost no effort at all to either disarm one or disrupt one’s life, causing great cost and effort. As for me I would be just trying to give food and shelter to a poor orphaned kitty.

Wild Bill

@jh45gun M, I was thinking about what you wrote. The republicans are now in power, and are saying the same thing: “Oh those democrats they did all kinds of illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral and even some violent thing, but we are better than that.” Jeff Sessions is a prime example. When Oblabla came to power he purged the military and bureaucracy of all those that might have a different opinion. But the republicans are saying, “Oh we are better than that.” I think that we can no longer afford to be “better than that”. Not after Saul Alinsky, Bayrock… Read more »

Jim Macklin

I was speaking about vandalism. I remember the Waco hearings.. The first hearing were in a House committee before Republicans too control. The Democrats were solidly behind supporting Janet Reno and Bill Clinton. I think the obvious bias was a factor in the Republicans taking the majority. They held a second round of hearings that were intended to look at abuses of the law and civil rights by the FBI and Army. But Chuckie schumer took de facto control and changed the focus to whether David Koresh had sex , a state law violation, with under age girls. We can… Read more »


So then , R.P.M. Development Group is now fully liable for the safety and defense of all tenants , at all times.

Marc DV.

Smells Like a Very BIG lawsuit to me !
Cops can’t go in Armed ( gun free zone )
They Better Have Very BIG and Brave Body Guards
for their Tenants .SHOOTING GALLERY ARMS