IDENTILOCK, Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock, Now Shipping Internationally

Making the world a safer place, one home at a time, IDENTILOCK® is now shipping internationally at extremely competitive prices.

IDENTILOCK biometric trigger lock
IDENTILOCK biometric trigger lock

Detroit, Mich. ( – IDENTILOCK®, the world’s first biometric finger trigger lock, are proud to announce that international customers can now enjoy that piece of mind that comes from knowing that a personal or home defense firearm cannot be used by unauthorized persons.

IDENTILOCK products will ship via USPS or DHL for cost effective shipping prices. Countries with a Free Trade Area (FTA) will have no import tax. Countries under a Most Favored Nation (MFN) agreement will have only a 2.6 percent import tax. All customers will be responsible for any customs or taxes in their respective countries.

Customers can find their pricing by clicking the USD dropdown button beside the BUY NOW button on the top of IDENTILOCK’s website. Prices are available in US, Canadian, Australian and Euro dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen.

IDENTILOCK, the world's first biometric fingerprint trigger lock
IDENTILOCK, the world’s first biometric fingerprint trigger lock

“Firearm safety is not just a concern in our country, but worldwide,” Omer Kiyani, founder and CEO of IDENTILOCK, said. “I wanted to make our innovative biometric fingerprint trigger lock available to any responsible gun owner across the globe.”

As a longtime NRA member and vocal advocate for our 2nd Amendment Rights, Kiyani faced a life-changing crisis when he suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound as a young man. Only after he emigrated to the United States working as an engineer in the automotive industry did he decide to build a business around his hobby and belief around his constitutional and basic human rights. Kiyani founded IDENTILOCK and began to develop the most advanced gun lock system on the market. The IDENTILOCK was introduced in 2017 and offered firearm users, civilian and law enforcement, a trigger locking system that blended speed, usability and practicality with all the safety and security for peace of mind.

The IDENTILOCK biometric fingerprint trigger lock system is available for many of the most popular pistols.


IDENTILOCK Model Firearm Fit Guide
1911-A1 Smith & Wesson 1911

Remington 1911

Colt 1911

Ruger 1911

Most Springfield, Kimber, Ed Brown and SIG Sauer 1911’s



S&W-A1 SD9


M&P M2.0


GLK-A1 G19, G17, G20, G21, G22, G23, G26, G27, G29, G34, G37, G38, G39, G40
SIG-A1 SIG Sauer P229 variants 

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Founded by Omer Kiyani, a 2nd Amendment advocate, gunshot victim survivor and former automobile industry safety systems engineer, IDENTILOCK® develops the world’s most innovative gun safety products. The IDENTILOCK® firearm trigger lock is the first product utilizing state-of-the-art biometric technology to enhance user safety and security while prohibiting non-recognized users from accessing the firearm.

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And when this latest bit of gadgetry fails, causing the death of or serious injury to the innocent, who foolishly relied on it, who pray tell will be responsible? What does the fine print or mouse print, likely part of purchase terms, have to say on this?


This is only good to keep kids away from a gun and there are countless products I would use for that purpose before this.
Answer searching for a problem.

Larry Brickey

Way too big. Useless outside the home.


That thing could get one killed.


Kind of hard to carry concealed if that thing is hanging on your gun. Just kidding. It looks like one step closer to smart gun technology and, probably, about as functionable. It might be ok for the gun you leave near your bed for an intruder and it may keep the kids or grandkids from messing with it. That all depends on whether you can get it off when you need to use the gun in a hurry.

Jim Macklin

A completely useless product that will certainly get people killed when they are attacked and they cannot gain access to their gun. Of course the attacker has his weapon ready to go, be it a sharp knife, a baseball bat or crow bar, or even a gun. But if you have gloves on, or your fingers are greasy or bloody from butchering a side of beef or greasing the wheel bearings on your kids bicycle, I’m sure the criminal will wait patiently while you get the gloves off. Of course a thief will just use a battery powered grinder to… Read more »