New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg and Anthony ColandroSenator Loretta Weinberg and Anthony Colandro
New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg and Anthony Colandro

New jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire Radio #364 Senator Loretta Weinberg joins the show and we have a civil discussion regarding the current and impending new gun laws in NJ.

Sometimes you have to reach across the aisle and discuss the issues without shouting! Who is Loretta Weinberg? She is a ranking senior senator in NJ that is and has always been anti-gun.

Her credentials are as follows, N.J. Supreme Court Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Violence 2015-2017; N.J. Hall of Fame Selection Advisory Committee 2014-present; National Democratic Convention Delegate 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1972; N.J. Israel Commission 1994-present; N.J. Historical Commission 1992-present; N.J. Democratic State Committee 2004, 1993-96, Vice Chair; Township of Teaneck Council 1990-94 Senate 2005-present, Senate Majority Leader 2012-present; General Assembly 1992-2005, Majority Conference Leader 2002-05, Deputy Minority Leader 1996-2001, Assistant Minority Leader 1994-95 Senator Weinberg is the champion of the Smart Gun Technology bill and we debate her on this topic.

We also address the upcoming 10 round magazine bill and the ramifications to all law abiding citizens. Is there hope for us?

Tune in to find out.

Gun For Hire Radio was started seven years ago by master Firearms Instructor and owner of Gun For Hire Range @ Woodland Park New Jersey. Since 1992 Gun For Hire has been a leader in training safe responsible students all aspects of firearms ownership. Anthony Colandro is also and NRA Master Training Counselor and sits on three NRA committees, Education and Training, Clubs and Associations, and Range Development. Anthony is all the Executive Vice President of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, the State NRA association. Anthony has dedicated most of his adult life to fighting for Second Amendment Rights in New Jersey and has taken the stand and fight approach.

Gun for Hire Radio #364 Guest Senator Loretta Weinberg: Complete Transcript


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Roy D.

So Ammoland, why did you not post my comment on this story? Was it my link to another story you did on this person or was it my comment on liberal Jews? Perhaps you just messed up and didn’t get it posted. You could post it now in that case.


Lorezo hit the nail right on the head! Thank you.
You should of heard her talk and brag about being a “progressive,” on a “New Jersey” show on 12.
Saying ALL New Jersey people want gun control.


She took an oath to up hold the Constitution of the United States of America. No further discussion needed.


Nothing like letting the devil walk in the front door. I wouldn’t trust her any further than I could spit. She should’ve been asked what she thought of all her tribe mates using their firearms to shoot all those fish in a barrel last week. All those unarmed fish, down to 6 year olds.


But doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy to see the two of them holding hands. Watch this guy change his stance on 2A.


Thank you for trying Anthony. You are doing alot more than is advertised. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.


Another , as my farther in law would say, educated Fool.

Wayne Clark

That was a wasted 20 minutes of my time.



Totally agree. A waste of time.

“You can go to sleep at night, and because of the stroke of a legislator pen, can wake in the morning a felon, you know your in New Jersey.”


So the good legislator doesn’t mind the philosophical debates but seems to disregard the entire philosophy behind the 2nd amendment.